Brother's Best Friend

Ok so hi, I'm Lucy Star McVey.. yes I'm James McVey's little sister im currently 18 years old and my mum is letting me go on world tour with my brother and his band. I like the music my brother's band produces but I like different stuff. But yeah so I have to go and pack but yeah.. bye.


10. Settling In



As soon as Con and I left the airport we saw thousands and thousands of car cabs rushing through the busy town of L.A. 

"Con L.A. is so warm! Its freezing back in England." I said while taking my jacket off.

"Yeah it really is may I hold it for you?" Connor asked.

"You sure you want to? I don't want you holding too much." I said hesitantly .

"Nahh its okay, I'm a strong guy and our cab will be here any second." He said while smiling.

"Okay Con here you go." I said while giving my coat to Con.

About 20 minutes later the cab got us and we drove around town till we got to our home. It was one of those dream houses it looked as if it was 3 stories tall and was big and white and very beautiful. I could see a beautiful garden, a deck with a pool right next to it and most of all silence. We were in a bit of a country side of LA which was actually quite suprising since most people think of :A as loud and busy but this part of the state was calm, cool and collected.

" Wow this place is amazing" I finally said after taking in the beautiful scenery.

" I know right!" Con exclaimed. "Its actually the perfect size for the six of us"

I was about to agree with Connor but then I realized he said six not five. There were five of us this entire time, what does he mean six?                                               

"Ummm Con I'm not sure your thinking right... there are FIVE of us not six"

"Oh Damn we forgot to tell you there's another girl going to be living with us, her name is Alice she's from around here she knows Tris, she went to his school in Secondary they were good friends so she said she would take us around here and show us all the cool things in California."

Instantly my mind froze. There were pro's and con's of another girl. One finally another one to understand what I was going through and gossip with and doing makeup and all that shit. But con's are another girl who may fall in love with Brad, I mean how can't you with his dreamy eyes and fluffy hair and that amazing personality?! Ugh I have to stop worrying.

"oh awesome now another one to help with makeup" I responded with.

"HEY! I can do makeup I use to do makeup on Rex but he didn't like it." Con insisted.

"Oh my god Con -laughs- you are crazy but that's one of the reasons I love you" I said between giggles.     

After of laughing fest Con and I started bringing our bags into the house.      

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