Secret half

Marinette and Adrien are both chosen to be super heros and protect their homes but what will Adrien do when he finds out who lady bug is and loses her?


2. Bird Brain

Adrien's pov:

I walked outside and saw Lady Bug fighting. I ran and hid. "Plade claws out!!!" He went into my ring and transformed me into Chat Noir. "Well hello Chat Noir. Nice of you to stop in and join us." I smiled at her hoping to swoon her. "I'd go any where with you My Lady." She rolled her eyes at me in the cute way that she did all the time. "How about you follow me into this battle." i smiled tucking my poem in the back of my pocket and bowed. "Anything for you My Lady."

"Hey Bird Brain you know your not going to win!" I shouted getting his attention. He snickered at me and landed in front of me. I started to sneeze like crazy. "Now!" I shouted yelled and Lady Bug shot her yo'yo out and tripped him. she nodded and i looked around. "It's cane!" She nodded and i grabbed his cane and his acuma came out. She caught it with ease and set it free like she had done so many times before.

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