Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


22. Chapter Twenty Two

They were only ten minutes into the mission and things were going bad. Omega was shooting at everything in sight, Shadow had started having flashbacks and Topaz was knackered from having to homing attack every robot that charged at her. And what was this all for exactly? A chaos emerald. THE damn fourth chaos emerald!!

Before the mission had even started the infrared scope was irritating Topaz, with its little microphone and earpiece intruding her ear. 

Shadow was walking in a continuous gaze whilst Topaz continued becoming dizzy as the homing attacks continued and Omega span in a firing frenzy. Eventually Topaz landed on her feet, pushed the dizziness aside and brought Shadow back to the task at hand. 

"Up there?" Topaz said pointing towards a flying machine in the sky. "Yes" Shadow answered still seemingly lost in his own thoughts. He started jumping between building to building whilst Topaz held onto Omega and teleported. "I could have just teleported you too Shads" Topaz said although Shadow didn't seem to give much of an answer. "Now how do we get into this metal trash? Topaz asked. Omega fired several missiles into the ship and they jumped through the hole. 

(A/N: I realised i haven't updated this in 8 months... I'm sorry :( Completely forgot about it and now can't actually remember where i was going with it! I think I have an idea tho .. . . I had to read the whole story again to remember what had happened -_- but atleast i have the sonic forces soundtrack to keep me going!)

Of course Eggman's army had prepared for their arrival and Omega had become a spinning mass of destruction. Bullets and fire were leaving his metal arms at sonic speed. Sometimes Topaz wondered where and how he stored all these weapons.


"Hurry up and fire already!" an angry voice growled as the hedgehog who was trying to perfect his aim. "Chill I'm trying to get a perfect shot" the hedgehog replied back in a similar tone. "It doesn't have to be perfect just make sure you hit her!" the voice shouted getting angrier. "Fine!" the hedgehog shouted back as he pulled the trigger. 


A/N :: I was trying to find the motivation to write this ... but i got there eventually! Like, favourite, comment etc :P 



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