Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


23. Chapter Twenty Three

A/N:: Thanks for the 3100 + views! I feel that most of those just opened the story by mistake not realising what it is... Anyway, on with the story!

Topaz opened her eyes, not remembering falling asleep. She carefully pulled herself up and looked around the room, noticing she was back in the cold grey cell again. She carefully stood up, still feeling a bit dizzy and dazed. She must have look like an alcoholic whilst she walked to the bed and fell onto it. Her mind was in such a kerfuffle trying to figure out how she got here and more importantly how to get out - she didn't notice a green hedgehog walk into the room. Her head started to clear just before he opened his mouth.

"Shoulda just come to Moebius with me" Scourge tutted, leaning back on the wall. "This was you?" Topaz said as she rubbed her temples, trying to bring herself back to normality. "I was paid to shoot a tranquilizer, nothing else" he shrugged. "Where did you learn to use a tranquiliser?" Topaz questioned further, trying to delay whatever was to come next. "I've never used one before, it was just luck" he shrugged in response. "Brilliant" Topaz grunted as her mind started aggressively clearing the haze. "Why did you want me to go to Moebius with you?" she questioned next as she started standing up, carefully observing her surroundings. "Thats top secret, but it would have saved you from being here wouldn't it?" he said as he bent down and started fiddling with his shoe.  As he did so, the infrared scope pointed out a crack in the ceiling above him. Topaz leapt onto his bag, spin dashing through the ceiling. She landed on her feet at the same moment Scourge let out an angry growl. 

"Shadow? Where are you?" she shouted into the microphone as she tried to navigate her way through multiple corridors. "I'm in the ... lab? I'll send you directions" he said and within seconds arrows were appearing on the scope, pointing her in the right direction. 

"That was a cheap trick" Scourge pounced onto her back, pushing her to the ground and standing infront of her. Topaz quickly pulled herself up and felt a pool of annoyance stir deep within her. The cause? She hadn't a clue. She felt the chaos energy gather within her and turn into a mini whirlpool. She focused her head and her energy, whispering "chaos" just as scourge started to stumble backwards. "Magic" she continued clicking her fingers, as a bright white and purple sphere sent Scourge flying backwards. Her annoyance still hadn't faded when she looked over her shoulder and stated "keep out of my way" before continuing in the directions the scope was showing her. 

She could feel Scourge still following her but she continued racing onwards. Several egg pawns came charging towards her but she just bounced between them with homing attack and continued running.

"So, you got out did you?" Topaz heard a different voice just as she had reached her destination. 


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