Now That I'm Broken

Rebekah Rivers is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, but if you get into a fight with her, she will kick your ass.
Well, that's how she is around people she doesn't know.
Around her best friends, Michael, Luke and Calum, she is a soft marshmallow. What the boy's don't know is that, she's from a broken life.


2. About a year ago

Okay, about one year ago, I moved out of my parents house and to an abandon house that I worked on with my best friends, Rowen Crispo and Cameron Armen. They helped me through everything, they gave me money, food, and bought me clothes. 
It all started with a really bad fight...


I walked down the hall to see my mom, Sabrina and dad, Charlie yelling at each other. "NO! You took Bradly! Bradly was my baby! Your not getting Bethany either!" My mom yelled. "Your treating Bethany like crap!" My dad yelled back. "STOP!" I yelled but they didn't listen. My twin brother, Bradly ran down the hall way and looked at them. "No mom you didn't get me! I chose dad!" Bradly yelled. "Bradly!" My mom hissed out. "Bethany is staying with me!" She cried out at him. "No! You both are not getting me!" I yelled at them. "What do you mean?" They both asked me. "I found a house last week." I said and ran to my room...


I walked into my home and grabbed my bag not seeing I forgot it. I had to drive to the music store where I work, to fill in for my friend Karmen Chasting. 
I got my bag and walked out of my house and to my car,

I drove to the music store and walked in, putting in my little card with my name on it. I walked behind the counter and then I heard the guitar and drums and the base in the back with some singing. Not again! So there are a group of four boys, Ashton Irwin, the drummer, Luke Hemmings, The singer, Calum Hood, Bass player and Michael Clifford, just the guitar. Ashton's really nice and so are the other boys, Ashton and Calum have once asked me out. The one I like tho is Michael. I don't know why. I think its because the way he seems freaky with his tattoos and hair but he's so sweet.

They come in every day and play the things in the back thinking I cant here them. I took out my hair tie and walked down the hall and to the back. One I found them I sighed. They were playing my favorite song, American Idiot by Green Day. "Guys not again!" I said and put my hands on my hips. They all looked up and smiled. "Hey Beth!" They said all together. "Why do you guys do this? I have to clean it up after." I told them. They shrugged and I shook my head. "What ever." I walked back to the counter. I looked around for my drink and saw the ring Michael left here yesterday. I saw the boys walk by and they waved. "By Beth." They said and left. I was about to give back the ring but they were gone. I guess I'll have to give it to him on my break.

On break I drove to Michaels. I took a deep breath and got out of my car and looked at the house. I have never been to his house before.  I walked up the cement steps and to his brown door and knocked hard. A women with blond hair and blue eyes opened the door. 
"Hello can I help you?" She asked me. "Hello, I'm Bethany Rivers and Michael left this at my music shop." I told her. "Oh okay, please come in. I'm Karen, his mother." She walked up the stairs with my close behind her. She knocked on the door. "Come in!" I heard. I walked in and looked around and saw him on his small blue couch. "Hey dude. You left this at the shop yesterday." I said and tossed him the ring. "Thanks Beth." He said. I nodded and walked out fast,

After work, I hung out with Luke. Luke and I have been friends sense we were in sixth grade. We met in detention. He put pain on the wall and I pored Mrs. Hafer, my old teacher, coffees on her head. 

"Who do you like?" Luke asked me out of the blue. I thought about if I should tell him. He is my best friend so I can trust him. "Uh Michael." I told him out of truth. His eyes went wide and he became shocked. His mouth hung open. "WHY!?" He yelled at me. I backed up a little bit into the couch and shrugged. "I don't know!" I yelled back and then I hear a knock on the door. 

I got up from the couch and over to the door. I opened it to see Cameron with Rowen and Michael behind him. "I'm here for Luke." Michael said. "I'm coming." Cameron and Rowen walked in and took a seat on the couch. "Dude I gotta tell you something!" Luke said as they walked out. "Whats up?" I asked them. "Nohing we just missed our little Bethany." "I go by Beth guys." I said to them.

Michael's POV

After picking up my tall friend, we went to starbucks. "So what was it you needed to tell me?" I asked him was we walked out and back to my car. "Okay," He paused and pu his belt on as did I. I started to drive down the street and we came to a red light. "Bethany Likes you." He said and I spit out my drink. I pulled over and looked at him. "Bethany Gabrielle Rivers likes me?" I asked him. He nodded and I smiled to myself. "Okay. You wanna stay the night?" I asked him. He nodded and we drove to my house.

We sat in my room and I was thinking about Beth. "You wanna stop at Beth's?" Luke asked me. I shook my my head. "I'm kinda tired."

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