Blooming Death

When a artistic psychopathic murderer kills the headmaster in the middle of a graduation ceremony, Sean luckily escapes and now spends the rest of his life running. Will he be caught or will he find freedom?


5. Splinters, Thorns and other Pointy Things

My footsteps.


My breathing.

"How pitiful,  it makes me just want to cry".

The moon-lit street.

"I don't think you can cry because you have no soul you bastard!"

I stopped. My heart thumped against my chest as if it was a hammer striking a nail. The scene played over and over in my head, the pull of the trigger, the death of my friend. Rama will pay for this I swear. I looked around the empty street, houses with dim lights lined it. Time to run, again but this time, I will be ready.


Back at Caho's Place: Rama's POV

I heard the door downstairs open and never close. I peeked through the curtains and saw Sean run. "Run little rabbit, run," I chuckled. I saw a blur in the corner of my eye and reacted to it stepping to the opposite direction. The projectile came in contact with the window sill, a thorny rose stalk, with a blood red rose blooming. I heard clapping from the shadows, "Well done big brother," a familiar figure stepped out.

"Zakko." I said flatly.

"Why the grim face?" Zakko said.

"You can't even see it." I replied flatly, little brothers, why are they so annoying, more annoying than a fly.

"Lovely weather," Zakko looked out the covered windows.

"It's the middle of the night- just cut the crap Zakko, what the hell do you want?!" I exclaimed.

"I want to join the chase as well." Zakko proposed.

"Aaand why?" I raised an unseen eyebrow, Zakko is usually occupied with, whatever.

"So I have a target as well, but- they're getting a bit boring so I want to swap to a new one."

"Why didn't you just kill them?"

"It was a woman! You gotta respect them y'know. Although I did scar her left cheek."

"Always the gentleman," I mocked. Zakko had always been the one in our family getting girls, more girls as well as getting drunk. But that was the past.

"Shut up, so can I join or what." Zakko pouted.

"Sure, you'll spice things up."

A few weeks later: Sean's POV

A has been a few weeks since Caho's death and I'm on the run, well not really running. Ok maybe I am. I was walking with the crowd in a city on a busy morning. I turned left onto a quiet street, with a few people and cars here and there. I heard a tiny sound, like an arrow on the fly, and I saw it, a small projectile, heading bee-line at me. I braced myself as a figure jumped in front of me, they had a wooden plank and used it as if it was a shield. The projectile shot into the plank, burying itself into the wood. Seconds later the plank exploded, splinters flying everywhere. I turned to see my protector, who was, well, a girl, around my age, probably older. "Come on! This way," she grabbed my arm harshly and lead me somewhere. I looked behind me to just see a figure, jump onto the roof from the other side of the street. "Hurry up slowpoke!" She hurried, her pointy nails digging into my arm, as I did so. What I failed to notice was the projectile on the ground. Which as red as blood.

Was, a rose


Hey people, guess who's back. Sorry for the late as hell update. New school, new friends, lots of homework. Trying to fit in more chapters. When I got back I was so surprised to see more than 1000 views. Holy shit people. This is my first story on Movellas, but it all started with a comp with my friend. As I remember I believe I started writing this at the start of the year, I think, until now. Last time I updated a chapter was probably at least 3 months ago, damn, time goes fast. Well, I hope this chapter will satisfy you, chapter 6 will be coming in the, say, next 2 weeks at least. So welcome back myself, and see y'all next chapter. 

           -the beerbarrel











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