Blooming Death

When a artistic psychopathic murderer kills the headmaster in the middle of a graduation ceremony, Sean luckily escapes and now spends the rest of his life running. Will he be caught or will he find freedom?


2. A Dramatic Entrance

The lights in the auditorium dimmed. I have to escape, I thought, I looked around the auditorium for some kind of exit. the fire exit. I started to sneak my way closer by going from chair to chair, row to row but then I stopped. I saw a student moving closer to the front, a pocket knife behind his back. With a puff of pink mist the killer appeared on the stage. "Oh what a lovely audience!" He said gleefully. "Before we start, you will all know me by Rama". The excited performer said, he continued, "and for my first act I would like a volunteer". He said with a hopeful grin. The student with the knife raised his hand. Damn, he's gonna try to stab Rama, well ain't that stupid. I thought grimly. "Oh yay someone who's keen to volunteer, now just stand over here good sir", Rama gestured to a spot with a slight bow. The student did so, the knife still behind his back. "Now what you have to do is, drop the knife". Rama said, pulling out an ornamental, beautifully decorated gun, aiming directly at the student. Even with the mask on you could tell Rama was pissed. Very pissed. And a pissed killer isn't a recipe for a long life.

The student immediately dropped the knife, a shocked expression on his face. Man, he is fucked, I thought pitifully. "Good now do as I say, got it?" Rama said, the student nodded.


"Ah good, first thing you going to do is..."

"Die". Rama's hand recoiled from the shot which surprisingly didn't make a noise, not even a peep. The volunteer reeled back in the air, his legs starting to form tree roots and his torso into a tree trunk. His eyes were closed and expressionless. The student started to turn into a willow, it was strangely beautiful. Rama was deeply focused in the 'performance'. Here's my chance, I bolted up and out the fire exit. Running across the campus to the city streets. I kept on running on the pathway, dodging citizens.

Back at the auditorium Rama looked at the student who had bolted out, he smiled at the brave act. Rama started to walk to the fire exit which had been left open. "You may continue on with your boring normal lives", Rama said to the audience as he exited the building. "Nope just kidding", Rama pulled out a button and pressed it. "Boom", he said as the auditorium exploded, instead of fire, ashes and smoke, it was a strange pink mist and the petals of snow white, blood red and bright pink roses.

"The real act begins".



Hey guys beerbarrel signing in. I hoped you liked this chapter. Well this will be a short author's note. I will probably upload at least 1 chapter everyday. See you next chapter!

the beerbarrel signing off. 

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