Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


4. Chapter Four

Topaz challenged Shadow to a race to a little cafe in Soleanna seeing as she couldn't remember if Station Square had anywhere to eat out. To her slight surprise Shadow accepted the challenge and shot off almost at the speed of sound as Topaz moved fast to try and catch up. Shadow won by about ten meters as he stopped outside a cafe. Topaz caught up a few seconds later, heavily breathing and out of breath. "Think - I'm gonna need - to get - fitter" Topaz puffed out inbetween breaths. Shadow laughed for a few seconds whilst Topaz fell into a chair, still trying to catch her breath whilst smiling at Shadow. Shadow sat down opposite her as he passed her the menu. Topaz briefly scanned the menu before deciding on chips and a chocolate milkshake and to make life easier Shadow got the same - not that he knew what a chocolate milkshake was. Or what chocolate or milk were for that matter.

Shortly their food came and they started to eat, as well as discussing things like what talents Topaz has and Shadow's past adventures with Team Dark and the famous blue hedgehog. To anyone else it looked like a date but to the two hedgehogs it just felt like they both had someone to talk to who cared. Shadow had decided that he liked the milkshake although was not a good combination with the chips. They were in deep conversation and oblivious to the fact that a light pink hedgehog was standing next to them. "Aw Shadow is this your girlfriend?" the pink hedgehog said with a happy smiles across her muzzle. "No Amy - I don't need a girlfriend" Shadow said as he leaned back and crossed his arms. "If your sure Shadow, but then who is she?" Amy asked curiously smiling at the stranger. "This is Topaz, she just arrived here. Topaz I'm gonna assume you know who Amy Rose is" Shadow said looking and pointing between the two hedgehogs. "Yes I know who Amy Rose is - and about her love life" Topaz smirked. "... Well I have to go and buy ingredients for dinner... It was nice meeting you Topaz! See you later, lovebirds!" Amy ran off as Shadow shook his head. "I don't understand how she keeps up that dedication to a guy that wants to be no more than friends" Topaz said as she finished up her milkshake. "Neither do I" Shadow said as he stood up and went to pay for the food. 

"Well that was great, thanks Shadow!" Topaz said cheerfully as Shadow walked back over to her. She looked up to the sky cheerfully noticing it was light blue in colour and filled with candyfloss clouds. She looked back down to notice Shadow staring at her. "Hey Shadow, do you know anywhere that sells candyfloss?" She asked out of curiosity, looking around for more shops. "I'm not sure I know what that is, Topaz" he said sounding slightly confused. "Oh, well it looks like the clouds and you can sometimes get it in a pink or blue colour" Topaz said as she looked up and pointed to the clouds. The clouds quickly started retreating and and turning a dark grey as the wind picked up and the heavens opened. "Great. Rain. Anyway candyfloss looks like fluffy clouds" Topaz said looking towards Shadow. "That was a sudden weather change" Shadow said as he looked around for anything suspicious. A small army of eggpawns came from around the corner as Shadow got in a fighting stance. "You remember earlier you said you don't know if you have any powers or skills?" Shadow said although he kept focus on the eggpawns coming towards them. "Yeah?" Topaz said as she got in line with Shadow and into a good position. "Now would be a good time to find out if you have any!" Shadow said as he passed her a chaos emerald temporarily before he jumped into the air and started using the homing attack. 

"Okay Shadow!" Topaz called out, realising she sounded a tad too over enthusiastic. She tried the homing attack first, finding out she was relatively decent at the move. She took out multiple eggpawns with the move before landing gracefully back on her feet. She then tried a few punches and kicks, finding them less effective. She pulled out the chaos emerald that Shadow had lended her. She had a split second to think of some chaos attacks before she had to dodge gunfires. Feeling the power flowing through her, she tried the first attack she could think of. "CHAOS SPEAR" She shouted as a bright energy spark in the form of a spear appeared in her hand. She fired them at the eggpawns as they exploded instantaneously. She used spin dash next, knocking three egg pawns over like skittles and sending them flying up into the air. "Chaos CONTROL!" Topaz shouted out holding tightly onto her chaos emerald. She re-appeared infront of the egg pawns, using homing attack to make the three robots explode. She expertly landed back on the floor, watching Shadow destroy the last pile of junk. Topaz gave him the emerald back, still unsure of the reason behind the attack. 

"So, what was that all about?" Topaz asked slightly puffed out. "I'm not quite sure but I have a feeling we will find out soon enough" Shadow said as he looked into the distance and started using triangle jump to jump up the buildings. "Hang on wait for me!" Topaz said as she followed him and descended up the walls.

A/N:: Hey I'm sorry this took forever I've been trying to write it but college got heavy so... Yeah anyways I'll start writing the next chapter later on :)  

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