Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


16. Chapter Sixteen

"Hey Shadow aren't you tired?" Topaz asked inbetween yawns. "I'm the ultimate life form, I don't get tired" Shadow said crossing his arms. "Hmph the first part may be true but i'm pretty sure the other part was a lie" Topaz smiled as she walked up the stairs to change into some pyjamas. As she came back down she found Shadow almost asleep on the sofa. He woke up at the smell of hot chocolate as he walked into the kitchen. "I'm making hot chocolate, you want one?" Topaz asked as she started to poor water in to hers. Shadow nodded and they walked up the stairs drinking the hot goodness.

"Night Shadow" Topaz said as she walked towards her bedroom. "Night Topaz ... Oh and by the way GUN want to interview you tomorrow morning" he said as he turned off the lights. "But .. what?" She whispered as she climbed into bed and slipped into a dreamless sleep. 

Topaz woke up with a start remembering what Shadow casually mentioned the night before. "GUN Interview" she whispered sleepily. "What do I have to wear for that?" she asked herself as she slowly climbed out of bed opening the wardrobe. "Same as I always wear I guess, its got to be something practical" she said as she closed the doors. She climbed back into bed not knowing what time the interview is at. A few minutes passed before she saw a flash in her bedroom. She sat up trying not to panic as she looked at the figure.

"SHADOW! You scared the shit out of me" Topaz said as she tried to calm down. She heard an unfimilar "I'm not him" and she started to tense. "Who are you then and why are you in Shadow's house?" She asked as she prepared to fight. The figure stepped out of the shadows. He was green with a black jacket and red sunglasses. "Scourge what do you want?" she asked as she crossed her arms. "I've come to take you to Moebius with me" he said as he grabbed hold of her arm. "I don't think so" she said as she teleported outside with Scourge. "That was pretty unexpected" Scourge said as he let go "I try" Topaz said as she sarcastically bowed. "Now I have an interview to get to see you later" Topaz said before teleporting again. She watched his comfused expression before he ran off. She sighed in relief before walking into Shadow, falling on her rear end. "Oh sorry Shadow I didn't see you there" Topaz said with a smile as she pulled herself back up. "Who were you talking to?" Shadow asked sounding serious. "Scourge. He came in here and woke me up, wanted to take me to Moebius with him so I teleported him outside and then teleported back in here again" Topaz said as she started to think about what he actually wanted her for.

"You didn't agree to go with him then" Shadow said suspiciously. "Why would I do that? I hate him! You're so much better" she said as she hugged Shadow. Shadow hugged back a few moments later as he whispered "good". "Breakfast is downstairs" he said as he released Topaz. "Okay" she said not realising how hungry she was. "So Shadow what time is this interview at" she said between mouthful. "Its in ten minutes" Shadow said casually as Topaz spat out a mouthful of bread. "TEN MINUTES" she said clearing up the mess she just made. "You'll be fine, I have to go to work now see you soon" he said as he walked out the door. "Why so much late notice?" she sighed as she washed up the plate. She turned around to go back upstairs and found Scourge standing infront of her. "WHAT DO YOU WANT" she shouted in his face. "The same thing that I wanted earlier" he said as he put a hand on Topaz's hip. After a moment of shock she teleported outside and did a backflip, kicking scourge away. "What makes you think I want to go with you?" she asked as she folded her arms again. "I'm not giving you a choice, you're coming with me" he said walking towards her. "Come one step closer and you'll regret it" she warned but scourge continued walking. "Chaos magic" she said clicking her fingers and hurling Scourge  into the nearest wall. "Now, if you don't mind, I have an interview to get to" she said just before she teleported away.

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