Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


12. Chapter Twelve

The beeping of the machines was the first thing she heard as she started to stir. She started trying to collect her thoughts, like where she was and what had happened. "Oh yeah I'm in the GUN hospital, just had a needle stuck in my hand and Shadow just promised me he will take me to a theme park at night ... and he is meant to have my food" she thought to herself, keeping her eyes closed. She kept her eyes closed for a minute or so more, before slowly opening them to see her leg in a cast. She looked to her right noticing that Shadow had fallen asleep in the chair. as she sat herself up and got comfier, he also started to stir. 

"Morning Topaz" he said sleepily as he woke himself up and stood up. "Morning Shads" Topaz answered, still feeling a bit funny. "How you feeling?" he asked as he hopped up onto the bed next to her. "Well my leg hurts but not in the same way it did before, and I hope you still have that sandwich of mine because I'm hungry" Topaz smiled and blushed as her stomach growled at them. "I do" Shadow said as he grabbed her sandwich and gave it to her. Appreciatively she smiled and munched it down quicker than she had ever ate before. "Now I feel better" Topaz smiled at Shadow. Shadow started taking the device off her leg. 

"Hey Shadow, did you ever get an answer from Rouge?" Topaz asked curiously. "She said she doesn't know you and she doesn't know where I live, which is fine by me" Shadow answered as he finished taking the device off her leg. "Odd" Topaz replied back with a puzzled expression on her face.  "Well at least its pretty much healed now anyway" Topaz said looking at her arm which now just looked like a papercut. "Use chaos heal, that way you might be able to get out of here today" Shadow said as he looked at all the cuts and bruises which had already started improving. He also passed her  the two chaos emeralds they had and she closed her eyes and started healing herself.

Ten minutes later she was finished. All the cuts and bruises had healed and her leg no longer hurt. With a bit of assistance, she stood up and walked around absolutely fine. She handed the chaos emeralds back to Shadow, just before the doctor came in to say she could leave and come back later to have the cast removed. To save on all the effort, they used chaos control to get back home.

A/N:: Hey guys sorry I haven't updated for a while i've been too busy playing in the Chao garden :) 

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