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Hey. My name is Grey, and I am trash. Phan trash, band trash, and obsessing-over-writing-songs trash. I'm doing this blog because I am too lazy to keep an actual diary and I don't need to feel guilty for not updating daily. Fight me.


10 interesting things about yours truly:

1) Aspiring Steampunk Goth; yeah, I'm more of a baby bat/emo right now, my parents don't exactly...approve...of my lifestyle choices...

2) Sort-of-closeted Pansexual; well I certainly don't flaunt it, but most of my friends know, not my family though because technically I'm not even meant to have a boyfriend yet, let alone realise that I'm queer XD

3) I write; songs (mostly depressing, because I'm that person) and lots of short stories. I'm trying to write proper novels, but I don't really have the literary stamina, I start writing the first chapter, and then I either abandon it or finish it too quickly. Bad habit I have there.

4) I swear. A whole fucking lot. So get used to it, because from here on out there will be a whole lot of colourful language embellishing my writing. :)

5) I am an atheist. And proud. But if you see me saying "oh my god" or "goddamnit" etc. it's because I cannot be arsed to erase these popular phrases from my mind after 6 fucking loooooong years at a church school.

6) I am in Year Nine, and am 14 in April (the 11th, if you want to send me a happy birthday ;) ) I recently moved schools, and miss my old friends like crazy :( and the GCSEs that I am doing are Drama, Music, History, French, Biology, Chemisty, Physics, English and Maths

7) The only reason I started talking to my (now) best friend is because I thought she was hot (not any more though, sorry Connie XD )

8) I am figuratively the most awkward person alive. Not literally. Figuratively.

9) I hate it when people misuse "literally"

10) I am a hypocrite though, I literally use "literally" every other sentence. (If you understood half of that nerdy joke I am proud.)

11) I am a rebel.


See you whenIcanbebotheredtoupdate!

Grey x

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