Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


6. Chapter Six

Topaz tossed and turned in the bed, finding it hard to get comfortable. Eventually she drifted off into a deep sleep, having forgotten that nightmares were likely to haunt her. Just when she thought she was about to have nice dreams about her favourite game characters, the dream changed its path...

Topaz was running faster than she ever had before. From what exactly she wasn't sure but one thing for sure was it was catching up - fast. She ran faster, triangle jumping between trees with rocks soon to follow. She managed to keep going when she was starting to get tired. She could feel the person was still catching up. Eventually she reached a rocky cliff, far too deap for her to chance jumping down. She turned around to face whoever was following her. "E... Espio?" She said slightly confused as to all of the people who could be hunting her don it was him. Espio then morphed into Rouge which confused her even more. "Give me the emerald hunny, you don't want to get hurt" She said as she walked flirtatiously over to Topaz. "I don't have the emerald! And If I did, I wouldn't give it to you!" She tried to put on a brave act. Out of nowhere, Rouge pulled out a knife and slit a deep cut into Topaz's arm. The pain overtook her and she fell to her knees, clutching her arm and trying to breathe deeply to take away a little bit of the pain. The last thing she saw was Rouge smirking before there was a bright light.

Topaz woke up and sat up straight in her bed. She felt horribly sweaty and could feel the tears falling down her cheeks as she used her left hand in a useless attempt to wipe them away. She felt someone else was present in the room so she looked up. Sitting infront of her on her bed was Shadow. He looked sympathetic and that made Topaz relax the tiniest bit. "How did you know to come in here?" Topaz asked as she tried to wipe away more tears. "I heard you scream and so I ran in here. When I looked you were still sleeping with tears streaming from your eyes, all sweaty" he said still keeping the sympathetic look. "Topaz, what happened in your nightmare?" Shadow asked calmly and seriously. "Well I was running for a long time and someone was chasing after me. I got to a cliff so I had to stop and when I turned around I saw Espio who quickly morphed into Rouge" Topaz shuddered as she thought of the vision again. Shadow waited patiently for her to continue. "Then she asked me for my chaos emerald so I told her I don't have one and even if I did there was no chance that I would choose to give it to her. Then she came up to me and slit my arm pretty deep, which still hurts now." Topaz finished as several more tears slipped down her grey fur to her muzzle. "What arm was it?" Shadow asked, looking directly into her eyes. "This one" she said, moving her left arm towards Shadow.

Shadow looked at her arm as Topaz became shocked that the cut was real. "You seem to have somehow got the cut on your arm that you received in your nightmare" Shadow said as he looked more curiously at it, becoming slightly worried about the meaning behind it all. "Is it deep? Its still bleeding!" Topaz said as the pain came back to her. "Its not the deepest cut ever, but Its still going to take a while to heal and it is going to need cleaning before it gets infected" he said as Topaz tried to calm herself down.

"Come on, let's go clean it up then we'll figure out everything else after." Shadow said, getting off the bed and helping Topaz up with him and walking with her to the bathroom. He told Topaz to sit down on top of the toilet lid whilst he filled the sink with warm water and grabbed some cotton wool and bandages. He dabbed the cotton wool in the water and got closer to her arm. "This might sting a little bit" Shadow said as a warning although Topaz didn't think the pain could get any worse. "OUCH!" She shouted loudly as she jumped to the other side of the room. "I only started a few seconds ago" Shadow said as he gestured for her to sit back down. " I'm not sitting back down you can't make me" Topaz said as she folded her arms and smirked, then wincing at the arm pain. "Come and sit down before I phone Big the cat to come and sit on top of you whilst I clean your arm" Shadow said pointing at the toilet seat. "... Okay I'll sit down now..." Topaz said as she walked back over to the seat, quickly glancing up to see Shadow with a victory smirk. Shadow carefully cleaned up her arm and wrapped  a bandage around it. Shadow also grabbed some paracetamols and handed them to Topaz with a glass of water which she happily took. 

"Thanks Shadow. I'm sorry I'm such a pain in the backside but I don't take to pain very well" Topaz admitted as she stood up. "You're no worse than Faker so its fine" Shadow said as he finished putting stuff back in cupboards. "Speaking of Faker, maybe him and Tails might be able to figure out whats going on or how you got such a deep cut from a nightmare" he said as they walked out of the bathroom and back to Topaz's room. "But we'll do that first thing in the morning, for now I think you need to get back to bed - Its only just gone midnight" Shadow said as they both walked back into Topaz's room. "But I'm scared, what If I have even more nightmares?" Topaz asked as she started to shake. "Then I'll sleep in here with you if it makes you feel more comfortable" Shadow said as Topaz climbed into the bed. "Thank you Shadow" She said with a small smile on her face. "You alright if I sleep on this end of the bed?" Shadow asked politely as Topaz tucked herself in. "Sure" Topaz said maintaining her smile. Shadow climbed into the bed and got himself comfy. "Night Topaz" he whispered sleepily. With a yawn, Topaz replied "Night Shads" as she fell into a dreamless sleep within minutes. 

A/N:: OOh 2 chapters in one day! I'm tempted to start writing the next one now but ... Hm might just go and hug one of my guinea pigs...

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