Now That I'm Broken

Rebekah Rivers is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, but if you get into a fight with her, she will kick your ass.
Well, that's how she is around people she doesn't know.
Around her best friends, Michael, Luke and Calum, she is a soft marshmallow. What the boy's don't know is that, she's from a broken life.


5. People

I wanted you to know the people.

Emily Rudd as Beth Rivers

Peyton Clark as Bardley Rivers

Eva Longoria as Sabrina Rivers

Bradly Cooper as Charlie Rivers

Michael Clifford as Michael Clifford

Ashton Irwin as Ashton Irwin

Calum Hood as Calum Hood

Luke Hemmings as Luke Hemmings

Amy Lee as Ciara Leming

Ian Somerhalder as Travis Leming

Avril Lavigne as Mari Leming


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