Secret half

Marinette and Adrien are both chosen to be super heros and protect their homes but what will Adrien do when he finds out who lady bug is and loses her?


4. Say "I love you!"

Marinet's pov:

I rushed home before I timed out and went back to normal my heart was pounding in my chest. "OMG TIKI DID YOU SEE THAT!!! ADRIEN GAVE ME A LETTER AND ASKED ME TO BE HIS VALENTINE!!!" Tiki nodded and went back to eating her cookie. "Yeah, but Marinet you do know that Adrien doesn't know your lady bug."  I never even thought of that. "Your right...and I can't tell him who I am...can I?" Tiki shook her head. "I'm sorry Marinet. You know you can't tell him. Well not unless...never mind." I jumped up and looked at Tiki.

"Unless what Tiki! Please tell me." Tiki finished her cookie and looked at me. "You could only tell Adrien if something bad happened like death or if Chat Noir was to show who he was to you. Theirs a catch with that one though." Tiki smirked at me and giggled. "You can't ask him to show you who he really is." I dropped my head losing my idea. "Okay....I under stand but do you really think that Adrien could be Chat Noir?" Tiki nodded and I started to form a plane in my head.

Tiki laughed and brought me to my desk. "Why did you bring me here?" "You may not be able to tell him who you are but you can send him a letter and sign it from Lady Bug." I smiled at the thought of spending the day alone with Adrien. "You know what that's just what I'll do!" I smiled and started to work on my letter to Adrien.

My golden prince

Your eyes are greener then the sea

Your pure like a cat and love to play in the cute way that you do

With your cute little black ears and your little black tail

Your my black cat in dressed as my prince charming

Be your Valentine you ask?

I shall give you an answer at the park if you will be willing to meet their at noon

Until then my little kitty cat I will wait

Yours truly Lady Bug

I signed the card and smiled at my work. Then on the envelop I made sure to sign it. I wrote to: Chat Noir from: Lady Bug, "How will I give him my letter?" I asked Tiki who started to think. "Well Adrien gave you the letter form Chat Noir so maybe he'll give the letter to Chat Noir as well or you can give it to him during your next battle." I thought about this for awhile and gave in. "I'll give it to Adrien tomorrow in school." Tiki smiled and nodded. I looked at the letter and smiled. "I love you Adrien...if only I could tell you...." I said as I fell asleep.

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