Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


18. Chapter Eighteen

"I got a job!" Topaz chanted skipping around and doing handstands making Shadow smile. "You wanna go get lunch?" Topaz asked happily in the middle of a handstand. "If you want" Shadow said as he started running. "Hey wait for me!" Topaz called out eventually catching up. "So where we eating at?" Topaz asked once they were side by side again. "Same place as before" he said as they slowed back to a walk. "Awesome" Topaz smiled as they walked into the small cafe. 

Ten minutes later they had both finished their meal and had gone to pay. They walked out of the cafe and began the short journey home. 

"Hey Shadow ... What is Rouge going to do when she finds out I'm joining Team Dark?" Topaz asked nervously twiddling her fingers. "I'm hoping nothing bad, maybe just be annoyed" Shadow answered unsure. "I hope so" Topaz whispered. "So, have you got any ideas on what the mission might be?" Topaz asked curiously as they stepped inside the warmth of the house. "Not particularly but it could be another one for a chaos emerald" he said thinking about his last mission. "Alright that sounds relatively easy" she said as she sat on the sofa. 

Topaz decided to tidy up the house before she went to bed unlike Shadow who decided he was just going to watch television for a couple of hours. Eventually Topaz felt tired and sat infront of the television on the sofa and got comfy. "So whats for dinner" she asked as the programme Shadow was watching ended. "What do you want?" he asked back. "I was thinking of making a pizza if you want it" she answered happily. "Sounds good" Shadow answered as he walked back upstairs. "I'm going to buy ingredients with Amy I won't be too long" she called up before teleporting to wherever Amy was.

She appeared in front of Amy who was spying on Sonic as usual. "Hey Amy" she whispered, startling her. When she caught her breath she asked what Topaz was doing. "I wanted to ask if you wanted to come food shopping with me" Topaz said smiling. "Sure" Amy said as they got up and walked in the direction of the shops. 

"So, you and Shadow..." Amy said with a pause. "What about me and Shadow?" Topaz asked starting to feel nervous. "Are you ... you know ... a couple?" she asked curiously whilst trying to hold her giggle back. "What? No! What makes you think he would want to date me? We're just friends thats all" Topaz replied now feeling highly awkward. "I think he has a crush on you, he just seems so much happier when you're with him and a little less brooding" Amy said smirking. "I'm sure he doesn't" Topaz answered after a few minutes of thought after walking into the supermarket. "But If he did ask you... what would your answer be?" Amy continued as Topaz started picking up her ingredients. "I'd say yes obviously! Then maybe faint ... but still I don't think he likes me in that way and neither do I know what love is. Now, wheres the chicken?" Topaz answered as Amy let her giggle out. 

"I think thats everything" Topaz said as she compared her list to the items in the shopping trolley. They went to the tills and paid, packing the bags with all the groceries. "See you later Amy" Topaz called out as they started walking in opposition directions home. "Bye! I'll tell Shadow you have a crush on him!" she called as she ran away to hunt for Sonic. "Don't you dare Rose!" Topaz called back just before teleporting back to the kitchen.

An hour later and they had finished eating their unnecessarily large pizza. "Well I'm full I think i'll go to bed, night Shads" Topaz said as she started walking up the stairs. "I might as well go to bed aswell, night" Shadow said as he followed.

Topaz wriggled around trying to get comfortable and then the nightmares began... 

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