Blooming Death

When a artistic psychopathic murderer kills the headmaster in the middle of a graduation ceremony, Sean luckily escapes and now spends the rest of his life running. Will he be caught or will he find freedom?


1. Bravely or Foolishly?

To most people graduation day is the best thing in their life, the beginning of a new, independent life, a new journey with things yet to be discovered. That's what I thought. That is until I heard a scream.

All heads in the auditorium turned to the direction of the sound. Smiling graduating students became worried and frightened. When I thought things were just fine and that was just a staff member finding a rat in the hallway, all lights in the auditorium blacked out. Among the darkness and scared whispers of students I head the Headmaster say, "Don't worry, I'm sure the power box was just attacked by pests or pranksters. Everything is fine, please remain ca-" the Headmaster was cut off suddenly, there was an barely audible gasp and then the sound of a body collapsing onto the ground.

Now that's when everyone started to panic. Then what made it worse the lights came back, I prepared myself for the worst. I gasped and muttered, "holy shit". On the stage there lay the Headmaster's body lying in a pool of blood. There a few unlucky students who got 'encountered' by the unseen killer, their bodies too lay on the ground. "Someone call the cops", said a student hopefully looking around for someone who will. "Oh I don't think soo~" a voice came from the speakers. "If you do all of you will drop, and that my friends, is not a way to go. Instead I prefer a more.. more artistic way to kill people although seeing you all drop would be satisfying."

"Why are you doing this?" Said a scare staff member.

"Why you say? Hmm that's a very good question, now let's see, ah, put it this way ; you all practice musical instruments or study for a test, do you not?" All heads nodded, the unseen killer continued, "well to me killing is an art, I have to practice it, so it can't be helped". If I saw the killer I would've seen him shrug with an apologetic face. "Show yourself!" A student said bravely, or was it foolishly?

"Ah, there's the encore, time for some action".



Hi guys! Beerbarrel here, this is my first story and chapter. The reason why I wrote this was that my friend missymaloo_ (go check her out!) gave us both a plot and see who got the most views! So if you can, please share this with your mates. Until then, see y'all next chapter.

P.S feedback is welcome!

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