I never said my words were beautiful.


4. scarecrow

Never thought I could hurt this bad.

I wish I could take it back.

The words that paint up the portraits on the wall.

The people we all used to be, I've seen it all.

Dance Mr. Scarecrow

My, you scared me something awful

Mr. Scarecrow, what do you know?

Acting sort of hostile when you got that bottle.

Mr. Scarecrow, are you drinking your sorrows away?

Or did someone just leave it here, teasing you?

You know, they say everything will be okay.

But I don't know if that's true.

You know, you got me feeling a 'worn path' kind of mood.

Feeling as if it's October and we're choking on poisoned candy.

I'm sure this new pumpkin carved smile will make me look brand new.

Maybe someone won't just take my guts and forget about me.

Mr. Scarecrow? Have you ever thought about heading out West?

I have a few times, I won't lie to you, I'd like to leave here.

I think all we can do is go with it, and try our best.

Maybe then we can get past our fears.

Oh, Mr. Scarecrow? One final thing before I rot.

I think you're a ghost that's why you're scaring off the bird named Nevermore.

I don't know, it's just a thought.

I thought I'd say it, since I don't have those much anymore.

I think I'll start my leave, the weather seems about right.

It's something else they'd just leave me right here.

Just so my candle can flicker for one night.

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