Eggie Remix.

A white egg, it is progressing with idea, ready to hatch, what will it be? well just read to find out.


2. Star Knight

The Author Note: Don’t be confuse or annoyed, with the making of this second bit, whatever can it may, but am sorry for the delay of the first one, which most of you must either like, or expect to continue, but however, I will not make new chapters concern that one, but hopefully by God Grace, I will stick to my word, every two Weeks, in Thursday, I shall bring two chapters, one for this, and the other for the second story, before this, may I remind or reveal to you that Legend of Zelda: Triforce R, was written by me, flame me or not, for writing something like that and not finishing it, am very sorry for those who like it, but not so with these two, by the grace of the living God, if he is willing, I might finish this, or this might end up as a disclose work. I will inform you, that at some point in time I will take my break, but never worry, the length may be long, but I will be writing story in it, so that when I am out, I will be publishing them will ease, at the certain time, of course.

The Proverb Note: Every thing has wisdom, it float or swim around us, event of the day, book we read, and so on, correction and wisdom are there, if you heard a correction, don’t throw out, but use it and don’t do the wrong again, take wisdom, so not to be corrected the hard way, no one is Foolish or a Fool, they are ignorance to this, so when a person do something wrong, he is ignorance of what he has done, when he do it again, for correction will be throw at him but he didn’t heed it but instead do it again, so don’t call anyone a fool,  for you yourself will be held responsible for that 4 words, if not by Man then the living God, thank you for listening.

Rain, ore Rain, Endless rain, Looking up to the dark clouded sky on a raining day is awful, the first thing is that you are cold, the second is that you are wet, really wet, the third thing is the thunder strike, the sound of thunder make you afraid and instantly make you flee, for you don’t want to stay  near when lightning strike, so you run away from the clearing, but not so for this puff ball, he was wet, freezing, and a lightning bolt just struck a tree near him and the sound was dreadfully louder, but he didn’t care, in fact, he love it, or maybe he just stay there because it help him think better, some or well all, think he just crazy or pretty weird for staying in the mist of the heavy rain, this puff ball was dark blue in colour, from top to bottom he was cover in the colour dark blue, his eyes were snow white, he was wearing a white glove and had a umbrella near him, but he didn’t use it, the Dark blue Puff ball show a couple of people who were running from the storm, his umbrella, which they thankfully took but were too in a haste to thank him or care about his well-being at that moment, the Dark Blue Puff ball was waiting for someone to finally show up, someone who he wanted to be here in the mist of the rain with him, but it was too crazy, still you never know, ‘where is he?’ he asked angrily to himself, he was expecting the guy to show up a hour before but no dice, he could waited longer but he been planning this day, the place was almost flooded, this rain was most harsh, but still he wait, two hours pass but no one, there were no houses there, much helping him from the sharing of eyes, finally the guy show up,  he smile in relief, the guy was actually Bomber, he was formally a member of Nightmare, but he escape and landed here, Bomber was wet, freezing and hating him right now,  “why on stars do we have to…to…to” he was cut off by himself sneezing, the dark blue Puff ball smile and hand him a piece of cloth but that was wet too, “thank anyway” he said before sitting down on the almost flooded floor, “don’t worry though, this would end up okay in the end” the dark blue puff ball reassure  and gave Bomber thumb up, “you think?” “I know and trust that we be smiling again and doing fun stuff like the old times” Bomber look down, “so what the plan” he asked, “easy, first we need a access route to the under water rivers castle, then I need to repair the ship and finally after you collect the three crystal, we need to power it up, we are out of here”  he said,  Bomber stood up, “then how do we find those crystals?” “they are in the Under water castle, I need you to get it, and I will start the ship” he explain,  Bomber nodded and walk off while sneezing a bit, “poor Bomber, I hope he doesn’t get too upset when he find out that I can’t go with him” he said to himself before heading out.

