Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


20. Chapter Twenty

Topaz had spent the whole of the journey on Shadow's motorbike with her arm wrapped around him and her eyes closed letting the wind blow through her quills. Although she hated motorcycles and felt highly unsafe any time she had to use one, she felt a lot safer clinging onto Shadow. After a few minutes they arrived at headquarters and she hoped off of the motorcycle feeling a little dizzy. She found her balance leaning against a wall. "Ready?" Shadow asked as Topaz pushed herself off the wall. "Kinda" Topaz answered as she looked at the ground. "You'll be alright just make sure you tell them everything" Shadow said as they walked through the massive doors. "I'm scared" Topaz said twiddling her fingers. "She can't actually hurt you, you're stronger than her" he said as they waited in the lobby. "If you're sure" Topaz said still looking at the floor. 

"Shadow? Topaz? Why are you here? You aren't needed until tomorrow" the commander said. "We have a situation with Rouge" Shadow decided to speak before Topaz had a chance to muck up. "What might that be?" The commander asked seemingly curious. "For the second time she has broken into MY house to assault Topaz and this time she has gone too far" Shadow said clearly getting annoyed. "How has she assaulted her?" the commander continued. Topaz unwrapped the bandages on her arms and sat down trying not to think about it too heavily. "I see" he continued. "So I want Topaz to replace her on Team Dark, I'm not having that window breaking stabber bat on the same team I'm on" Shadow said crossing his arms as Topaz sat there awkwardly. "Okay fine Rouge is off the team and Topaz is on" the commander said as Topaz sat there with wide eyes. "Now I need to find someone who can go and arrest her" he said as he started walking off. "Give me the handcuffs I have a plan" Shadow said looking between Topaz and the commander. Topaz stared at him before putting her head in her hands sighing "this is not going to be good" as Shadow walked over to her smirking. 

"This idea doesn't involve me does it?" Topaz asked twiddling her fingers awkwardly. "It does" Shadow answered and Topaz sighed. "I'll explain it on the way, come on" Shadow said as he grabbed Topaz's hand and started walking. They got out the door and started walking towards the direction of Rouge's house. "So whats your plan then?" Topaz asked as they started walking to Night Babylon. "Well ... um... so basically I'm gonna pretend i've arrested you for what she did then to say sorry to Rouge i'm going to 'give her' an emerald at which point I'll take the hadcuffs off you and put them on her then we'll teleport her into a cell" Shadow said as Topaz stopped. "Pretty decent plan" Topaz said as they continued walking. "Put your hands out" Shadow said facing her and she did so with a sigh as he handcuffed her. They started walking along the path and Topaz whispered "you owe me a pizza for going along with this" as she saw Shadow look at her through the corner of his eye and trying to hold back a smile. 

"Her house is coming up, ready?" he asked as she carried on walking with itchy hands. "As I'll ever be" she said as a blue blur sped past. "Oh no bad timing" she huffed and the blur came back towards them. "Topaz whaddya do?" Sonic asked curiously. "I haven't done anything Sonic its part of Shadow's plan" Topaz said as they carried on walking. "Oh yeah?" Sonic said raising his eyebrows teasingly. "Sonic you better get running, wouldn't want Amy to find out where you are" Topaz answered back quickly as he turned back into a blur.

They walked up to Rouge's door and Topaz stood there awkwardly hoping the plan would work exactly as it should. He pressed the doorbell and she answered. "Hey Rouge, I'm sorry of accusing you of all that stuff" Shadow said as he looked towards Topaz and Topaz moved next to him. "Oh ... It would be okay if you had some jewels" Rouge answered twiddling her fingers.  "Close your eyes" Shadow said and Rouge did so instantly. There was a quick switch of the handcuffs as Shadow put the emerald into Rouge's hands and Topaz touched it whispering "chaos control".

By the time Rouge had opened her eyes she was in a cell and the chaos emerald was gone. Topaz passed the emerald to Shadow through the bars of the cell as she checked Rouge had the essentials she needed. "You" she started to growl. "Hey you were the one that injured and abused me for absolutely no reason" Topaz said just before using chaos control to teleport to outside the cell. "Can we please have pizza now" Topaz said smiling and showing her best puppy eyes."Lets go home then" Shadow said as Topaz smiled. 

A/N:: Not gonna lie but i forgot this existed ... anyways heres this chapter! 

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