Emotional,physical, and mental

There are three things that can hurt some-one when pushing them to their limits or making them feel pain: emotional, physical, and mental. Sometimes the last part can hurt more than the physical, and sometimes, just sometimes, but perhaps rarely this ever happens, you get the wrong version of the mind inhabiting it.


15. Sacrifices

"First, 23-17-46-11,it is a point near Earth," Harrison said. "And second, you might want to open one of those torpedoes."

Being thrown into a brig was nothing new for Kirk. Being a criminal came with that. Kirk had landed in the brig more times than he could count. Kirk was not surprised they threw him into the brig. But being stuck in the same room with Khan? Well, that had to top the cake. Kirk thought they would let him go, but, he underestimated Spock's rule stickler. It was not Spock's fault that Kirk landed here, it was all the man's fault for it happening in the first place.

McCoy had taken a sample of Harrison's blood after seeing the condition that Harrison was in after plowing through countless Klingons.

"Kid. . ." Jim said.

"What is it?" Kirk asked.

Jim looked sadly at Kirk.

"It is time you learn how my Spock died." Jim said, placing a hand on the young man's shoulder then he tightened his grip.

A flash of memories went through Kirk's head. His legs nearly gave out absorbing in the information. Jim started from the first encounter he had with with Khan Noonien Singh face to face. Then Jim flashed forward countless years later. Spock Prime and Jim were older then. Not in their youthful phase anymore. Jim organized the memories in order chronologically for the young man. Jim took his hand off the young man's shoulder then stepped back.

"He died saving the ship. . ." Kirk said, staring at Jim.

Jim looked away.

"He did what I could not do." Jim said.

Kirk paused, looking at Jim.

"Why now?" Kirk asked, in a small voice.

Jim sighed.

"Because kid," Jim said. "Our time together is limited. I was supposed to be gone three years ago. I should be leaving any day now."

"I am not ready." Kirk said.

Jim frowned, narrowing his eyes in the direction of Kirk.

"For the past year or so I have not been of any use to you, or are you forgetting who's mind is ingenious to this body?" Jim asked.

"I have not forgotten." Kirk said.

"You are ready to face a new world that isn't kind to you," Jim said. "You must shape your own destiny."

Kirk laughed.

"You sound like one of those old people." Kirk said.

"I am old, kid." Jim reminded the young man.

"I mean like one of those wise old people." Kirk said.

"You are forgetting about something." Jim said.

"What is that?" Kirk asked.

"Old age makes us restless and we still crave for the stars even then," Jim said. "That's what we set out to do in the beginning in our Star Fleet cadet year. To explore these stars. Helping others? Well, that is just a bonus as are the women! Being old doesn't mean the universe is done with me, to be frank, I did more than my fair share to Star Fleet as a aging captain than a young experienced captain. Trust me, when you get old like me, your work is not quite done. Your life is not over. Not by a longshot."

A small smile slipped onto Kirk's face.

"I feel good helping others." Kirk said.

"So use that to your advantage." Jim said.

"It is going to feel odd not to have someone in my head." Kirk said.

"Trust me, you are not going to feel empty after the events of today," Jim said, reassuringly. "It was the best decision of my life." Jim grew a fond yet sad smile. "I . . . however. . . wasted it." Jim's gaze lowered toward the floor. "Spock and I ended it on our terms. Everywhere I went I felt like there was a part of me missing. Not in the soul but . . ." Jim tapped on the side of his head. "In the head." Jim looked toward his counterpart. "Before I went to the Enterprise B. That's when it happened. Actually, one month before."

"Was old Spock worth it all?" Kirk asked.

A smile appeared on Jim's face.

"He was." Jim said.

McCoy, Spock, and Wallace had left minutes ago. Kirk's back was slouched against the wall sitting down with his hands on his knees. Khan was up standing at he wall patiently waiting for someone to return. Kirk noted this man was patient. Kirk, in his time being Captain Montegrio, had met aliens that were not as well patient. Kirk's adventures in the neutral zone allowed him to create a basic guide of what to do and what not to do in there. A series of novels that focused on each part of the list. Ten, in total. Short and to the point.

"Would you like to know what my name is?"

"It is John Harrison."



"My name is Khan."

Jim took control of Kirk's body: his eyes focused up toward Khan. His right hand balled up into a fist. Jim approached the augment then threw a punch at Khan's face knocking him down to the floor with brute force packed into the punch that was pretty unnatural.

"I have been waiting to do that for a very long time." Jim remarked.

Khan looked up toward Kirk appearing to be impressed.

"Is that all you got?" Khan asked.

"I am restraining myself at the moment, so yes," Kirk said. "I can easily tire myself out using you as a punching bag."

"Your reputation proceeds you, Captain Montegrio," Khan said. "I thought you would return to your old ways."

"I do not have old ways." Kirk said, walking over to a bench along the wall and then sat down

"Where were you born?" Khan asked.

"In space on The Halupid," Kirk said. "My parents died when I was ten,but then again, you already know this."

"We both have the same enemy in common," Khan said. "Would you want to kill him once we get there?"

Kirk considered it.

Marcus gone?

Kirk could reclaim his life and not have to worry about being attempted to be murdered. Go home. Speaking of which he will most certainly go home after it is over. Kirk lowered his head down picturing walking into the house,dropping his duffel bag at the door, and walking into the arms of his mother. His mother was usually off planet. This week she was on Earth for two weeks. Kirk would get to tell his mother how much he missed her while she cried. Killing someone just to end his misery? That would stain his hands and send him to hell. That was murder.

"Tempting as it is," Kirk said. "I would be damned for hell if I did."

"You killed countless people for a lot less." Khan said

Kirk glared over toward Khan.

"I had genuine reasons that were not motives," Kirk said. "I am a rule breaker not a murderer."

"You killed a emperor." Khan reminded Kirk.

"He was going to kill my first officer," Kirk said. "My blood-brother. I kould not stand by and allow that to happen!"

"So you stabbed him in the back with your dagger." Khan said.

"No," Kirk said. "I used his own weapon against him."

"And what about those countless other people?" Khan said. "You killed in cold blood."

"I AM NOT A MURDERER!" Kirk raised his voice. "If I killed anyone it was in defense. I don't know what stories you hawe been hearing but I never killed a innocent being." Kirk stepped forward. "I kould kill you in your mortal form then you would not be standing here speaking. You would be dead if I were who you claim I am." His eyes flickered. "I am a man of many things. Ruthless killer? No. Explorer with a heart of gold? Yes. Guilty of breaking the rules? That I am."

"You have killed people in your time as Warren Montegrio, you admit to that." Khan said.

"I do." Kirk said.

"You are just as bad as I am." Khan remarked.

Kirk punched Khan at the face then went over to where he had sat glaring in the direction of Khan.

"You punch like a nine year old." Khan chastised Kirk.

"As if." Kirk said.

"The left side of the body lost an eye, a arm, and a leg," Khan said. "How did you get new parts?"

"I met a good doctor," Kirk said. "I still can't hear in my left ear though."

"That is not a good doctor." Khan said.

Kirk was looking down toward a little green heart in his hand.

" 'Wani ra yana ro aisha'?" Kirk repeated, the words sounded alien and quite crude put together in his voice. Butchered, really. He looked up. "What does that mean?" Kirk looked over toward his counterpart who took the green heart from him. "Wait, that is yours?"

"Yes." Jim said, placing the heart into a picture frame that had a stardate on it beside a bookcage. The year before they ended their marriage.

"What does it mean?" Kirk said.

Jim hammered it in with screws.

"It is Vulcan." Jim said, lowering the hammer.

"Yeah, so what does it mean?" Kirk asked.

