Bluestone (Sonic fanfiction)

So I thought I'd start a Sonic fanficiton ... I'm still working things out so not sure how far it will get. This story is complete now.


1. Chapter One - The Finding

Topaz sat in her room twiddling her blue ombre hair reflecting on her boring life like most teenage girls do. She suddenly pulled out of her daydreams and walked over to her closet and pulled out a set of her usual basic clothes. Her plain red t-shirt took the attention away from her relatively pale skin. Her black skinny jeans were a perfect fit and the comfiest trousers she had. She pulled on her red boots and laced them up tight as she walked past her cracked windows. She saw what from her distance looked like a blue stone, twinkling in the dodgy british sunlight.

Topaz ran to her garden leaping over all objects in her way to get to the blue alien object. From the end of the garden she slowly approached it as she started getting paranoid. A million thoughts started running through her head, such as “what if it kills me” and “is it a bomb disguised as a blue stone?” The tension built up as the adrenaline took over and her paranoia washed away like the sea.

Topaz sat on the wet dying grass to look closer at the bluestone. It still managed to glimmer in the sun even when the heavens started to open up. Topaz carefully lifted the bluestone with both hands with a curious gaze. Very abruptly she found herself lying on the ground unable to see anything with a tide of paranoia flowing back in again.

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