Brother's Best Friend

Ok so hi, I'm Lucy Star McVey.. yes I'm James McVey's little sister im currently 18 years old and my mum is letting me go on world tour with my brother and his band. I like the music my brother's band produces but I like different stuff. But yeah so I have to go and pack but yeah.. bye.


9. Hello L.A.

At about 6:57 a.m I finally woke up. As I yawned I looked around at the people all on the plane I could see and old couple way up front sleeping together, it was so cute seeing their love. A few rows back was Connor and James sitting next to each other with James' head lied up upon Connor's in my head I definitely thought "Jonnor" which was the ship name of my brother and Con. Then I saw Tris all the way in the back he sat in a single seat and was asleep in some really cool onsie jumper sort of thing. But I thought it was cool to be with my brother's band they were all so nice especially Brad. Thinking of Brad made me look at him, he was still asleep with the computer still opened up to Netflix with 21 Jump Street sprawled across the screen. Then I realized I was still holding Brad's hand. I decided to continue to hold it until he woke up. So in the meantime I looked outside at the clouds and took some cute pictures for snapchat and instagram with some inspirational quote at the bottom. Soon enough it was about 7:30 a.m. and Brad began to yawn. He suddenly woke up and then I said

"Well good morning sleepy head! Sorry I fell asleep on you last night I was so tired."

"Oh it's alright I didn't mind your head on me." Brad responded while a cheeky grin was plastered across his little face.

"Bradley Will Simpson are you being sarcastic with me?" I said while laughing softly.

"No honestly your head was really warm, and I love the company." He said still smiling.

"Thanks Brad I'm glad you wanted to sit with me on the plane."

"Me too." Brad said with a little bit of him blushing

He then looks down at the hand he was still holding mine with, he clenched it tighter like he didn't ever want to let ti go. Could Brad like me? Could I like him? Well for know I have to focus on my own career even though I still was in my last year at Secondary School. But when I get older I want to be a professional guitar player or a designer or makeup artist. I either want to do girly stuff or do something with music because it's my life.

"Your still holding my hand." Brad says while blushing.

"Yes I am is that bad?"

"No no I was just wondering."

Me and Brad both look into each others and smile but then we both see James Con and Tris. We quicly unclench out hands and look up at them

"C'mon guys the plane landed it's L.A. time!!!" Con screamed.

"Lucy I have to take you on a tour!!!" Con also said.

"Okay Okay Con you can take me on a tour." I said with my nose scrunched up.

"Yeah Lucy you go with Con and me Brad and Tris will unload all the stuff at the house we have.

"House?" I said confused.

"Yeah we are going to be in L.A. for 3 months till we start the USA tour." Tris said.

"Oh cool I'm glad I get to spend 3 months in a warm pace instead of cold England." I said smiling.

"Aren't we all?" Con said sarcastically.

"Well c'mon buys we better get this to the house, and Con take care of my little sister."

"Will do cadet." Con said while trying not to laugh.

"James stop being so protective! I'm fine." I said sneering at my older brother.

"Never!!!" James screamed while me and Connor left the plane to explore L.A.

"HELLO UNITED STATES!" Me and Connor both screamed as we left.

Hello World Lucy Star McVey is ready to take you on!

There began my new life in the states for a year or so.


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