Back in 2011 (5sos fan fiction)

13 year old Aaliyah Elliott finds herself waking up in 2011, at that time she was supposed to be 9 but she is still 13 years old, then she realizes something that she will never forget.


2. 卌

      I sat there frozen with the biggest stomach ache. Then, I decided to look at the date. "February 3rd, 2011" "During this time Luke is 14." I thought. "I, a 13 year old girl am 1 year younger than Luke Hemmings." I decided to be his first subscriber and watch the band grow like I never got to do. I finally get the chance to see them all join the band and watch them get older. I also live in Sydney, Australia so I could be their original fan like I've always wanted to be. 

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