Just like that, the hammer vanished into thin air as Jim turned toward Kirk.

"It means 'I love you' in Vulcan," Jim said. "But I believe it may be obsolete in this version of Vulcan language."

"There are more easier ways to say those three words." Kirk said.

"Like Ashayam, K'diwa, T'hy'la,T'hy'lara, taluhk nash-veh k'dular (which means I cherish thee), ashal-veh, ashalik, tal-kam, and taluhk-," Jim said. "Though Spock's favorite form of endearment was T'hy'lara and I cherish thee. The rest of them? They mean darling except for taluhk. That means precious. I have learned . . . Vulcan is very romantic language like Latin. There is beauty in it and the logic behind it is sound. It is the most heart lifting thing a Vulcan can ever say to you with their heart in the right place." Jim patted on his side not in the place where his heart should be. "Saying it in English is like opening their private walls."

Kirk raised an eyebrow.

"You took all the time to learn those words?" Kirk said, in shock.

Jim grinned.

"I spent twenty years knowing a Vulcan who taught me Vulcan phrases," Jim said. "Valentines day was the best day we ever had. Ever seven years? Do you know how hot sex is with a in heat Vulcan? It is PERFECT!"

"Wait, what?" Kirk asked.

"Oh,you don't know that." Jim said.

"know what?" Kirk asked.

"Your Vulcan friend will be in heat, sexually active, in 2265, he must have a mate by then." Jim said.

Kirk's face faltered.

"He broke up with Uhura." Kirk said.

"He will die if he doesn't have a mate." Jim said.

"How did Spock come back?" Jim asked.

"Well . . ." Khan was talking about how he discovered Kirk's new identity and the novels that he had read, also noting how much he enjoyed the last one. "That one is a doozy. You see . . . Spock put his Katra into McCoy before going in, and a entire planet regenerated his body . . ."


Spock returned with Wallace thirty-two minutes later, hands behind his back, and a glare faced in the direction of Khan.

"Have you found what you were looking for?" Khan asked

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"My name is Khan." Khan said.

Wallace's face faltered.

"The man who started the Eugenics wars?" Wallace said. "You brought us into misery!" Spock stopped Wallace from approaching the glass. "How are you even still alive?"

"My ship, Botany Bay, was discovered by your disgraced admiral Alexander Marcus after the attack by Nero," Khan said. Kirk flinched at the mention of Marcus. "My crew, my family, was then used as leverage against me. I had to help him prepare the world for attacks by those who threatened your federation. But the only problem was not from the inside but rather from the inside. He was the threat. It was logical to deduce he would orchestrate his own death by his own vain. My crew is everything to me." Khan turned away, shaking, closing his eyes. "I made special compartment to smuggle my family out. I made it out. They did not." A lone tear came down Khan's cheek. "I thought they were dead until today."

Khan turned back toward the Vulcan.

"I was prepared to avenge them," Khan added. "Captain."

"There is one reason why you are not dead," Spock said. "Not scorched on the planet side of Qo'noS where your remains will be minimal and logically unseen, the reason being is that is it logical for you to face your war crimes." His word were icy, monotonous, and every bit of 'fuck off.' in human terms. "As you are in the presence of some one equally overpowering as you are, I am transferring you to Med Bay under heavy guard. We do not need a coup de tate on aboard," Wallaces's eyes widened as he looked over toward the Vulcan. "Lieutenant Fandago, please open the door."

"Captain-" Wallace started.

"We may need his help." Spock said.

Afterwards when Spock, Khan, and two security officers left, Wallace looked over in the direction of Kirk.

"I have my eyes on you, Montegrio." Wallace said.

Kirk looked up toward Wallace.

"Good luck dying." Kirk said.

Wallace approached the rounded hole in the shield then he took out a small rounded like ball, pressed a button in the middle, where rounded circular sides ejected out. Wallace tossed the item into the room where it let out smoke. Wallace pressed a button closing the shield. Wallace turned away then walked quickly after the direction of Spock. Kirk coughed falling down to his knees as his vision grew dizzy. He coughed into his fist closing his eyes. It was bitter, and it tasted horrible. Kirk used his free hand to search around for the ball on the floor crawling about.

Kirk's hand landed smack on the item and he pounded it onto the ground once, twice, twice, and then so forth.

It cracked into pieces breaking apart with a 'Kling'.

A hit-man, Kirk assumed, he assumed I would be on here. Damn Marcus!

There was a shout from behind the foggy door outside of the room.

Kirk landed on his side breathing in the smoke and his breathing became lowered. He landed on his back feeling his eyes burn.

"Hang on, kid!" Jim said. "Don't let go."

Kirk's eyes closed.


People were still out to kill him.

Even on the ship he formerly commanded.

Kirk caught a passing thought from Jim.

It reminded Jim of the ISS Enterprise where people got up the ranks by assassination.

"Like . . ." Kirk said. "The unreformed New Kelvin from the parallel universe?"

"Yes." Jim said, seeing the memory of what Kirk had experienced.

Kirk could feel like he was trapped in a body, unable to move, his eyelids heavy.

"Damn it, Jim!" Came a familiar voice. "Why do you have to go out and nearly get yourself killed!"

There was a impulse to reply, forcing him and driving him to wake up.

"My . . . name is. . . Warren." Kirk defiantly said.

His eyes opened to see a familiar blue room that he had been in countless times. He was so used to waking up in a dark orange-red medical room with Doctor Uho looking over him with a scowl. Uho lacked an left eye that he left exposed as it was healed and he didn't see the need for prosthetic eyes. Uho gave Kirk grief. Uho reminded Kirk of Bones. Swarol was Kirk's first officer. Now. . . Those Klingons were dead.

"Don't do that to me," McCoy said. "I know you better than you know yourself, do you know who was your roommate for three years?"

Kirk closed his eyes, painfully.

"I know you've been on the damn run ever since there was a accident after the trial that involved your transport and the ones posted to make sure you went home safely," McCoy said. "This is a private bio-room." Kirk opened his eyes looking over toward the doctor. "Unlike Spock, I do not have much patience waiting for you to come around. You know who you are in the heart, Jim, I know you are scared to admit who you are but that is no excuse for doing that to us! You can trust us."

"Oh and what about the first officer?" Kirk retorted.

"He may be flawed, but he has some issues with Klingons." McCoy said.

"I am only in here because of him," Kirk said, as McCoy raised his eyebrows. "So don't tell me I can trust people when those around me attempt to KILL me!" Kirk pointed to himself. "I get the impression of 'Oh, you are that poster boy!' and 'Hey, weren't you on trial?' and then more often than not I get a phaser aimed at my face! Having to go under the radar was not easy. Pacing back and forth at night, looking back at the door, then back to the window." McCoy listened, intently. "If I told anyone where I was going, they would have gotten themselves killed including me. I did everyone a favor by not telling. You are still alive, so that's proof, and so many times did I nearly send you a message. BUT I COULDN'T. It hurt me more than it hurt you leaving a life I knew."

"So that's how you escaped holding." McCoy said, his arms folded.

"In the beginning I came across Pike who voluntarily had me go under genetic surgery by giving some credits," Kirk explained. "I came across Scotty, who was stunned to see my appearance, and I kept insisting I wasn't who he thought I was. I insisted that he not tell anyone. Not even you and Spock. I may have told him that it was a life and death matter that he not tell anyone."

"Were you intending to live your life this way?" McCoy asked.

''Until the day he died, yes," Kirk said. "I discovered myself again these past few years. Self discovery. We were just going to step into federation space . . . and then make our debut. To take down the one pulling so many strings like the first officer."

"Wallace is not the kind of man for a type of assassination." McCoy said.

