Live and love

A girl transfers to a new school (again) and meets the schools outcast.
Cover: DanielleCullen:)


4. First day, and first greetings

I strolled in the airport, looking for the person I'd be living with. I looked to my right and there was a boy starring at me. Black hair. Tan skin. Looked about my age, maybe a year older. He was muscular, and had brown eyes. I looked his direction, he nervously looked away from my eyes. 

He was generally good looking, and he seemed very tall. 

I didn't dwell on it. I continued to look around for my new foster family. But, I couldn't get the image of that boy out of my head, but I haven't quite figured out why. Then, I saw them. A woman and a man, he woman was blonde, and wore a pink sweater turtle neck shirt, the man was tall, blonde also, and wore a black dress shirt. Like the kind people would wear to church. They had a sign saying "Amber." On it, I walked over to them. "Hello." I said. They smiled. Warmly. "Hello, I'm Sofia, and this is my husband Henry." She replied. I couldn't help but like these people. Even though I'd just met them. "I'm Amber." I say. Again, the woman smiles. "Welcome, Henry, get her bags for her." She says to her husband, he gladly nods, and takes my bag from my hands. i took over my shoulder, and the boy is still there. A crowd of people walk in front of me, blocking my view, and then he disapears, like he was never there. 



Chapter By DanielleCullen

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