Don't Save Me

this is a poem about not being able to save me

(i didn't know what to put)


5. When I Was A Kid

When i was a kid i never thought i would grow up this way

but it happened because of my environment

and mostly the people in it. They have a huge effect on how you grow up sometimes


It all depends on the environment and the people is how you grow up 

as a teeneager to me.

Seriously, is it the food you eat? I don't think so.

Is it the school? Probably, probably not.

To me, it is the people and the environment that make you who you are

as a teenager.


Some people have a life that i would call all about candy and 


Some people have a life all about darkness and loneliness.

Some people go to sleep having happy dreams.

Some people cry themselves to sleep every night.

I think that it is stupid that people should be this way, but it is how the world works

and i don't care if you disagree.


The people with candy and rainbows in their life grow up to 

be a happy person.

The people with darkness and loneliness grow up - usually- to be 

a sad and lonely person with darkness as their best friend.


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