Kirk looked up toward McCoy with a dead serious facial expression.

"Anyone who tries to kill me is capable of that," Kirk said. "No exceptions."

"Did you copy Chekov's accent?" McCoy asked.

"Maybe." Kirk said.

"Jim." McCoy said.

"A little." Kirk said.

McCoy unfolded his arms with a dumbstruck facial expression.

"You copied Chekov's accent!" McCoy said.

"These days I don't notike when I swikch to Russian," Kirk said. "It is like automatik. A different personality."

"Jim," McCoy started. "If Chekov were here, that would be very insulting with that butchering you doing."

"I am not speaking in a Russian accent." Kirk said.

"The hell you were." McCoy said.

Suddenly the comn all over the ship turned on.

"Captain Spock." Came a chillingly familiar voice.

"Admiral Marcus." Came Spock's reply.

"So, what brings you here?" Marcus asked.

"We have Khan from the planet Qo'noS and we intend to make him stand trial for the deaths he has instigated," Spock replied. "And some unsettling information has come out regarding your part with the missiles we have on our ship. He only was acting out because he believed you killed his crew."

"Shit, you talked to Khan." Came Marcus's voice.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"Hand him over." Marcus said.

"Negative," Spock replied. "Our transporter is having problems working at the moment and I am . . . unaware. . . what is causing the outage."

"That is not true," Wallace said. "They are work-"

"What did I hear?" Marcus asked.

"You heard that the transporters are working imprecisely," Spock said. "If we were to beam Khan aboard then we would leave a sad bitter representation of him. Spock out."

"He is exaggerating." Jim said, fondly.

"That hobglobin is going to get us killed!" McCoy said.

"Spock would never do that," Kirk said. "By the way, is Khan in the other room?"

McCoy's eyes widened as he remembered something he had forgotten then quickly left the room letting the doors close behind him. Kirk got up on his two feet.

"Mr Chekov, can we jump to warp?" Came Spock's request.

"We can but the warp core is still hobbled." Came Chekov's statically reply.

"Warp six," Spock ordered. "Head to Earth."

The Enterprise jumped into warp.

The image of the darker Dreadnought class staring back at his ship came back up into Kirk's memories. The panic that resulted in the trembling starship. He wanted to stay and fight back for his life, for once, against the man who ruined it. He didn't get the chance to do so. Swarol nerve pinched him in the appropriate spot.

"Captain!" Carol shouted. "He can attack in warp!"

Kirk recalled the Vengeance appearing on his view screen appearing to resemble the Enterprise only . . . it was threatening and unwelcome. The hair on the back of his neck had risen. The Klingons who were in the room had froze. One even swore. Tension filled the air. Fear made them freeze. Their reactions were hastened when they were being hailed. Kirk had sat in the captain's chair staring at the face of that damn man.

The Enterprise trembled at each blow.

The Enterprise came to a halt with Kirk landing on his face.

"Ow." Kirk said.

"Give up, and hand him over," Marcus said. Kirk got up then looked at the mirror to see his Klingon-human face. "It will make this much easier. Death of one hundred crewmen, a resulting war between Klingons and the federation, and the most ideal Vulcan for captain going down with his ship. That sounds like a good way to end things."

Kirk turned his head away from the mirror.

The face Kirk saw in the mirror?

The mask of someone he pretended to be.



Simply not the truth.



"If you are going to kill them, well, you can't do it with me on board."

There was a pause.

"Well then," Marcus said. "You are right. I can't do it without you on that ship."

"No!" Carol screamed.

"I hereby condem you to death for aiding in the return of a terrorist." Marcus said.

"Admiral," Spock said. "Since I am the one who who did this, and gave the orders, would it be logical to kill the one was responsible? I am the captain of this ship, responsible for the actions of my crew, and if I give you Khan's location, my only request is that you spare those who had no choice but to obey my command. It is only logical that captain suffers rather than the crew."

That was as bout as the only plead from Spock for the admiral.

"Well, that's a hell of a reasoning," Marcus said. "But for any consultation I was never going to spare you." There were gasps. It was logical that Spock was recording the conversation for later proof of what had happened in the destruction of the Enterprise or in the time when they came to Earth safely. "Fire when. . ."

"Have a long and painful session in hell," Came Spock's response, for some reason Kirk could picture him holding up making the Vulcan salute. "End recording."

"Right back at yo-" Marcus did not finish as he got cut off and the comn stopped working.

In the room came Wallace lacking his blue uniform and instead had a dark shirt on with hair in all direction holding a dagger in one hand.


"I will need Khan for this mission." Spock said.

"Khan could spell your death, Spock!" McCoy said, voicing his concern.

"He and I share the same respect for our respective crew," Spock said. "We will help him get rid of his problem." Spock nodded off to the security guards. They took the cuffs off Khan's wrists. "It is only logical. Doctor McCoy, Commander Wallace is currently relieved of duty and a potential threat, I am assured you will drug him with the appropriate means?"

"I am a doctor, not a drugger!" McCoy said.

"Doctors handle drugs, Doctor McCoy." Spock reminded McCoy.

McCoy's face turned red.

"Why you pointy eared hobgoblin!" McCoy said.

"Doctor McCoy," Spock said. "As I will not be aboard the ship at the time of the mission we must use the highest ranking officer."

McCoy's skin returned to its natural color and he raised an eyebrow.

"Asides to Lieutenant Sulu?" McCoy asked.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"Well, who is it?" McCoy said.

"They are on this ship." Spock said.

"Spock!" McCoy said.

"Captain Montegrio. I have already sent word to the bridge," Spock gestured over toward Khan. "You are with me."

Spock exited with Khan out into the hallway.


McCoy returned to find Wallace on the ground, Kirk's shirt torn zipping from the shoulder to the chest leaving a bleeding scar, and his brown jacket was on the floor with several parts of it in pieces. The necklace had been crushed into pieces. Kirk had one hand on the nearby biobed in pain. The pain from the side of his head from that nasty bruise had recently started for Kirk. Wallace was on the ground on his side, unconscious with a dagger stuck through his hand. Kirk walked over then took the dagger out of the injury and placed it back into his sheath.

"Just like old times, eh?" Kirk asked, with a bright smile and a raised eyebrow.

Speaking like that made Kirk feel older than he was, thirty years his senior.

"Get that shirt off," McCoy said. "Spock just put you in command."

"I am not a Star Fleet officer." Kirk said.

"I know, that is why you are not going to wear a captain's shirt but a dark shirt for your emo period." McCoy said.

"I knew I missed something about you." Kirk said.

"Don't push it," McCoy said. "Help me get this man on the biobed! It never occurred to you to beat a man onto a biobed."


Whoosh, the doors opened to the bridge.

The Bridge appeared to be modified, different, although still homley and comfy. There was a rack of phasers built into the section alongside the doorway. The bright light from the bridge blinded Kirk at first making him shield his eyes as he stepped forward onto the bridge. His eyes adjusted to the bridge as he lowered his hand down. For so long his eyes had been adjusted to a dark setting. The hallway wasn't as much bright.

Thankfully Spock had a secondary eyelid, no wonder he did not go blind.

Wait, Spock had a secondary eyelid?

"He does," Jim said. "He will prove that later. . . If you get on the same ship with the Vulcan, again. "

"I look forward to that." Kirk said.

Kirk had on a dark shirk, the bruise on the side of his forehead had been cleared up medically using a type of hypospray that dealt with the bruise. Unlike four years ago he was ready for the chair. Kirk felt like he was walking right toward his destiny as he heard the familiar phrase "Captain on the bridge." He sat into the chair turning it toward the view screen where he could see two trails of dust coming from figures going through a field of debris towards the Vengeance.

