The Yeti

For the Pixar Competition


1. The Yeti

Once upon a time there was a large, fluffy yeti called Pedro. 

Every day, Pedro would climb up the snowy, blistering cold mountain to grab some snow in his bucket, so he could make snow cones and to give more support to his igloo.


One day, when Pedro was grabbing some snow, he started to hear a rumble. The ground started shaking, and Pedro could see a large amount of snow rolling towards him. But here is the crazy part. It wasn't white snow, it was rainbow snow! He tried running as fast as he could to get away from the avalanche whilst thinking why it was rainbow. Maybe it came from the unicorns!


Because of that, Pedro couldn't get his snow for his snow cones and igloo. He was still running, and while he was running he was thinking about all the good times he has had on the mountain. He knew it may be the end since it's impossible to survive an avalanche on the mountain. 


Until finally, Pedro saw a lamp alight a few meters away from him. He could barely see it since there was a blizzard going on and snow flurries everywhere. He ran towards the lamp, and found out it was a sled. Seeing the avalanche nearing him at a fast rate, he hopped on and slid down the mountain. Pedro survived the avalanche, and even better, had a lifetime ball of snow at the bottom of the mountain where he could make millions of snow cones, and provide more shelter for his igloo! And so Pedro, on the mountain, lived happily, ever after.


The end. :)

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