Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


15. Chapter Fifteen

"S-Shadow ... GET ME DOWN FROM HERE" Topaz screamed as loud as her lungs would allow her as she tried not to look down. They had gone round one circuit of the vampire and they were so close to the end when the cart went back up the ramp  and stopped going half way down. They were now suspended in midair with their legs dangling below them. "You've fought eggman no problem but this is scary?" Shadow said as he tried to figure out a way back down. "Yes I don't want to be in hospital twice in one week so If you would like to help me safely get down from here that would be great" Topaz said looking down. Shadow unclipped the seatbelt and lifted the security harness up, leaving Topaz holding on even tighter. He jumped down with ease as Topaz's mouth fell open. "Your turn - I'll catch you" Shadow called up. She unclipped the seat belt and slowly lifted the security harness. She took a deep breathe in before leaping off and landing in Shadows arms. A few seconds passed before she heard "You can open your eyes now" from the black hedgehog. She opened one eye first noticing that he was trying to conceal a laugh as she opened the other eye and looked down. "GROUND" she yelled as she jumped sideways and landed face first hugging the dirt. She laid there for a few seconds before realising her lifelong crush was standing behind her and had now released his laughter. She rolled herself over and laid there as he laughed even harder.

"You have mud on your muzzle" he said as he tried to calm down.  "Where?" Topaz said trying to wipe it off. "Right ... there" Shadow said as he finished calming down and wiped it off for her. Topaz blushed before saying "thanks" and climbed over the fence. Shadow shook his head with a smile as he jumped over also. 

They walked around the park for five minutes trying to find a ride either of them wanted to go on. Finally Shadow found one he thought looked good and he dragged Topaz to the entrance. "Lets go on this" he said as he stopped outside a ride that said "terror tomb". "That sounds terrifying" Topaz said as she started backing away. "You'll survive" he said as he wrapped his arms around her chest and carried her in. She sat down on the ride, letting out a loud sigh in defeat. Shadow turned the ride on and quickly jumped into the car. The ride went through some scenes of a tomb raider threatening the rider and Shadow seemed to be enjoying himself. At the last scene there were some dancing skeletons singing about how they were going to kill the tomb robber and enslave him and she started to dance. Shadow gave her a funny look before laughing. They got to the end of the ride and got off, switching the ride off again. "Well that was odd" Topaz said as they walked out of the doors. "So, where to next?" Shadow said as they walked down the steps.

"Freeze" a policeman called out aiming a gun towards them. There were two cars sitting infront of them with blue flashing lights and several other officers standing around with guns. "Time to go?" Shadow whispered walking forward. "Can't we go on the bubbleworks one more time?" Topaz pleaded. "Sure if you get rid of these first" Shadow said crossing his arms. "Deal" Topaz said as she walked forward. The guns were now all aiming at her as Shadow took a few steps back. "CHAOS NIGHTMARE" she yelled sending them all flying backwards. "Lets make a run for it" Topaz said as she pointed in the direction of bubbleworks and started running. 

Twenty minutes later Topaz had finally decided she was finished after doing four circuits of the ride. She then exited to the shop, printed all the photos and took loads of merchandise. Shadow stood waiting tapping his foot with an accusing look on his face. "What? They get enough money" Topaz said as she walked out the doors with five bags with Shadow following. 

 "Lets get home before they... Call for back up" Shadow said as he noticed about thirty police officers surrounding them. "You wanna knock them out first or?" Topaz said as she put the bags down. "Probably best" Shadow said looking at her as they both used homing attack to knock them to the floor. "Now lets get home" Topaz said picking up her bags and pulling out her chaos emerald. "Chaos control!" they called out as they put the emeralds next to each other.

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