Back in 2011 (5sos fan fiction)

13 year old Aaliyah Elliott finds herself waking up in 2011, at that time she was supposed to be 9 but she is still 13 years old, then she realizes something that she will never forget.


14. 卌

      Luke was running after me yelling at me to stop but I just kept running. I got to my house, but didn't want my parents to see me crying, so I sat on the doorsteps and Luke sat next to me super close. "Why do you want to leave the band Aaliyah?" Luke asks me. "I don't, but I joined so I could get you 4 in a band together, its hard to explain." "I can't be the drummer anymore Ashton needs to." "Just trust me please." "Okay, if that's what you really want, I'll do it for you." "Aaliyah?" Luke says. "Yea?" I say still crying. I know you don't want to be in the band, but can you stay with me, and be my girlfriend?" "You can go wherever we go, and if we make it to tour someday, come with us on tour?" "Yes I will." I said smiling and hugging Luke as he kisses me on my forehead. We decided to walk back to Michael's house together and tell everyone that Ashton's in the band and I'm not, but I'm staying with them. I have a smile on my face as I watch them record their Teenage dirtbag cover, and I smile even more when Michael says, "This is our new drummer Ashton." 

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