Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


2. Chapter Two - The Awakening

Topaz slowly woke up but didn’t dare to open her eyes. She could hear a deep voice, similar to one she heard in a video game. She could no longer feel the wet grass beneath her. Instead, she felt a rough but soft surface. She could still feel the blue stone in her hand. The array of questions flowing through her head made her slowly and carefully open her eyes.

She was in a darkened room with red walls. There was a collection of guns on one wall, and a bed in the corner.  Someone burst through the door, pointing a large gun directly at Topaz’s face. A black… hedgehog? Must be a dream... 

“… Shadow?” Topaz questioned confused if she was dreaming or if this could actually be reality. He came closer still pointing the gun towards her head. “Who the hell are you and how do you know my name?” Shadow said with a puzzled expression on his face. “Well I… Okay I’m not even gonna try and explain, the more important questions right now are where the hell am I and why am I here?” Topaz spoke slowly as she lifted herself up. Shadow walked closer and lowered his gun.

Topaz spent a few seconds contemplating life. She sat in shock but calmed down slightly once she realised Shadow was no longer pointing a gun to her head. “So, I’m here… You’re here… and I have FUR and its GREY AND BLUE?! G-Give me a se-second…” she said as the world around her went midnight black.

Shadow stood there comfused. He seemed to have just as many questions he needed answers to as she did. Why the hell is she in his room? Who is she? How does she know him? What the hell just happened to her?

Something about Topaz reminded him of his past. He carefully lifted the mystery girl up and delicately laid her on his soft bed. Shadow picked up the chaos emerald she brought with her. “Why the hell does she have this?” he thought, as he sat down and waited for her to awaken. 

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