Next in Line

Nalani is a no-nonsense teenage girl who believes in working for a good future. Ajax is a party-loving teenage boy. He believes in waiting for the worst to happen, and somehow party his way out of it. They say opposites attract ... will they?


1. Bruning, Nebraska

Monroe High School in Bruning, Nebraska (population of 274) was like a big family. Everyone was treated the same, and all the kids grew up together. When you entered Bruning, they'd accept you and give you a big hug. The oldest couple who lived in Bruning, the Yankovichs', made cookies when they heard someone was about to move in.

On August 15th, 2013, two days before school started, the Yankovichs received a call from the Bruning Travel Company. They found out that a new family was moving in, the Mahelonas, consisting of one girl and one father. When they asked about the mother, there was no information.



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