The Dark blue Puff ball was just finishing the final touch to the ship, the rain still falling, Bomber still not back and he notice that he is hungry, “”I hope bomber is okay, better call him” he said, he brought out a dark blue phone, he then press Bomber number and press call, Bomber didn’t answer the first time or the second but he finally pick up in the third, “WILL YOU STOP CALLING ME!!!” said the caller, the dark blue puff ball soon saw that it was one of his friends who was trying to get to bed who he type in not Bomber, “oops, sorry, thought you were Bomber”” the dark blue puff ball said nervously , “wait Star knight?!” the caller said in shock, but Star knight ended the call, he then delete the number and hope the caller never call him, for the person who just answer was Sir Arthur, one of the Galactic knights commanding generals, Star knight sigh and try to call Bomber again only to be ut off when Arthur call him, he of course wait for it to ring out so not to seem rude, he phone soon stop when Star knight battery ran out, ‘just my rotten day’ he thought, but soon took it back when Bomber came running for his life at him, “ I got it!” he shouted, Star knight was glad but look in horror as a large snake was behind him, it could have out run bomber but the cold weather stop it, since Snake are cold blooded, it still was chasing Bomber not the less,  Star knight ran inside the ship and came out with a sword folder, “ Bomber run!!” he yell, bomber ran as fast as he could but slip on the wet ground and fell, the snake then slide at him, jaw wide, Star knight remove a white blade from the folder and it shine brightly , the snake stop and close its eyes, bomber did the same, Star knight ran at the snake with the flashing sword and slice once, the snake was cut in half, the upper part fell backward and exploded while the lower did just the same, the blade stop flashing and Star knight put it back, “Martin….” Bomber began but couldn’t say anything, Martin just smile at him to ease the tension, and it work, “what happen back there?” he asked, “well I found the three crystal but it was inside the snake, not inside, inside, but the snake warp around it, I manage to get them but I sneeze and it woke up but I was at a good distance away from it” he explain, Martin took the crystals and the folder and went inside, “hey what was that?” Bomber finally got himself to asked, “old memory, and something I should have destroy a long time ago” he said cheerily, with happiness, “but it turn out if I did, you will be inside the snake belly, well this is a day to be deed a good day, huh?” he said doing some work on the ship, “if the ship work, then yeah, it is a good day” Bomber said smiling if he had a mouth, “and a little over there” Martin said fixing one of the crystals to its, as he did that, Bomber stood up and went into the ship to avoid the rain, but also to see that sword, as he came in he saw the sword in it folder laying there, “Bomber, what are you doing in here?” asked Martin who like working in peace and alone,  “well, I just wanted to know what that is?” he pointed at the folder, “I told you already, old memories, that all you need to know, now shoo” he said, Bomber wasn’t leaving just yet,  “old memory about what?” “that it!” Martin said walking to the sword and taking out of the folder at great speed, it didn’t flash, it was white like Martin eyes, “you want to know about this awful blade huh?!” he shouted angrily, Bomber just stood there, shock, “it was a dumb idea!, alright it powerful, so what!?, it the reason why am here, it the reason why not a knight anymore!” he shouted, bomber was aware that Martin was once a Galactic knight, but he told him, he was kick out of the forces, Martin eyes turn purple and he said in a low voice, “hiding from yourself, it never work, changing your profit, they soon find you, faking your death, a lie” he said but oddly smile again, “but like I said, old memories” he said returning back to work, “anyway, you need to go back to the nightmares, right? And this ship is your one way ticket so hold on there” Martin said look on the bright side, Bomber sat down, true Bomber was planning on going back, but still he will miss Martin a lot, he was the closest friend he ever had, “Martin?” he asked, Martin was fixing the green crystal to the ship and wasn’t paying any attention, “if you hate that sword so much why not destroy it?” he asked, “if you hate yourself so much, why not end it here, what pulling you back?” Martin said, Bomber thought deep before answering, “My friends”, “like me, I can’t destroy it, if I do my friend will be in danger, like you, if I destroy earlier, you would be dead” he said, fixing the last crystal in, “that and my father is going to kill if I do” he said, “I thought you were..” “Alone? No, I have bunch of family members who are dead, but am not alone, my father may be dead, but he made that blade, and it took all his life energy to power it up, to destroying it would mean that his time and life would be wasted”  he explained, before smiling , “there…….we should be off in, right now” he said, the ship light up and was making noise.

