Secret half

Marinette and Adrien are both chosen to be super heros and protect their homes but what will Adrien do when he finds out who lady bug is and loses her?


12. Finding my screat half

Adrien's pov:

I went to see her everyday that she was their. I wanted to make sure I was the first person she would see when she woke up from her long sleep. Sometimes kids from class would tag along with me to go see her. Even on days when that happened it still felt like only me and her where in the room. "Hey my lady...I missed you...please wake up soon..please..." I said softly and kissed her cheek as I held her ice cold hand.

Soon days began to pass,

then weeks,

witch led to months....

Still she never woke up. I was ready to give up when one day I went to see her. "Please My Lady let me see your eyes that are you darker than the night ounce more. Let me hear your voice that is as sweet as an angel." I kissed her softly and smiled. "I love you my lady." Then as if a mirical had happened her eye lids fluttered open.  "My lady!" I yelled getting excited as she winced a bit and sat up making my heart leap out of my chest. "Chat that you...?" She asked holding her head in pain. "Yeah, it is...welcome home my me a favor and never leave my side again." I hugged her whispering in her ear. "I love you Marinet."



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