So that is why Spock had him be put in charge.

"Some things never change." Kirk said.

Uhura turned around at the sound of a familiar voice.

Spock had informed the bridge that a captain 'Warren Montegrio' would be on the bridge during his absence.

Kirk looked over with a familiar grin in the direction of a Uhura followed by a wink.

"Nice hair due, Lieutenant," Kirk said. "It suits you."

It reminded Jim of the hair style that Commander Uhura had and her beautiful golden earrings that stood out.

Nearly reminiscent of his friend.

A idea popped up in his head.

It was only logical that the torpedoes be emptied.


Because Khan would likely turn the tables in his favor.

"Kirk to Med Bay," Kirk said. "Still got those chronostasised in the torpedoes?"

"Yes, that we do," McCoy replied. "Why?"

Kirk merely grinned.

"Get the chronostasis tubes out," Kirk said. "Just for precaution that things do not go the way we want them."

Kirk could feel a cold chill placed on his shoulder.

"We are still waiting, Jim," Jim heard a familiar Georgian accented voice. "We can wait a lot longer for you and Spock."

Kirk looked over to see that no one was there.

Jim smiled.

"Bones." Jim said.

The cold icy feeling lifted off Kirk's shoulder.


Khan's face appeared on screen.

Kirk had chose not to request for Star Fleet's help as this was a confrontation between two parties, not countless star fleet captains. Everyone had a bone to pick with Khan. Captain Braveheart's family was left in mourning, most likely, and so was Pikes, as was another captain who wasn't mentioned by Spock. Captain Cassidy of the USS Triumphant.

"Captain, I am very disappointed with your Vulcan friend," Khan said. "First you aid me, then your friend 'pretends' to aid me, and then another friend of yours attempts to stun me. May I note that our common enemy has been eliminated?" Kirk's fingers tapped on the arm rest. "I was hoping you would be happy about that."

"You have a history of backstabbing people," Kirk said. "I can not exactly blame them."

"Give me my crew." Khan said.

Kirk's right hand tapped lightly on the arm rest.

"Go ahead and beam them up," Kirk said. "After you beam aboard your hostages."

Khan frowned but then a familiar smile grew on his face.

Jim had seen this smile once before.

Twenty some years ago.

Before the death of Spock Prime.

It easily disturbed Jim to see it once more.

"Ah," Khan said. "Right. No ship should go down without her captain!"

The screen turned black as the quote registered in his mind from Moby Dick. Perhaps Jim's Khan was a fan of Moby Dick much as this version was. Jim was a bookworm, well, more than Kirk was. Kirk did his fair share of reading books but never hours upon hours of reading. Then again being a ghost comes with its privileges: no hunger, lack of energy, or thirst. Time literately flies by residing in another body that is similar in character and soul when reading.

The only word Kirk said, afterwards, was, "Oh shit."

This meant only one thing: Kirk was so right.

The Enterprise trembled.

Kirk watched the Vengeance lower decks explode sending out wreckage and numerous explosions.

Feel the burn, feel the burn, Kirk thought.

It was just then that the engines gave out in the Enterprise. The lights in the bridge dimmered going down to low power. The Enterprise started to spiral down toward Earth free-falling in space. Kirk activated the seatbelt to the chair then made a standard (and typical) request for everyone to abandon ship. It was weird to himself saying that. Never, in his career, had Kirk been the one to say that. Well, for Jim, there was that one time to ditch the Klingons on the Enterprise and self-destruct it so the Klingons dare not take his silver lady. Nobody moved a inch in the bridge.

For some reason, Kirk could picture being on his ship, his bridge, with his crew at their chairs.

"I said, evacuate." Kirk repeated.

"With all due respect,sir," Sulu said, as his seatbelt came up. "I do not believe we would make it out on time."

"It would be. . . illogical." Judson added, as his seatbelt came up.

The Enterprise continued on its freefall for several minutes plunging for several minutes through the sky headed toward the atmosphere landing out of the dark space decorated in stars and planets. With a fall through the clouds, the Enterprise stabilized, suddenly, and went back up majestically into the blue sky. The lights in the room powered up being bright as ever. Kirk smiled,feeling a tinge of relief then looked over to the science station where-.

Kirk froze.

Spock wasn't on the bridge.

His seatbelt detracted.

"Scotty tae the bridge." Came Scotty's voice.

"Kirk here." Kirk said.

". . . You got tae come down tae see this." Scotty said.

It was rather a blur, getting up from the chair, going down the turbo lift, and racing down the hall toward a ill-fated room.




Kirk came into the room where a Scotty had been filled in by McCoy regarding Kirk's 'somewhat' return. Kirk came into the room. Jim's hands was on his face, head lowered, sitting at the kitchen table with a knowing look. The scene had haunted most of the crew of the original Enterprise, and perhaps, it will haunt this new iteration of the Enterprise crew. It had to haunt them in the way it did. McCoy Prime feared losing Spock again, hell,the doctor didn't want to lose the Vulcan again.

"If we open it, it will flood the whole compartment," Scotty said. "It has tae decontaminate."

The door behind Spock had closed.


Kirk's legs felt like they were on static, walking through jelly, and he felt so, so sluggish.

Kirk came to the glass wall feeling his heart twist and break into pieces.

"S. . . ship safe?" Spock asked.

"Yes, you saved it." Kirk said.

"You know, I never took the Kobyashi Maru. . ." Spock said. "How did I do?"

"Excellent," Kirk said, as a tear came down his cheek. "In fact, you did better than I."

"That was. . . logical. . . of you to . . . send the empty torpedoes," Spock said. "That was clever of you."

"It is what you would have done." Kirk said.

"My otherself . . . told me. . . that it was your destiny to be in the captain's chair," Spock said. "I believe he was right."

The Vulcan seemed to be dying, right before Kirk's eyes. Kirk could feel the anguish, despair, and sadness that his counterpart felt when his Spock was dying. Kirk placed his hand on the glass dividing them making the Vulcan salute. The Vulcan's familiar brown eyes were losing their light. His back was slouched against the wall. He was in pain, yet, keeping the pain at bay to say his farewells.

"Wani ra yana ro aisha." Kirk said, this time with ease and familiarity with the word. "I have, and always shall be, yours."

Spock appeared to be touched, well, close as a half Vulcan could appear to be touched. Spock placed his right hand on the screen though only his two fingers were able to meet Kirk's hands with his two other fingers curled against the palm and his thumb tucked under his two fingers.

"Thank you." Spock said, with gratitude.

"For what?" Kirk asked.

"For being there." Spock replied.

"You are welcome." Kirk said, nearly choking on the last word.

Spock . . .Don't go, Kirk thought.

Kirk heard the sound of Uhura entering the room as he felt another tear come down his cheek. For once, at least what Kirk thought, he witnessed the Vulcan share a smile. The smile faded. The life drained out of the Vulcan's eyes. The Vulcan's long fingers went down the screen landing to the floor with his fingers pointed out and his eyes in a different direction other than Kirk's direction. Kirk's world became enveloped by anguish, vengeance, and a certain darkness loomed on his shoulders. There was a heavy cloud lingering over his head. Kirk's hand slid down the glass door.



"Set destination: Star Fleet Headquarters!" Khan said.

"Destination: locked on," The computer replied. "Vengeance on course."

The USS Vengeance fell through the city of San Fransisco sending buildings falling in the wake. He had lost all those he had cared about. All seventy-two of his crew. Loyal crew he had served with. They had followed him all over the world. They went into space with him in the hopes that one day they could return and be of more benefit for the future when they would be needed. Casted out, banished really, from the planet Earth. A planet that he was returning to alone.

