More Than A Piece

Hunger Games Fan Fiction

Aubrey Baker volunteers for her older sister. Will the 14 year old live to tell the story of the 54 hunger games?


3. Heart-Filled Goodbyes

Two peace keepers escorted me into a room covered in mahogany wood. They left me to get my visitors. Sitting in the near by stool I sat and thought. Why do I have to go into the games with big jerk Brodie? He is the meanest person to me? By then My first visitors walked through the door. Pa walked up to me and hugged me. "Why did you volunteer for her?" Pa asked trying to mask his sorrow. "You need her more than you need me." I told him while he still clung to me like a wet shirt. "I love you, Aubrey. Do you understand that?" He asked me."Yeah, I understand. And I love you too, Pa." With that he hugged me one more time and was escorted out. Atticus then scurried through the door. "Why in the hell did you do that??" He asked me after he embraced me. "You guys need her." I replied, calmly. "Here" he said handing me a folded bandana. "Thanks?" I responded. He hugged me again. "Stay safe." He turned around and the peacekeepers escorted him out. The twins then came. They pulled me into a hug. "Are you that stupid??" Leann said. "Brave or stupid?" I replied half-wittily. "Remember what Pa said." Lee added. " I want you to have this." She took off her amber necklace and put it on me. "There, you look beautiful, just like mom." She complemented me. As they embraced me again I smiled and told them I'd miss them. They were escorted out and I was taken into the train along with Brodie.

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