Bomber and Martin was standing in front, it was night, the night had stop two hours ago, Martin look at the ship, he fix for his friend, Bomber was a bit sad but he know Martin won’t let him stay, “well, it been a nice 4 months, Bomber, but it time to go” he said, Bomber sigh, “yeah, I guess, but..” “no but, just go, I miss you, but well, go” he said, Bomber walked up to the ship and enter it, and the door close behind him, Martin used a piece of cloth to wipe a few tears from his eyes, it wasn’t tears of sadness, but of happiness, for Bomber, finally going home, going somewhere he belong, though he could have wish he went to a place that isn’t as evil as the nightmares, but still, as the ship hover up, Martin, who recharge his phone, call Bomber, “okay, you clear for flight” he said, no sooner as he said that, that the ship zoom out, he was gone, smiling one last time Martin went home, or to the bush.

Martin was shock when he saw the white sword in pieces, it was broken, scatter, and any other words he could think off, “but how?”  he said, but to make matter worsts, the sky glow red, he knew what was happening, Nightmares were attacking the planet, he glare at he saw the ship flying to the town, they were attack every town and city in the planet, EnEmy order no one in the planet should live, but all must die, this was because the planet formally sided with the Nightmares, giving them weapons and resources, but has rebel against they and sold the information about them to the Galactic knight, which they use to deal a large blow on them, but the battle wasn’t over, soon the Nightmare enterprise got on it feet, and was maintain, but they hated the planet and all who lived there, and they plan to not only to wipe all lived but to blast it with their cannons, making it on liveable forever, Martin ran to the town and while running he took out a sword, off his own making, he wasn’t going down just yet, he tries to bring his wings but no use, they were broken, with that out he decide to fight them on the land, as he reach the town he saw a army of Nightmares beam down from their Destroyers, they wield the weapon of their choice, from Hammer or chain ball, and their didn’t come alone, behind them were huge monsters, they were too much, but he isn’t go down running, ‘let see, how many I can take down, before giving out’ he thought and challenge himself, he then ran at the nightmare but before he could ran away further, everything went black.

“Martin, where did you put the candy, poyo?” a voice asked, “I don’t know, Poyo” a voice like his defended himself, “you lie, poyo, you ate it all poyo!” it shouted, “no I didn’t poyo, Martin honour” , “you can’t said a honour on yourself, poyo”, a dark blue puff ball, with two golden eye glare at him, “what do you know, poyo?” a very young Martin said, sticking out his tongue, ”Dad, told me all about honour , which you don’t have, poyo!” he said to Martin, “you know what, I did ate the candy and it was sweet, so take that honour wanna be, poyo, “ the Dark blue puff with golden eye, glare at him before running away, “Dad! Dad! Poyo” he shouted, Martin giggle, he went to the bed and open the bottom, he then bring out a jar of candy, “ha, ha, ha, now I have you all to myself” he said opening the cover, but a sound call him, “Martin!, Martin!, get down here!” a voice sounded, Martin sigh, “someday, I am going to beat that him up” he said referring to the dark blue puff ball who tell on him, “Martin!!” the voice sounded, louded, “coming, poyo!” as he was running down, everything went black.