The starship crashed into the city of San Fransisco knocking down several buildings.

In the bridge was a large hole.

Most likely they are going to give Khan the chase of his life.

Khan slid down the floor then he jumped thirty meters down where he landed on the sidewalk earning gasps and people stepping back. The crowd gathered at the gigantic starship. Khan sped through the crowd. In the dead center of the crowd appeared Kirk with his phaser in a golden flash. He saw the darting black figure running from the crowd. Kirk sped after the fleeing man. His adrenaline was pumping, his heart beating fast, and sweat coming down his skin. His legs were not so sluggish but felt hollow.

There was strength in his arms that he hadn't felt before.

There are times when the body performs miracles. Such as when falling a good distance and landing among the rocks after rock climbing. The body blocks the pain signals allowing the victim to crawl to safety. Then the pain comes after they hit safety and they, sometimes, lose consciousness due to the excruciating pain. That is one of those miracles. When a person is being pinned down by a huge rock the body is also capable of gathering strength fibers and using it all to get it off losing the fiber strength in the process permanently forever.

Perhaps the anger was playing a part.

Kirk forced himself to go faster going through a glassless window where the glass was shattered.

Khan had gone through here.

Kirk took his phaser out then aimed it in the direction of Khan, just to stop him, and make the damn superman face him. He fired close to Khan's leg making the ground be scorched in a dark circle. They went through the street where they went into a art gallery. Kirk used his phaser again this time destroying a worthless piece of chair into oblivion. People screamed running out of the building leaving the two standing. Khan turned around to see there being Kirk. There was intensity and anger in those eyes. Kirk dropped the phaser then lunged at the augment with a ferocious expression about his face.

The next several blows were, unbelievable, there was strength that he had tapped into. But Kirk felt that some of the strength wasn't his. It was his counterparts strength that he was tapping into. Jim looked over toward the view screen feeling pleased. For once his counterpart was fighting against Khan face to face than starship against starship. They equally exchanged blows to one another, but Kirks? Kirk's might have been over-done. This fight lasted for several minutes.

Khan crashed against the wall then landed on the floor.

"I am better than you!" Khan said, standing up.

"At everything? No," Kirk said. "You are not. Not everything."

"I AM!" Khan delivered a hard blow to the face knocking Kirk to the ground on the ground.

Khan loomed over Kirk then he placed his hands on the side of Kirk's face and started to press them against Kirk's skull. It was a sudden switch when Jim took over. Kirk was supposed to live not die and permanently lose his body for good. Jim was supposed to go not Kirk. Jim placed his hand on Khan's face taking on the shape of 'The Vulcan Death Grip' forcing Khan to let go of his face staggering back.

Kirk took over then he approached Khan with the phaser in hand.

Kirk pressed the trigger aiming it at Khan's knees pinning him to the ground then next was his arms.

Kirk set the phaser to kill and aimed for Khan's forehead.

"Don't kill him!" Uhura had ran in. "He can bring Spock back."

"Why don't you just finish me off?" Khan said. "Your friend would die in vain."

Kirk set the phaser to a different level.

"I am not like you," Kirk said, aiming the phaser right at Khan's chest. "I am better than you."

Then Khan's world turned into darkness.



Kirk was forced out of the bioroom by M'Benga and Nurse Joy after helping Uhura bring Khan into the medical quarters. Kirk paced back and forth out of the bioroom concerned for his friend. A vague memory returned where there was two men on a table with a Vulcan inbetween them conducting a ritual. The one on the left was familiar and the one on the right was somewhat familiar.

He did this for a good three hours.

"Kirk," Uhura said. "Go down to Earth. Spock wouldn't want you to be working yourself up."

Kirk sighed.

"I should have been there," Kirk said. "It should have been me. Not Spock."

"Go." Uhura said, one hand squeezing his shoulder.

Kirk looked up toward Uhura with sad eyes.

"All right. . ." Kirk said, as Uhura let go of his shoulder. "I will."

Kirk walked down the hall heading to the transporter room to head down to Earth.

"Jim." Kirk heard a familiar voice. It was Spock's voice.

Kirk ignored it.

"Are you upset?" Spock asked, sounding close.

Kirk sighed, shaking his head.

"Great, I am imagining things." Kirk said.

"After my Spock died. . . It was sort of like that." Jim added.

"Negative," Came Spock's voice, again. "That you are not."

Kirk looked over to see it was Scotty.

"Scotty?" Kirk said, taking the man by the shoulders. "Are you okay?"

Scotty's eyes blinked.

"Aye, I was headin' tae the transporter," Scotty said. "Did nae see you comin'."

"Your Spock is not completely gone." Jim said, as he found himself snickering but hopeful.

Kirk had his moment of realization.

It was so, so logical.

"Scotty," Kirk said. "Spock put his spirit inside you."

"What do you mean?" Scotty asked.

"Spock just controlled you," Kirk took his hands off Scotty's shoulders. "Go to Bones."

Scotty raised a dark eyebrow then he lowered it.

". . . You can stop speakin' with a Russian accent." Scotty said.

Kirk furrowed his eyebrows.

"Just go to him and tell McCoy," Kirk said, patting on the side of Scotty's shoulders. "I am afraid you need to visit New Vulcan."

Kirk turned away then resumed his walk. Kirk came into a dark nearly lit hallway, hands in pockets, and the hair on the back of his neck raised up. He stopped in his tracks to see a figure standing there in the darkness. Basking in it, really. The light in the hall revealed it was former Commander Wallace. There was a haunting feeling lingering in the back of Kirk's mind. Jim took over then he approached Wallace taking both hands out of his pocket. Kirk was being restrained, out of the house, that was currently locked. Kirk was shouting, screaming, demanding to be let in knowing what Jim was going to do.

"Are you going to press that trigger or let me nerve pinch you?" Jim asked.

"I am the last man in this world assigned to kill you," Wallace said, holding up a square portable device in his right hand. "About time you hurl over and die."

Wallace pressed the button.

"JIM!" Kirk screamed as the explosion began.


"Hey Bones," McCoy looked over. "Thanks for looking out for me."

McCoy frowned.

"Jim, get your ass out of here!" McCoy turned his head in the direction of Nurse Joy. "Nurse Joy escort the visitor out."

Nurse Joy tilted her head, raising an eyebrow.

"There is no visitor." Nurse Joy said.

McCoy looked over in the direction of where Kirk had been near the doors.

Kirk was not there.

"But he was just right-" McCoy fell over feeling a hard pain in his head that felt so real. "DAMN IT, JIM!"

The ship trembled and red alerts went off.

M'Benga helped McCoy up.

McCoy's face went pale as he realized what he had just said. Several Nurses were left with the blood transfusion between the the two bodies laid on the table. McCoy and M'Benga ran out of the Med Bay reporting to the chaos that had unfolded. The hallway was glowing a light red due to the alerts going off. On the floor in the middle of the flaming scenery there were two bodies with a figure loomed over one. The third figure was Scotty. Scotty was over by the side of one body across from the severely burned body, his hand placed on the side of the face,and Scotty's eyes were barely closed. Scotty had a stoic, calm look about his face.

Scotty looked up toward McCoy.

"It is Jim." The voice of Spock coming out of Scotty's mouth made McCoy's world go dizzy.

McCoy went into autopilot.

First Spock then Jim?

It was too hard to bear.

"Get me a biotable!" McCoy shouted. "And a damn hypo!"

"I am sorry but this is very important, Doctor McCoy." Came Spock's voice from Scotty's mouth.

