Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


21. Chapter Twenty One

By the time Topaz was tired they had both stuffed several pizzas down their throats and she had got so used to the cuts stinging with disinfectant that it didn't bother her so much anymore. "Should we go to bed now? We have that mission tomorrow" Topaz said giggling as she tried to stand up failing. "Are you ... drunk?" Shadow said towering above her body rolling around on the floor. "Maybe" she answered between giggles. "How is that even possible" Shadow muttered to himself as he picked her up bridal style and carried her to bed. 

Ten hours had passed and the sun slowly rose up with the tweet of birds. Topaz slowly started to stir until she noticed a bright red glow infront of her eyes and she opened them quickly as memories flooded back in of the previous night. "Hey" Shadow whispered still staring deep into Topaz's eyes. "Hey" she said groggily not fully awake yet. "So, how do you get drunk on pizza?" he asked clearly trying to hold in his inevitable laughter. "I dunno its just a thing that happens when i eat too much of it" she said trying to cover up her face with her hands. He moved her hands away from her face with a smile and held onto them placing a kiss on her lips. She blushed and looked straight into his ruby eyes now feeling warm instead of angry. "How long have you wanted to do that for?" she said as she steadily stood up. "Since I moved the gun away from you" he answered as she starting stroking his chest fur. "Thought so" she whispered as they walked to the bathroom to clean up her cuts. 

Ten minutes later and they were already to go on whatever mission was in store. Topaz had switched to a dress with a black top and red skirt. Shadow stood with his jaw gaping at her as he whispered "wow". "Its more practical" she replied with as she straightened it out and looked in the mirror. "Well I'm going to make cupcakes" she said walking down the stairs and leaping around the kitchen getting her ingredients together. 

"Who knew it could be so complicated to make cupcakes" she said as she shoved the tray in the oven and slid to the floor. "What happened to my kitchen?!" Shadow shouted out from the staircase. "Um ... oops?" Topaz said as she stood up with an awkward grin as she noticed the mess she had unintentionally made. Shadow shook his head as he sat on his sofa and watched TV. Topaz cleaned up her mess. 

"If you want a cupcake you can have one, I'm going to take some to Sonic and Tails" Topaz said as she got ready to go out. "Do you want me to come get you when its time to go to work?" Shadow called out, eyes fixed on the television. "Yeah please, see you later!" she called out closing the door carefully and jogging to Tail's lab hoping that both of them would be there. Although it was short enough distance to walk she felt jogging would be a good way to warm up for the mission later. 

Eventually she arrived and pressed the doorbell. Tails opened the door and a smile instantly appeared on his muzzle. "Hi Topaz, come in!" he said smiling. "So, what brings you here?" Sonic asked as he walked towards them. "Oh I just came to bring you each a cupcake each" Topaz said handing out the cupcakes as they disappeared almost instantly. "They're good cupcakes" Sonic commented as he cleaned up the crumbs in the wrapper and Tails nodded in agreement. "Thanks" Topaz smiled. "So ... Whats with the new outfit?" Sonic asked as they sat down on the floor. "Its a bit more practical for a mission than my normal clothes are and its pretty comfy" Topaz responded as she looked down at her dress with a smile. "So are you going with Team Dark? What about Rouge?" Tails asked nervously. "I've joined Team Dark so yes, and Rouge is in jail" she said with an awkward smile. "Oh ... Okay" Tails said smiling again. 

"Wanna play a game?" Sonic asked out of the blue. "Sure" Topaz smiled. He pulled out a box with "twister" wrote in large letters. "I haven't played this game in years!" Topaz called out starting to get excited. "I'll spin the board thingy" Tails said as he grabbed it out of the box and sat down whilst Sonic laid the spotted mat on the floor. "Who's going first?" Topaz asked crossing her arms and smirking. "You can start" Sonic said as he stretched. "Okay Tails! What am i doing?" Topaz said having a last stretch. "Right foot, blue" he said as Topaz started the game.

Several minutes later there was a ring at the doorbell. "Topaz its time to go!" Shadow said walking in with a confused look on his face when he saw her stuck in a game of twister. "We can once Sonic gives up" Topaz answered. "Not gonna happen" Sonic panted trying to stay in his awkward position. Shadow jumped on top of his back and he fell flat on his face. "I win! lets go!" Topaz said heading towards the door with Shadow following. "Bye Tails, bye Sonic!" she called out walking out the door. 

"Ready for this?" Shadow asked.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I be?" Topaz replied with a smile. 

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