“what your code name?” a voice spoke through the darkness, “Meta knight, your?” the darkness clear and he saw a mask figure with a card on his hand, “Star knight” he respond, “well, that nice, so how are you doing in your department?”  Meta knight asked, “well, hey I heard you are getting special training from sir Arthur” “yeah, I guess so, hey hmmm,” Meta knight said, “what up?” “can we talk alone” he said, Star Knight nodded, they went to Meta knight room, there Meta knight let the cat out of the bag, “Nightmare” Star knight was confuse, “Dad is being is being control by the Nightmares” he said, “how?” Star knight said, Meta knight  hand him the letter, Star knight look through it, before looking at him, “where did you get this?” “from Mom” he said, “before, she…” he pause, “I know, Meta knight, it be… be I” Star knight said, Meta knight look at him with shock, “you really want to….?” “he murder my mother! he may be your father but she was my mother,  I can’t ever forgive him!” he roared at Meta knight, before Meta knight could speak, he smile under his mask, with had a star in its fore-head, and the visor was star shape, two star shape hole that is, “sorry about that Meta night, unlike you, I didn’t hear about her, I found her, there under house” he said, Meta knight was silence, he was closer to his father than his mother, so the thought of killing wasn’t easy, but he loved his step brother more, “I be leaving to my department tomorrow, father himself will be too, I can destroy him before the ‘family get together’ is over” he said quietly, “no!” Meta knight shouted, no matter how senseless the statement was, “am waste my time, don’t worry, it be over soon” he said eye turning shade green,  before leaving, Meta knight only stood there, that all he could do, while walking everything away went black.

“Meta knight………” he stop, he stop running, stop holding the sword, ‘where did that flash back, came from?’ he thought, but to his surprise, there were no nightmare, no huge Monsters, no towns, “where am i?” he demand, “oh good, I draw out just in a nick-of-time” a voice said, then a wizard came out, Star knight pointed his sword at him, “who are you? What do you want?” he asked, “am Simirror, and I want nothing, basically, I want nothing” he said before adding, “am your friend, not foe”, Star knight return his sword, “where am I?” he asked gently, “well you are in a state btw life and death, your motionless body is in my house, I am talking to you through a shell” he answer, “why did you did that? Wait the….” “is death in sense that no one live in it but me, you don’t count, since you are btw the living and the dead, I did that because I care” he said, “that weird, we just met” “yeah but you save my friend life, Bomber, I was just looking for him, I didn’t want him to be destroy along with the rest, but thankfully he escape, thank to you” he said happily, “thank you and you welcome, so how long before I get out?” he said, “oh no, no, no, you aren’t going anyway, am keeping you here for the next 20 seconds or so” he said, “that nice” Star knight said, but swa he had his mask on and two folder, “how did…” “I return them to you and fix your sword”  Simmirror said checking his watch, “okay… you go” he said shooting a puff of pink smoke at Star knight, everything went black.

Open his eyes, he indeed was in a house, on the floor, the house was old, soon Simirror appear, “well that was to be expected of this dump, leave it alone for 560 years and it become a waste bag” he said in distaste, “five hundred and sixty years? Where did you go?” Star knight asked after getting up, “oh, hmmm, don’t kill me, but while we were there, time skip 560 years” he said, “what!”  he shouted, Simirror took a frying pan to protect his face in case Star knight wanted to punch him, “didn’t worry, you didn’t age….much” Simirror said, Star knight remove his mask and went to a mirror, he face was older, he was in his either in his late teen or an early adult, “what did you do?!” he roar, “I said I put you in a state btw life and dead, so while you were sleeping, time pass by, but my spell slow your aging , it was the only way” “for what?” he asked calming down , “Nightmare destroy every hope of life here, so I had to hide you here and form a protective spell to save us all, if wasn’t for me, you most likely be dead”  he said, “oh, sorry for shouting at you, it all so new, so what did I miss?” “I don’t know, I was stuck there with you, most likely the war was over” Simirror guess, “hand me my cape, please?” he said, Simirror gave him his light purple cape with star of different colour in it, “where are you going?” “I don’t know” he said and just walk out, with a smile behind his mask.

Author Note: this was eventful, anyway, next two weeks Saturday, I bring another chapter, so be patient, anyway, I must fix something or really explain them.

the Galactic knight are divide into department, each control by a commanding officials, Arthur Department is where Meta knight is. Bomber is a misspell of Boomer. Star knight is younger than Meta knight, by two years. Simirror is not Nightmare.

Proverbs Note: Patient is of good reward, to be patient, means to have a long temper, which is a good way on not keep a bad temper, so be patient and be wise, may God bless you.

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