"Scotty, you-"

McCoy froze feeling Scotty's hand on the side of his face, M'Benga went after the med bay for exactly that. McCoy could see everything around him turn dark yet there was a golden flickering flame in the middle of the room become dim and dimmer. It was so dark, besides, who turned out the lights. He could someone was holding his hand using him as an anchor. He looked over to see a memory hovering in the place of the green ball, and it was of Spock looking over the transporter consoles then back to the transporter patiently awaiting for someone. There was a brief moment of panic in the memory.

A green tail in the shape of a hand outreached toward the golden ball that was growing smaller.

We must save him.

It was a thought that was being shared with McCoy, the doctor realized.



What do you mean by we?

Leonard, if you care about Jim much as I do then we are going to save him going to the beyond.


We are going to marry him.



Spock Prime was watching the new Vulcan children play with their Pleenoks. It was his idea to start Vulcan day care. They were so cute and adorable, no wonder McCoy Prime had said "Coochie kue" to the little newborn named after him. Some of the parents were still reeling from the loss of their home planet. It was a great idea to seek out Sybok and request his assistance with the grieving Vulcans. Spock Prime also revealed to Sybok what is fate at the moment is bound to be.

Sybok had implemented therapy sessions in buildings throughout New Vulcan's first major city, and quite really, a majority of the planet encompassed by the surviving Vulcans. Sybok was personally dealing with a few therapy sessions for the Vulcans to embrace their emotions for their grieving cycle. Sarek Prime would be proud. Sarek of this universe was equally proud that his first son's gift was finally coming to of use.


Spock Prime looked over his shoulder then turned his head away in the direction of the playful Vulcans.

"I am here."

Spock Prime realized the voice was coming from his head. It was familiar, warm, and compassionate.


There was a warm feeling in Spock Prime's mind.

"I am home."

We dive into Spock Prime's mind to see they were at the briefing room where most of the decision making was made asides to the bridge. Jim appeared to be his ordinary familiar youthful self. He was in his captain's uniform from the late 2260's. There was a smile on the captain's face. Spock Prime? He was younger, in the mind, hands flat and not covered in wrinkles. Spock Prime's hair was dark once more. His ears were smaller than they were physically. Spock Prime's hands were behind his back. Spock Prime had his science officer uniform on.

"Miss me, old friend?" Jim asked.

Spock Prime was the first to initiate a unexpected hug with the captain.

"I missed you." Spock Prime replied, followed by a cry into the man's shoulder.

Jim smiled patting the back of Spock Prime.

It was good to be home.


"What do you mean Spock might have amnesia?" McCoy asked.

"It has never been done in the past thousand years," Sarek explained. "It is a delicate process. He may not remember anyone for that matter." McCoy's face went pale. "His Katra could easily not make to his body. There is a known instance where a Vulcan, who returned from the dead and his body regenerate, but his mind never made it in the transfer. He was a walking, mindless Vulcan."

"Spock is not going to become a zombie!" McCoy said.

Sarek raised an eyebrow.

"Which zombie do you refer to?" Sarek asked. "The Carnivores one or the sluggish moving harmless one?"

McCoy's face turned into that of 'SO ZOMBIES ARE REAL?'

"I believe he refers tae the carnivores zombie,McCoy," Scotty said. "I want tae go through it, Mr Sarek."

"I understand of carnivores zombies," Sarek said. "I am familiar to them only due to my late wife . . Amanda explained to me twenty-nine years, four months, and two days ago regarding the usage of the word 'zombies' around humans."

McCoy's face returned to its natural color.

"Ah," McCoy said. "I see."

McCoy had a sudden memory coming to: there was the memory of seeing two men on slabs of rock. One had a Vulcan and one had a human male, in between them was a Vulcan female placing her hands on their heads individually muttering a ancient chant. The memory showed the transfer being accomplished. A hooded figure in white came, a familiar face that of . . . Ambassador Selek? Younger, his eyebrows were darker. Familiar brown pair of eyes.

"Jim. Your name is Jim." Came a monotonous male older voice.


"Yes!" Came the reply of a male voice with emotion sounding to be right about the Vulcan's age. It sounded like the voice that had uttered the name 'Spock!'.

McCoy shook his head.

He saw the same scene playing out except these two were younger. There was a younger Vulcan woman in between them. The procedure went through the long night, and McCoy decided to stay on New Vulcan during the wait. Going to sleep was tough. His mind was clouded by worried thoughts concerning Spock and Scotty. T'Lar had informed there were risks which Scotty gladly accepted as did Sarek.

McCoy was a mess when he returned to check upon his two friends. He saw two figures among a crowd, one of which was Scotty thanking the young lady Vulcan. Shortly after the procedure was over, the small group of Vulcans were around the revived Vulcan who was dressed in white. They stood there for what felt like forever. Finally, Scotty came over appearing to be relieved from the ordeal he went through for two days holding the Vulcan's katra inside. It eerily felt familiar. Where were these memories coming from? They were not his, that McCoy knew.

Whose memories were they, then?

"Scotty, how are you?" McCoy asked.

"I am fine,McCoy," Scotty said. "Though, I do nae know about Mr Spock. . ."

McCoy appeared to be relieved.

"I am glad you are still with us." McCoy said.

"The liberty is mine." Scotty said.

Sarek joined the group and spoke with Spock first inquiring some questions, they were personal, meant to jog some memories from Spock's past before he had joined Star Fleet. McCoy swore he had seen a spread smile on the older Vulcan's face. The usually calm emotionless Vulcan had displayed emotion to his son. One of the lady Vulcans raised their eyebrow at older Vulcan's reaction. Emotion was illogical.

Sarek excused himself departing the group.

The group broke apart, and then, Spock and two priests came down.

"Spock?" McCoy asked, once the Vulcan had come close. "Do you know what a tribble is?"

"A furry organism born with a litter capable of reproducing after eating," Spock replied. A smile grew on the young man's face. "Did we save Jim?"

The smile faded on McCoy's face.

"I don't know." McCoy said.

"Dead?" Spock asked, raising his slanted arched eyebrow.

McCoy shook his hand from side to side.

"In a coma." McCoy said.

Spock stared at McCoy.

"In a coma. . ." Spock said,looking over toward Scotty.

Scotty tapped on the side of his head, knowingly.

"Do you know who I am?" McCoy asked.

Spock turned his head in the direction of McCoy.

"Leonard. Your name is Leonard." Spock said.

"Welcome back tae the livin', Mr Spock!" Scotty said, as McCoy brought the Vulcan into a hug.

"Don't you do that to me again, you pointy eared hobgoblin," McCoy said, as he cried into the Vulcan's shoulder. "I can't lose the both of you again."

Spock's right hand landed on the backside of the doctor's back.

"I can not make a promise like that," Spock said. "But I can say, you never will lose us."


Kirk awoke from his coma eight months after the events of Khan's landing. To the entire universe, Warren Montegrio died on the Enterprise at the brig by a denotative and Kirk was discovered from the Vengeance. He had undergone a miraculous recovery (so the doctors claimed) from near death to beating independently. His skin regrew over the past eight months. His forehead had returned to its flattened human form. His feet were not dotted in Klingon birthmarks (that were also surgically added).

It was a miracle, they claimed, that he was able to walk.

Admiral Jim had left the building.

But what did he leave behind?

Memories of their father.

He was at a fair holding a cone with yellow cotton candy,two weeks after being discharged, at Iowa.


Kirk froze, contemplating what to do first: take out a dagger he did not have, run, or face the one calling his name. Oddly, Kirk could feel comfort from the middle of no-where. Where was it coming? Well, that was the least of his worries. Fortunately when Kirk did decide there was a certain twenty-one year old Russian wrapped around him locked into a hug. Wait, why was Chekov here? Kirk could see a little girl on someone's shoulders. She was familiar, in face and eyes. Demora Sulu. A name that he hadn't know. Supposedly some of Jim's memories were left behind. Getting out of speaking with a Russian accent came smoothly.

