Blooming Death

When a artistic psychopathic murderer kills the headmaster in the middle of a graduation ceremony, Sean luckily escapes and now spends the rest of his life running. Will he be caught or will he find freedom?


4. The Midnight Air

The sun shone in the sky but I was still wet, dripping wet to be exact. While I was running, I was thinking where to go. I neared a sign saying what street I was on. I suddenly had an idea, I looked around for a specific house. Boom, there it is. I ran up to the door still soaking wet. I pressed the doorbell a few times and waited. I heard footsteps on the other side and then the door opened to reveal a tall, dirty blonde hair guy in his mid twenties. His face went from plain to a surprised expression. "Sean! What are you doing here? Why are you soaking wet? Wait, never mind that, get your ass in here and let's get ya dry". I walked in through the door and as soon as I entered I got hit in the face by a towel. "there, I'll go get some clothes for ya", I smiled as I looked around the house, it's been a very long time since I've come to Caho's house, about 2 years and a half I think. Caho came back with some clothes and threw them at me. "Caho please, stop throwing stuff at me", I said in a playful manner.

"So I can't throw words at ya either?"

"Fuck you Caho", I said as we both started laughing. As I finished changing into dry clothes we went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. "So Sean, you're 18 now ay?" Caho asked me as we snacked on some chips.


"So then how was graduation?"

"It was shit".

"Oh why is that?"

"An artistic psychopathic killer killed the headmaster as well as some students, he possibly blew up the auditorium and nearly killed me". I said all at once.

"Eh, makes sense". Caho said casually as if it was a usual thing to happen. "Did ya call the cops?"

"No point, they wouldn't even stand a chance". I shivered at the thought of what would happen to the cops.

"So watcha gonna do now?" Caho questioned.

"I actually have no idea".

"Welp, it's pretty late now, might as well get some sleep". Caho ended the conversation, also by throwing a pillow and a blanket at me. I just glared at him, Caho laughing his head off. "G'night Sean", and with that Caho walked up the stairs leading to his bed room. Before I went to sleep on the couch, I packed a small bag with some snacks, two bottles of water and a warm jacket. Well you'll never know what'll happen, I thought. I went back to the couch and hopped onto it. I closed my eyes with a deep sigh, falling into oblivion.

I walked through the street, willows sprouting everywhere, police cars and guns were scattered about like toys in a five year old's bedroom. As I walked through the forest of fully grown willows, I head laughter, not a happy kind of laugh but more of a insane kind of laughter, I wanted to turn around and run, to run away from this forest of death but my legs wouldn't obey. As the insane laughter got closer, I saw a body lying by a willow, I walked closer to the body. By the tree Caho's body lay, eyes closed, the laughter got louder and louder, taunting me, driving me into insanity. I covered my ears, yelling at the laughter to stop. I curled up into a ball with my hands still covering my ears. Still yelling at the laughter growing louder and louder. Please. Stop.

I bolted upright on the couch, cold sweat covering me and breathing rapidly. After a while I soon calmed down, I looked at the clock, 1:43am. I lay back down but noticed something, a rose. Shit, how did he find me. I ran up the stairs to Caho's room to see a figure pointing a gun at Caho's sleeping form. "No!" I shouted. Too late, Rama pulled the trigger, I looked away from what haunts me every night, or rather every day. "Oh Sean, all alone now, nowhere to go, how sad and pitiful, it almost makes me want to cry". Rama said in a fake sad tone.

"I don't think you can cry because you have no soul you bastard!" I shouted at Rama.

"Dead right you are". Rama replied. I ran back down the stairs and ran to grab the bag I had packed. Right after I grabbed it I bolted out the door. Turning around for one last glance. Here I go again, running for my life. Breathing in the cold night air, I ran.


Hey guys, beerbarrel here. Sorry for the late chapter, tons of school work so I don't have that much time to publish some chaps. So don't expect to much, I'll try to do at least a chapter every week, even more if I can. Anyways hope this will satisfy you, see y'all next chapter!

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