Now That I'm Broken

Rebekah Rivers is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, but if you get into a fight with her, she will kick your ass.
Well, that's how she is around people she doesn't know.
Around her best friends, Michael, Luke and Calum, she is a soft marshmallow. What the boy's don't know is that, she's from a broken life.


1. a little about me

Hi! I'm Bethany Christine Rivers! I go by Beth,
I'm sixteen turning seventeen on July 4th.
What I look like: Well for my hair I have like a mocha color with a strip of hot pink in the front and my hair goes down to my mid back and wavy.
My eyes: I have gray blue eyes that are very bright.
I am not that tall. I go up to maybe 5 foot and 4 inches.
My style: Punk Rock. I like the ripped stuff.
I moved out of my house when I was fifteen for reasons you'll read about later on....
Mt best friends: Cameron and Rowen!

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