Remembering Oceans

I... I can't quite recall what it was that happened back then... The waves splashing against me, cooling me in the hot sun. My mother calling for me... Why was she calling me? I don't know... That is all I can remember...


5. Just another day

I wake up, face flushed, and breathing hard. What was that?!? Was that... a dream? That was so... realistic! I look around the room an find that Chad isn't here. I sit up and look around realizing that I still don't have anything to wear. I look around the room in attempt to find some layers to put on me but I am sidetracked by a piktchure. It is of the fahmily here and another woman... I recognize her... Who is she...

Just then I hear a knock at the door. I look up to see Chad staring at me awkwardly with a type of layer wrapped loosely around his waist and hair dripping onto the floor. I just look at him for a bit and think, 'He looks kinda good like that...' My thoughts are cut short when he clears his throat and I realize that I have somehow shed my layers in my sleep. He turns quickly and goes over to what he calls a 'dresser'.

"Lets get you something to wear," he says.

"Okay..." There was a moment of silence and I decide to ask about the dream. "Hey, I have a question..."

"Whats up?" he replies without making eye contact.

"In merfolklore there are stories of those who have gone to the surface, in secret, and have come back telling of these things that happen when they rest their eyes during the dark hours..." I start.

"Okay... Continue..." he says hesitantly.

"I believe I may have experienced one of these things last night..." I say.

"Oh, you mean dreams?" he asks.

"See, thats what I thought. But are they always so realistic?" I blush thinking about last night. He hands me some layers and I put them on in order of tightness. It seems like the thing to do.

"No, not always" he starts,"but sometimes that happens during a weather pattern change or a full moon."

"Oh, I didn't know humans minds were so strange and complex..."

"Now you get to experience it all, I guess" he says with a smile. We begin walking down the hall and into the kitchen when we hear a womans voice greet Chad and me.

"Good mornin' boys. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were his brother Brad."

"Oh it isn't a problem," I say kindly.

"Mom, meet Luca. Luca, this is my mom Janet," Chad says gesturing from one to the other.

"Hello Mrs. Micheals. It is nice to meet you."

"Oh, call me Janet," she puts her hand on her face to cover her red cheeks. "You know, you look so much like my friend Cora. She even had a son named Luca, but he went missing when he was a boy... She doesn't like to talk about it."

Janet begins to set out breakfast and we all eagerly sit awaiting our food. I hear footsteps pounding down the stairs and I smile when I see Brad charging around the corner.


"Yo little man, how ya doin'?" Chad asks as he ruffles Brads hair.


"Inside voice please," says their mom while Brad pounds the table with what looks like a small three pronged spear and a knife.

I lean over to Chad and whisper, "I guess he's a morning person." Chad snorts and we both share a good laugh before finishing our food. Chad's mom shoos Brad to finish getting ready for school and we begin cleaning up our food. Chad puts away clean dishes as I take the dirty dishes and begin to scrub them in what they call a 'sink'.

"Yo Luca, your hands... They're going back to... how they were yesterday..." I look down at my hands, up at Chad, then back down at my hands.

"Wow..." I hold them up and examine the strange in-between look, "I hardly noticed..." Chad comes closer and begins touching them.

"They're like fins... but... hands," he says in an awe-like whisper. I laugh at his very obvious comment and blush a bit as his hands linger over mine a little longer. Just as our eyes meet we're interrupted by Mrs. Janet saying she was going to leave Brad at home as she walked through the kitchen.

"Oh, boys!" Our eyes grow wide and Chad grabs the nearest towel and covers my hands. I look at him thankfully as his mom looks up from her phone. "I'm going to drop Bradley off at school and head over to work. You just let me know if you need anything!"

"Okay," Chad says with a slight break in his voice, "We will." She makes her way outside and is followed closely by a blur of blond flying past in a nervous panic. Soon after there is a loud roar and the sound of plants and sticks crushing. I gasp and try to find where the noise came from. "Don't worry," a relaxing voice says,"it's called a car. They are loud, but they move fast. It's like a boat, but on land." I nod and think for a while trying to grasp the concept of a land boat.

My thoughts are interrupted when I notice Chad's voice is much further away than it was before. "Hey, do you wanna come to where I work?"

"Sure, I don't think that there would be anything for me to do here, especially alone," I say matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, that would make sense. I just thought you might want to go back to your house- I mean... cave?" he replies awkwardly. I think for a while and decide that I would rather get to know him better and tell my father later that I was out with my pod mates.

"I think it might be more fun being with you-" I stop and realize how that just sounded. "Um- I- uh-" I stammer. His face becomes intensely red and we both stand in silence for what seems like forever. Chad puts his hands into his lower layers, also known as pants pockets, and awkwardly makes his way over to my side.

"Y-yeah... I- um- I a-agree... Yeah..." he smiles a little, nudges me with his elbow, and we begin making our way back to his room. "I'm just going to get a few things and then I'll be right out." I nod and slide down the hallway wall, thinking about what just happened. What is wrong with me? Why do I always seem to find a way of making a fool of myself?

A few minutes pass and I decide to stand and go back to my cove. After all the embarrassment I don't think I could face him again, I think. I walk through the hall, down the stairs, and into the kitchen when I hear a door open. I pick up my pace and reach the front door when I hear him call my name, stomping as he begins searching for me.

"Luca? Luca?" he says loud and then even louder.

I turn the round thing on the door, open it and begin to do what the humans call jogging. I hear the door open again and start to do a super fast jog.

"Luca? Where are you going?" I continue at my current pace and don't answer. I head to the nearest shore line without people and begin towards the water. "Luca! Wait! What happened? What did I do?" Chad yells from across the sand. He begins running towards me and I begin to walk quickly towards the shore line. "Luca." he says out of breath,"Luca, please answer me. What did I do?"

I arrive at the shore line and I feel a warmth on my hand. I turn to face Chad and meet his eyes. Shocked to see tears in his eyes I myself start to tear up. Almost like a whisper I hear, "Luca.... What happened?"

I embrace him and whisper softly, "I'm sorry."

Turning to the sea I remove my layers and sprint into the waves, leaving the most wonderful thing behind... Him.

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