Highschool HighLife

We throw our graduation hats up and grin. Little did I know that in 2 days time I would be running for my life and trying to find out who killed my friends. I'm Lyd, 18 years old, well built, boxing champion. I run, I hide and no-one can find me if I die.


1. Graduation [1]

Hey guys! This story is part of a competition me and my friend @The beerbarrel are doing. Give me heaps of views and I will beat him!!! Thanks :)


We threw our graduation hats up into the air and grinned. Hailey had a grin so big it looked like she was the Joker. I started laughing really hard.

"What's so funny?" She asked as I laughed and motioned for Jay to come over to us. He wandered over and when he saw Haileys grin he burst out laughing too.

"What's so funny!?!" She asked again more angry

"Hey, don't get angry, it's just your grin, you looked like Joker!" Jay explained before Hailey tried punching him. Hailey was a world known MMA champion. She had broken a mans arm once when he tried raping her.

"Oh" she said "Sorry"

"It's all cool" I assured her

She put the giant grin back on her face and I tried not to laugh but I failed. I love my friends, and I couldn't wish for anything different right now. I watched Hailey and Jay have a fake MMA fight and Hailey kneed him lightly in the balls. I started laughing as he fell down in mock pain.

"Get up you baby!" Hailey shouted as he started rolling around on the floor like a ball

"I can't have babies now!!" He shouted which got a lot of attention "Just kidding!" he shouted, slightly embarrassed that everyone was looking at him. Everyone laughed and went back to talking in their smalls group. I bet most were wondering what sort of prank Hailey would pull, as she was know for every social occasion to pull some sort of prank.

"So" I said casually "What prank you thinking of pulling, Hailey?"

"Huh?" She questioned

"Prank? Social occasion?" I questioned her and got a look of disbelief from Jay

"Oh, I'm thinking of a wine pour prank from the roof onto Mr Contoree"

"Cool!" I said as people started crowding around us to try and find out what the prank would be.

Hailey grabbed a bottle of wine and started climbing up the pillars onto the roof. She stood over the edge and looked for Mr Contoree. When she spotted him she walked directly above him, called his name and poured wine all over him.

"Ahh, Ms Jayle" Mr Contoree said when she climbed back down and shook his hand "I am so not going to miss you!" He said and we all laughed knowing that really he loved Haileys creativity.

I love my friends and I'm so going to miss them!


















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