Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


10. Chapter Ten

Shadow pushed his way through the large metal doors infront of him, being careful not to hit Topaz's leg. "Whats wrong Shadow?" A doctor said as he came running over to them. "Topaz was fighting against Eggman and her leg got broken by a machine when she was kidnapped, and I can't take her to a normal hospital" Shadow said as he carried Topaz over to a spare bed in the only ward they had. "So she doesn't work for GUN?" the doctor asked giving Shadow a suspecting look. "No, but they will want to hire her once they find out the powers she has" Shadow answered with a growl. "Okay we'll get her sorted then" the Doctor said as he clipped a pulse monitor onto Topaz's finger, walking away to get more equipment. "Hey Topaz, he isn't going to be back for at least half an hour, you can have a sleep if you want. I'll wake you up when they need you" Shadow said as he stood next to her bed. "Thank you Shadow" she whispered as she fell back to sleep within seconds.

Shadow wandered out of the hospital floor quickly and silently, triangle jumping until he got to the store room. He pinned in the code he had stolen from the commander and walked straight in. He knew exactly what he needed to find and where to find it. Row four, second shelf from the top. He grabbed the item and quietly exited the room before grinding down the rails back to floor three. 

As he walked in he found Topaz safely asleep. He walked up to her noticing how relaxed she looked. He fiddled with the mystery item and her uninjured leg before sitting back down in the chair and breathing out a sigh of relief. Five minutes passed until it had been half an hour. Shadow slowly woke up Topaz and as she stirred a smile crawled onto her face.

"Hey Shads" she whispered staring up at him. "How you doing Topaz?" he asked with a relaxed expression. "I'm in pain but some of the pain has gone away, Its getting late though so I guess they won't be doing anything until tomorrow morning" Topaz said with a bit of a sigh. "This place is different to normal hospitals Topaz. This is GUN and they do work through the night" Shadow said with a smile. "Oh okay" Topaz smiled back as she sat herself up a bit more comfortably. "Hey Shadow, can you take these bandages off now? I wanna see how bad these cuts are" Topaz asked nervously but politely. Shadow stood up and did carefully as asked. "They are ... deeper than I hoped" Topaz sighed out as Shadow disposed of the bandages. "Its your leg you should be more worried about" Shadow said pointing to the bruised limb. Topaz let out another sigh as the doctor eventually came back over to her bed.


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