Highschool HighLife

We throw our graduation hats up and grin. Little did I know that in 2 days time I would be running for my life and trying to find out who killed my friends. I'm Lyd, 18 years old, well built, boxing champion. I run, I hide and no-one can find me if I die.


2. Sweet Bitter Goodbyes [2]

Hey guys! This is chapter 2!

Many people were crying as they hugged their friends for possibly the last time for a long time. I just stood with Hailey and Jay as we knew we would be seeing each other in a week, or at least we thought so. Haileys Boyfriend Johan, came and picked her up and the me and Jay left in our own cars, Jay in his VW and me in my SUV. Hailey had text us both when she was leaving and telling us that we better stay in touch or she'll come and karate kick our arses off. I laughed at that.

When I got to my house (I had already moved out of my parents house), I grabbed the ice cream container and went to bed and ate ice cream. When I woke up my bed was covered in a sloppy mess of ice cream.

"Gah" I groaned

I felt something heavy on the bottom of my bed and realized it was Konga, my dog. I pulled myself ut of bed and fed Konga. I heard my phone beep as I received a text from Jay. I replied by calling him.

"Hey" He said

"Hi" I answered sleepily

"Whats up?" He asked

"Not much"

"Anything from Hailey?" He asked me

"No actually she normally is calling me by now and saying she wants a coffee"

"Haha, I'll call you back, I need to go" Jay said

"Okay" I said and hung up

I walked around until I found my laptop and opened Movellas and started writing a story about Graduation. I heard a knock at my door so I saved the story and went to open the door. I saw Hailey standing there.

"Wanna stay at my play?" She asked

"Let me guess, you want someone to make you coffee in the morning?" I questioned with a grin

"Yup" she said and popped the 'P'

I grabbed my stuff and hopped into my car and drive over to her place. We settled down with lots of ice cream and movies.









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