Trip Up (||Drarry||)


2. two

Harry took his place at his last lesson of the day; Muggle Studies. He and ron were having an intense conversation about Quiditch when Professor Bins walked in, in an annoyingly bad mood.

"Right. You are having an assessment in a few weeks and you need to be organised for it. This is not an easy task and also not an option. You have to do this no matter what. Got it?" He said sternly. "As you know, we have recently been discussing where muggles go on holiday and what they do. At some point, i mentioned camping. Now, for this assessment, you will have a partner and you will be camping with them for two weeks. No magic will be allowed. You will be assigned partners."As he said this, a groan echoed across the room. "Now, you have not been put into partners randomly, you have been put into partners to do with your signs, Professor Trelawney has helped me with this task as she knows best."

Everyone held their breath nervously as Professor Bins stood at the front of the class room with the list of names.

"As i read out your name, go and sit by your partner.

Susan and Holly

Ronald and Neville

Ginny and Alesha

Hermione and Polly"

Harry lost concentration until he realised that there were barely any boys left in the room. This included; himself, Seamus, Dean, a boy from Hufflepuff, a boy from Ravenclaw and Malfoy.



Malfoy?! What was in Merlin he doing in muggle studies?!

"Dean and Harvey

Seamus and Oliver

Harry and Draco"

Harry and Draco

Harry and Draco


Harry let out and aggregated groan and dragged himself over to where Malfoy was sitting and slumped himself on the chair next to him.

"Malfoy." Harry nodded with a scowl.

"Potter." Malfoy spat back.

Harry looked over to Ron who gave him a sympathetic look.

Both boys sat as far away from each other as possible but that kind of failed because the desk they were at was a very small one, made for only two people, so neither of them had anywhere to go.

As they were awkwardly squashed away from each other, Professor Bins started to talk about what they would be doing on the dreaded trip.

"You will be allocated a place on a muggle site which you will be putting up your tent and getting everything ready. As i said before, this is a non magic trip which means you will be using a muggle tent."

Another groan echoed across the class room.

Professor Bins shushed the class. "Your task today,with your partner for this assessment, will be making a list of items needed for the trip. Like a packing list. And remember, no magic or wizardry aloud."

And with that, everyone got to work, the class started talking to each other. All except a certain Gryffindor and Slytherin, who sat there arguing.

"Why in merlin did i have to be pared with you?! Out of all people!" Malfoy spat, annoyed.

"Im not exactly happy about this either Malfoy, so don't take this out on me!" Harry spat straight back at him.

"Golden boy doesn't like it when someone is mean to him."  Malfoy mocked harry in a baby voice.

"At least i have real friends." Harry argued back.

"At least i have parents. Poor Parentless Potter." Malfoy sneered.

"At least I'm not a filthy death eat-"

"DON'T YOU DARE POTTER!" Malfoy shouted, standing up to overlook Harry.

"Awwwww did i offend little baby Malfoy?" Harry mocked, just as Malfoy had done to him before. He then stood up to face Malfoy and to be at his height.

"YOU LITTLE-" Malfoy started. He took a deep breath to try to contain himself.

"Cant think of a good comeback Malfoy? Given up to a Gryffindor? How would your father react to this?" Harry asked, smirking.

"At least I'm not abused by mudbloods." Malfoy sneered.

Harrys face dropped.


"ENOUGH!" Bellowed Professor Bins, making the entire class go silent. "50 POINTS WILL BE TAKEN FROM EACH HOUSE ALONG WITH A DETENTION TONIGHT!" Both boys let out an irritated noise. Bins then took a deep breath and carried on. "You will NOT be having the detention together, You Potter, will be with Professor Lupin and you Malfoy will be with me." Harry wasn't to let down when he realised he'd be having the detention with Lupin. He also hoped that because of the incident between him and Malfoy, their partners may change. But it seemed as if Professor Bins had read his mind.

"You will still be partners and you will still be staying together when you camp." Malfoy shot a dirty look to harry, only to receive one straight back.

The bell went and everyone hurried out the room to dinner.

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