Alex is just trying to figure out her life. Still young and free but never promises to big commitments. One day she did. And the turn out was messy.


1. chapter two the blur from the beginning


Fuck. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. He's probably expecting something like good, rough sex, and I'm just.. me. I tear my eyes from the wall and stare down at myself. What am I missing? The thought crosses my head and I immediately run across the room and ponder through my cupboard, trying to find it. Shit. Where is it? Just as I'm about to give up, I see it through the corner of my eye, barely visible. Yes. I find it and take it into my hands and walk back into my room.

"Hey," I smile as I open the door.

"Hey." Holy shit. He looks good. I reach for his hand and pull him into my house, closing the door behind me and pushing him against it. "Oh," he breathes. The word is simple, amused, and I press my lips against his roughly. I can't fucking control myself. He's just so god damn... fuck. I press my body against his, connecting my hips to his, and earn a small groan from him. He runs his tongue across my bottom lip, begging for entrance, but I refuse it, teasing him. He whines into my mouth, and I can't help but smile."No," I breathe as I pull away. "Tonight, I'm in control." A seductive smirk plasters my face as I see the shock evident on his face and in his eyes. Yes. I twist my hands into his Guns N' Roses shirt and pry him off the door, turning him around and forcing him backwards onto his back on the floor. I straddle him, my knees on either side of his hips, and grind my sex against his. I watch in awe as he closes his eyes, tilting his head backwards slightly and releasing a small moan. "Yes?" I stop my actions and stare down at him, my eyebrow cocked and my hands still tangled in his shirt.

"God, don't stop," he moans.

"What do you want?" I tease, knowing exactly what he wants.

"You know what," he growls.

"Tell me. Tell me what you want Jeremy ."

"I want you to fuck me," he growls again.With those words, I press my lips harshly back onto his, tangling our tongues together. His hands find my shirt, peeling it up and over my head, breaking the kiss, and I retrieve his shirt and do the same. His lips find mine again and his hands slide up my back, unclasping my bra and pulling the straps down my arms, discarding it. I reach down, impatient, and unbutton and unzip his pants, pulling them and his boxers down to his ankles in a swift movement. He kicks them off with his feet as I undo my shorts, pulling them down along with my panties, and toss them aside. I lean forward, reconnecting my lips with Jeremy's in fiery passion, my insides heating. "Say it," I whisper against his lips.

What?"he moans"

"Say it again"

"I want you to fuck me."

"Tell me how"He growls. "I want you to ride me, fast. I want your nails digging into my shoulders as mine dig into your hips, leaving marks. I wanna hear the moan you make as I bury He growls. "I want you to ride me, fast. I want your myself deep inside of you. I wanna-"

I cut him off by burying him inside of me, deep, with no warning. A throaty groan escapes his lips as his head hits against the floor, not hard but not lightly either, and he bucks his hips forward, creating more friction between us two. My inner goddess sits in her chair in the corner of my mind, sprawled across every inch of it as she bathes in the bliss that is ecstasy, waving her hand in front of her face to create the illusion of a fan. I inwardly smirk at her. I know, right? My hips don't meet Jeremy's as I continue to tease him again. He whines, groaning, and I stifle a smile and giggle. I pick my hips up from him before rolling back onto his. He lifts his hips to meet mine, burying himself deeper inside of me than before, and I groan a very throaty groan, throwing my head back as I screw my eyes shut. I pick up speed, our hips continuing to meet each other thrust for thrust, and he continues to dig deeper, hitting my spot each and every time. I feel the familiar pull at my muscles deep within my stomach, and I arch my back, digging my nails into his biceps and drawing blood. My walls begin to tighten around him and my legs begin to weaken as I inch closer to my orgasm.

"God," I groan, rolling my eyes to the back of my head, screwing them shut, and bathing in the ecstasy as I release, coming around him. Jeremy thrusts become extremely sloppy, and he stills for a moment, before dropping his hips back onto the floor, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to his chest.

"Holy shit," I gasp, having barely caught my breath.

An hour later me and Jeremy had already out of the shower and he had left.

My brother came in my room.."How long will you be gone?" I ask my brother as he walks around his room, effortlessly looking for something.

"Until sometime tomorrow. Why?" He is leaning over his computer desk, looking underneath into the empty spot, and he lifts his head slightly to look at me.

"How long will you be gone?" I ask my brother as he walks around his room, effortlessly looking for something.

"Until sometime tomorrow. Why?" He is leaning over his computer desk, looking underneath into the empty spot, and he lifts his head slightly to look at me.

"Nothing. I just have to study for the finals tomorrow." Honestly, I don't even have to study. I've already studied every little detail that I needed to know and have already refreshed my memory of it twice, and will do it again once more in the morning before the exams. Jeremy was coming over so that 'we could study,' but truthfully, there was no reading to be involved. "Yeah, we just wanted it quiet, you know, so we can concentrate." I put my hand behind my back and cross my fingers, a habit that I use when I lie, but thankfully, my brother hasn't noticed yet.

"We?" He looks at me questioningly, his eyebrow cocked.

"Shit," I mutter. "Nothing, forget it. It's just Jeremy and some studying, honest. You want me to get an A, right? That boy is the smartest person I know."

He continues to give me that look that says 'I know you're up to something but I think it's best for me not to know,' and he shakes his head, as if erasing something within, before standing up and finally finding his phone. So that's what he's been looking for? He's so forgetful sometimes. Maybe he'll forget that Jeremy is coming over and that you guys aren't studying, my subconscious smirks. Oh hush, you. I give him a small smile, a little faker than I'd hoped, and I skip out of his room and into my own.


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