For the past two weeks he had been with his mother catching up on what he hadn't been there for.

"Hello, Chekov." Kirk said, looking down toward the Russian.

"Chekov, are we going on the teacup ride or not?" Came Sulu's voice. "Our spot is about to be taken."

Chekov ended the hug turning in the direction of Sulu.

"I am koming, Hikaru!" Chekov said.

"Weeeeeeeeee!" Demora cheered, well more like squealed.

Chekov handed Kirk a card with his comn number as the figure of little Demora on the shoulders of Sulu was going off in the other direction returning to a long line of people that was about to come into the clear space.

"We should hawe a khat," Chekov said. "We missed you."

Kirk smiled.

"Enjoy the fair," Kirk said. "And I will think about it."

Chekov beamed a smile then went after the direction of Sulu muttering something in Russian. A familiar phrase, "All is as it should be." Which confused the hell out of Kirk since he had not been around the Russian for that long. Perhaps it was only a memory that was left behind from Jim's departure. Spock Prime had sent Kirk a apology via holomail. For something Kirk had no recollection of. But the older Vulcan left a assuring message at the end (too happily may Kirk note) that everything is fine between them. He didn't have the lonely, sad eyes.

Kirk saw a golden glint from Chekov's ring finger.

Kirk's eyes boggled.

Chekov got married?

How the hell did he not expect that!


"So who's the lucky girl?" Kirk asked, in one call.

"Sulu." Chekov replied.

Kirk raised an eyebrow.

"Sulu has a sister?" Kirk said, with sheer surprise.

"Hikaru Sulu is my spouse, Kirk," Chekov said. There was radio silence as Kirk thought back to the moments when the two were off the ship on missions with the landing part. "Kirk, are you there?"

"I never figured you were gay." Kirk said.

"I diskovered shortly after you left," Chekov said. "MkKoy assured us that we would not get pregnant."

This time both eyebrows rose up.

"Male pregnancy is not possible." Kirk said.

"Well, this happened after the Jehyulians gawe me a uterus." Chekov said.

"Go on." Kirk lowered his eyebrows.

"And so we had kasual sex when we were not off duty," Chekov said. "When Hikaru was not in the botany room or fencing. We dated. Koming to the choice of marriage kame with some doubts and koncerns from the both of us. We started to share quarters two years ago." There was a fond tone to it. "Kaptain Pike oversaw the wedding."

"Congratulations, Chekov!" Kirk said.

"And Demora is a kute little bunch. She has Hikaru's face." Chekov said.

"I saw." Kirk said.

"And for now, we hawe joint custody," Chekov said. "Demora's mother is insistent on hawing her. She beliewes we will someday abandon the little girl while we are out in space."

"Part of the job." Kirk said.

"Tell that to Demora," Chekov said, then he had a sigh. "I am sorry, I hawe been part of the trial for fiwe months and this decision is . . . irritating. We can only hawe her for so long while the Enterprise is being repaired." Kirk briefly closed his eyes. "Speaking of the Enterprise, are you going to return to kaptain it?"

Kirk opened his eyes.

"You have every right to be angry," Kirk said. "Don't apologize to me. I don't need that."

"Kirk?" Chekov asked, sounding curious.

Kirk paused.

"No, I am not." Kirk replied.

"Ah, that is a shame," Chekov said. "I would hawe enjoyed not being the only Russian on the Enterprise."

"Chekov, you do realize I am not Russian?" Kirk asked.

"We came across a Klingon while you were 'missing'," Chekov said. "And she kompared this kaptain 'Warren Montegrio's akkent to mine. I was suspikous for a while . . . even after the Klingon sekurity took her back to stand trial for being a 'pathologikal liar'." There a tone of amusement in Chekov's voice. "Of kourse I know you are not Russian! BEING RUSSIAN IS AWESOME! She said 'You are a better Russian than the one I know from New Kelvin'."

Kirk found himself laughing in a way he hadn't done with other people.

"Rule number one; do some more search on Russian akkents. Rule number two; newer stand by and allow Russia to be insulted. Three; ewerything is made in Russia," Chekov listed to Kirk. Kirk stopped laughing flicking off a tear. That Russian never changed. "And four; learn to speak Russian properly. I only know of your other identity bekause Hikaru told me."

"Paaavveeeell!" Sulu sang. "The shower is ready!"

"I will be right there." Chekov said.

They progressed to first name slower than how the other Hikaru and Pavel took it, Kirk thought, wait. . . that is Jim's memories.

"Good night, Mr . . . Do you still call yourself Chekov?" Kirk said

"Mr Pavel Chekov Sulu!" Chekov said.

"Good night, Chekov," Kirk said. "Kirk out."

Kirk looked out toward the stars from the window sitting in his bed and his eyelids felt heavy. There was a urge to return back into space. A temptation, really, to continue what he had started four years ago. It didn't help living with the fragmented memories of Jim and Spock Prime. Some of those lights were stars that were already gone. Some of those lights were planets.

"You would make a great captain." Swarol said, one time as they were stuck on Earth in the 21st century.

Most of the Klingons were around a fire fast asleep save for Uho, Kirk, Swarol, and Varun the second commander. They were sitting around the flames. This was early into their adventures as a crew, and possibly, as a family. There were a pair of Klingons snuggled alongside each other. One of them was at the least snoring loudly. Kirk did not mind the snoring. In fact it was quite comforting.

"I am already kaptain, you realize that." Kirk said.

"I meant in Star Fleet," Swarol noted, watching a falling star under the darkness. "Where you belong."

Kirk had a chuckle.

"In a hundred years would I go back." Kirk said.

"You brought us through hell, captain," Swarol said. "Do you even bother to wonder why everyone follows you? You are our Optimus to our Autobots."

"I wouldn't go that far." Kirk said.

"I would," Swarol said. "When we find Spot and save the history as we know it." He faced his head toward the moon earning silence from the young man. "A history of violence that has no honor behind is . . ."

"Illogical, and kruel." Kirk finished.

"That is correct," Swarol said, with a nod. "There is no honor in there being ruthless unreasonable killing."

"I have sawed your ass more times than you hawe saved mine," Kirk said. "And I owe you."

"No, Klingons and Vulcans will owe you, captain," Swarol said. "Not many would have decided to sling shot back into the past to save Star Fleet."

"I wouldn't hawe you to fend my back," Kirk said. "And I don't have the Guardian of Forever to fix everything."

"What is that?" Swarol asked.

"A big doughnut capable of time travel," Kirk said. Swarol raised an eyebrow. "No really! One of these days I am going to introduce you to it."

"The commander is right," Varun said. "But I am uncertain as to what Autobots and Optimus is, though I can only assume Optimus is a historical leadership figure with followers."

"He is not a historical figure," Kirk said. "Really, he is not."

"When the time comes," Swarol said. "You must return to Star Fleet and put the past behind you. When the threat is gone."

"What threat?" Varun said.

"The threat of our futures being destroyed." Kirk said.

"What do you say about my request?" Swarol asked.

Kirk pulled up the blankets as his head rested on the pillow with the lights off in the room.

"I will." Kirk mumbled.

Kirk's heavy eyes closed.


. . 2262. . .

Kirk was assigned to the USS Nimoy, though he insisted on being a Ensign so he could work on his career from the ground up. But instead Star Fleet insisted he be the captain of this ship. The Enterprise was likely to be under the command of Captain Spock who had returned from the dead. Knowing that reassured Kirk the fine silver lady was going to be in space even after the necessary repairs were done. She would be safe. He had seen, from spacedock, the Enterprise go into space while waiting for the USS Nimoy to dock.

