Don't Save Me

this is a poem about not being able to save me

(i didn't know what to put)


4. Friends : Can I Trust Them?

I liked this guy and it turned out to be someone else's bf

so i stopped liking him before i hurt someone

and i never told the gf of the guy i liked because i didn't want to hurt her

one day i go to school and she says that she is upset with me and i figured that

someone must have told her.


I thought it wasn't dee because i never told her

i think i told kaylee and i guess emily overheard

emily hates me so i guess this is some bitchy thing that she does to people

that she hates


I apologized to the gf on here and asked if she was upset with me still

and she said no and i told her that i didn't tell her 

because i didn't want to hurt her and she 

said that it would have hurt less if i had just told her

but i didn't want to take that chance


So now we made up and we are good

i just can't believe someone would tell 

unless it was emily then i would totally believe that she would tell


See? I did something that i would consider wrong

and i got someone upset with me and i hate it when people are upset with me


I guess i can't trust some people, especially emily

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