Trip Up (||Drarry||)


1. one

Harry Potter walked into his Muggle Study lesson with Ron, Ginny and Hermione.

Harry never really understood why Hermione had decided to do take that lesson because she was a muggle born, and she knew everything about being a muggle. Harry however had taken Muggle Studies because he hadn't really known much about the Muggle world. He may had lived in the Muggle world with his only relatives, other than Sirius but that doesn't really count, but he was always inside and was never aloud to use the TV, Xbox etc.

Harry sat down with Ron to his right and Ginny on his left. Harry smiled at Ginny, as she blushed, looking away from him. He half smiled, not knowing what to think. He liked Ginny but he wasn't sure how much, was it enough to ask her to go to The Three Broomsticks with him? He didn't know. Not yet anyway.

His thoughts were interrupted when Professor Bins walked into the room demanding everyone to be quiet.

"Right! Thats enough! Class has started now settle down." He said rather loudly. Everyone did as they were told and were quiet. Professor Bins stood at the front of the class by the blackboard and faced them all. He then pulled down a white board with a picture of a strange looking train underneath the ground of, what looked like, London. Harry only knew this because he saw kingscross marked on the map.

"Ok, so as you know, muggles can not apperate nor floo so they obviously need a way to get around. There is a specific place in London called the London Underground. These are specially made trains that travel at high speed under the roads of London, stopping a numerous places." Professor Bins eyes skimmed the class, stopped at something and then carried on.

"there are also other forms of transport, which i am sure you will have heard of. Such as cars, airplanes, bus and a particular strange one; hot air balloon. I have never seen a muggle fly to work in a hot air balloon but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen."

Harry began to get bored of the lesson and heavily regretted taking it. Professor Bins was only going over the basics. He wanted to know about more exciting things, like; sport, music etc.

"Ok, so I expect to see a 80 word summary of what you have learnt today in this lesson." He heard Professor Bins say. He bolted upright and looked over to Hermione. She saw and rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry Harry, you can use my notes." She whispered.

"Thanks 'Mione." He replied with a relived look on his face.

Suddenly the bell went and everyone gathered up their belongings and left the room. Harry had a free period so he decided to go up to the Gryffindor common room to get started on his potions essay for Snape. As he was walking up to the fat lady, someone jumped up behind him. Harry jumped to turn to see a panting Hermione.

"Hey- Harry." She said smiling, whilst breathing quite heavily. "I was wandering if you needed any help with your Muggle studies homework?" She asked.

"Yes please 'Mione. That'd be great!" He smiled. They both walked through the portrait, after saying the password, and sat down at one of the tables in the common room.

They both got out a piece of parchment and began writing from Hermione's notes.

After a while of silence, and the sound of scratching quills, Harry sat up from his head being bent down and let out a sigh. Where as Hermione finished gracefully and placed her quill down gently.

"Hey Hermione?" He asked her.


"Why did you take Muggle studies? I mean, your a muggle born."

Hermione smiled, the complete opposite of what Harry thought her reaction would of been.

"Well, i wanted to see how wizards thought about Muggles, what they taught, what was right and what was wrong etc. I find it rather interesting from a wizard or witches point of view." She explained.

"Ahhh, ok. Well, I'd better be getting on with my potions. Snape already hates me and i don't want to make it any worse by not doing my homework." He chuckled.

"Ok Harry." She smiled. "Have fun."

"I'm sure i will." He answered sarcastically as he made his way to the boys dorms to get his half finished piece of potions.

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