Missing Ashley

How he actually found the love of his life....


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I know pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the Bride.

(Flash back)



Have you ever had that one weird friend you grew up around.The one who was always there when times were rough and even when you didn’t want them too. When you were younger you knew they had a crush on you but couldn’t help but push them away for the pretty Blond on the cheerleading team.  Well my friend next door was Ashley. I remember one day in 5th grade on the first day of school she wore the colorful bright rainbow stockings with her hair up in two long pigtails, which of course I couldn’t help but tug on, I knew she was different from other girls.
Ashley Lived next door on the left side of my pale yellow house. She would find any excuse at the time to come over. Which I also at that time would find any excuse to slam the door in her face.
So now if i’m going to tell this story right let’s start from the beginning.
It all started in september the beginning of high-school. My senior year.
(Mom)- Chace are you sure that she is-. She is-
(Chace)- Mom I have to go. She waiting out there.
(Mom)- Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer a ride from Ashley. You know she’s back in town.
(Chace)- You mean Ashley from next door. Mom that girl is crazy.
(Mom)- Oh, don’t say that about her. She is Beautiful, Intelligent, and-
(Chace)- I have to go
(Mom)- Okay, honey have a good day.
(Unknown)- Finally, you took long enough. I’m most likely not to be able to change my clothes.
(Chace)- I think you look fine, Gin

Ginger and I  leave the parking lot and go into the school building. I  Notice the new school logo.The Royal Lions. And a standing out color of Red painted all over the walls. Then Ginger turns to face me.

(Ginger)- Okay, Let’s get this straight if we want to keep out same school status we, and I mean you need to join the football team.

(Chace)- Wait, what about my soccer.

(Ginger)- Oh, you play soccer with your brothers at home. Football is in this semester. So tryouts are tomorrow gear up. Bye.

(Chace)- Damn

(Unknown)- Yo Chace. Wait up, What’s your first period class

(Chace)- Uh, Math 302

(Unknown)- Cool same let’s go. The bell is about to ring.

(Chace)- Yeah, Okay Let’s go. Sorry man but what’s your name again.

(Unknown)- My name is-is Albert

(Chace)- Albert that name sounds familiar but we really need to get going

The Bell rings.

As me and Albert walk into the classroom all seats were empty except two. One near Ashley and her friend Kaitlyn or next to weird tommy. We call him weird tommy due to his uncommon belching all day. Albert was still standing beside me. Which got me wondering from where he I knew him from. Suddenly Ginger was pulling me to an unseen seat next to her. I guess she got the impression that my choice was going to be next to Ashley. Which was the safest option.

(Ginger)- Oh I found you a seat. Gretchen doesn’t mind.

(Chase)- Okay.

This was the first period of the first day of school. Which passed later on in 45 minutes. You can say math 302 was not so great. Boring actually.

Bell rings.

Ashley approaches me.

(Ashley)- Hey um I was just wondering if. If you got today’s math lesson?

(Chase)- Um no, not really. Actually I wasn’t Paying attention.

(Ashley)- Oh really, If you ever needed help I’m not busy.

(Ginger)- That’s okay. But thanks.

Ginger pulls me out of the classroom.

(Chase)- That was rude, She was just asking if I needed any help with my work.

(Ginger)- Are you blind she was asking you on a date.

(Chase)- Is that it. are you jealous of-

(Ginger)- No of course not. Look at her. She looks like are big-

(Chase)- Well then stop acting like it.

(Ginger)- You’re right. I am acting jealous. It’s just that your Chase Rogers. Any girl would act the same.

(Chase)- Well I’m with you aren’t I.


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