"Old age makes us restless and we still crave for the stars even then," Jim had said. "That's what we set out to do in the beginning in our Star Fleet cadet years. To explore these stars. Helping others? Well, that is just a bonus as are the women! Being old doesn't mean the universe is done with me, to be frank, I did more than my fair share to Star Fleet as a aging captain than a young experienced captain. Trust me, when you get old like me, your work is not quite done. Your life is not over. Not by a longshot."

The Hermes Class starship came into space dock with a skeleton crew.

The USS Nimoy reminded Kirk of a tadpole at least the tadpole version of The Enterprise.

She had one nacelle.

Kirk had made it clear that he did not want to be captain of the Enterprise to Star Fleet, period. If ever, he needed Star Fleet captaining experience under his belt. Being captain of a ship that could make potentially historical waves was big shoes to fill. He only took the captain's chair because Spock had insisted he take it and left before Kirk could even argue otherwise. He was forging his own destiny much as his counterpart had urged him.

Kirk was beamed aboard the ship that was eye friendly.

He did not have much belongings, save for his shoes, socks, boxers, and so on. Clothes, mainly, that he had purchased on Earth after awakening from his long coma. The belongings Kirk had collected mainly were what he could bring and were capable of using. Kirk had to stray himself away from the dagger. But . . . He kept it in a small box as a bleak reminder of those he had served with. He experienced sadness going over the memories of the slain Klingons he served with. His eyes briefly closed as he placed one hand on the box. He could feel comfort.

There it was again.

A emotion that couldn't be quite placed.

Nor could it come from his mind.

Where the hell was it coming from?

"Captain to the transporter room," Came the announcement over the comn. "The commander will be beaming over. Lieutenant Commander Christopher Wallis out."

Lieutenant Commander Wallis was a Castophian chief of engineering.

A reptile like being, quite literately, covered in scales and his skin was a bluish-green. Wallis had the body design of a human. Kirk had his belongings sorted out in the room after spending an hour. He had purposely requested to not know who the main senior officers would be on his ship. First impressions were vital to Kirk. He wanted to see them at face value first and then learn all that he had to learn about them as a character. Star Fleet had done the assigning instead of the captain. He didn't want to read off their files to get to know them.

Kirk walked down the hall that was bright and white.

His eyes had adjusted to the brightness of the white hallways.

Sure he had contact with McCoy over the past few months, but reaching Spock? It was surprisingly difficult. Kirk gave up two months after waking up from his coma and asked McCoy if he knew what was up with Spock. McCoy claimed that Spock was on Vulcan regaining his memories. It made Kirk smile knowing that his best friend had come back from the grave. So he understood why Spock hadn't contacted him. Whenever Kirk had his sad moments there would be mysterious alien forms of comfort that would wash over him. Kirk was tempted to contact the ambassador regarding these feelings but there was a inkling of the smallest what it could be. Kirk pushed it aside deciding it wasn't possible after all the research he has done.

Kirk entered the transporter room.

Khan and his crew were hidden somewhere in San Fransisco, somewhere hidden and secluded where no one can go. Star Fleet had assured Kirk that. For the first time in four years Kirk could just live. Be the man who Kirk had tried not to be. Himself. That is who. He embraced the identity openly. Though being fluent in Klingon was one part of his other self that Kirk could not leave behind. Alexander Marcus was dead. No more threats. Kirk walked his life with light shoulders, for now. Kirk had intended for it to be kept that way. No more hiding from the public. Kirk swore that to himself after waking up from his coma. McCoy had told him stories of Spock and Pike, even how they escaped a civilization that had a laser canon capable of wiping out a entire planet using a sun. They destroyed the device through the means of sabotage.

True, Kirk had missed Spock and his other friends while on the run. Even now, off the run, Kirk missed Spock. There was a spike of excitement which oddly felt strange because Kirk is not feeling excited. There were feelings of emotions such as nervous and hope. He stood by the transporter console alongside Wallis. There were the glimmering golden shapes coming into focus that started with the outline of the iconic human body. Alongside appeared two luggage piled on one another. Kirk's spidey senses were tingling. This was a Vulcan being beamed aboard the ship.

Someone very close.

A smile grew on Kirk's face.

The golden rings vanished leaving a Vulcan in a blue shirt with hands behind his back. Kirk closed the distance between them, and as soon as the Vulcan had stepped off the transporter, Kirk caught the Vulcan into a hug. Kirk could only mutter a "Welcome aboard, Spock." That wholeheartedly meant 'I am glad you are back' in his tone of voice. Kirk's hands clutched to Spock's back as though he would lose the Vulcan again. Seeing the face of a human who Spock had known for a short period of time was gratifying.

"Captain, my belongings."

"Oh right."

Kirk ended the hug allowing Spock to pick up his luggage then tow it off the transporter padd.

"My apologies for not answering your calls," Spock said. "There were some personal memories still returning. . ."

"Shouldn't you be commanding your own ship?" Kirk asked.

"Negative. There is no place I find my presence required than by your side," Spock replied. "Hikaru Sulu is the captain of the Enterprise."

Kirk raised an eyebrow.

"And your rank?" Kirk asked.

"Commander." Spock's left arched eyebrow twitched.

A smile slipped on Kirk's face as his eyebrow lowered.

"Spock, you make a terrible liar." Kirk said.

Spock raised his famous arched eyebrow.

"You are aware that 'I love you too' would do." Spock acknowledged.

It was completely natural for Jim, or at least it felt natural, when he held out his index finger and middle finger pressed together. Spock reciprocated with one hand behind his back with his luggage leaned against his right leg stacked together. Kirk could feel a pulse of warmth coming from the middle of no-where. There was the sound of beaming coming from the transporter pad. Kirk looked over, in surprise, because there wasn't a second person scheduled to come immediately after the Vulcan's arrival. Kirk looked over with a raised eyebrow lowering his hand.

"Most of the belongings in the second luggage are the doctors," Spock said. "He insisted on coming."

Spock had declined commanding the Enterprise, and any other offers made by Star Fleet for his actions in the wake of Khan's arrival. The Vulcan was stubborn, even after coming back from the grave, getting what he wanted. Star Fleet had offered Spock the captain's chair on the USS Intrepid. Spock turned down the offer, in fact, any offer. Spock refused to be on another ship if there wasn't any James Tiberius Kirk and Leonard Horatio McCoy on the ship. It was either 'I am retiring to help my civilization rebuild or you give me what I want'. This surprised the Vulcan when the federation should have given him what he wanted in the beginning. Two months, two days, four hours, and thirty-two minutes were spent 'bickering' with Star Fleet. It only ended because McCoy joined Spock's request one week, one day, and four hours nearing the first day of the next month. Spock had purposely kept it a private matter though McCoy easily discovered what was bothering the Vulcan. It flattered the doctor what Spock was doing.

In a golden flash appeared McCoy in a short sleeved medical uniform.

A wide ass smile appeared on Kirk's face.



While awaiting for the rest of the crew to arrive to The USS Nimoy, the three decided to have some down time, together. Kirk was inbetween Spock and McCoy curled up in a ball with his head on Spock's left fore arm while the three were sharing Kirk's quarters. Though it appeared to McCoy that obviously this was going to change. Spock had explained, in great detail, how they had prevented Kirk from falling to his untimely demise. They had conducted a three way marriage bond to save Kirk's life. Their bond dragged Kirk out of the gutters enough to make him stable and allow the body to begin recovering. The three were quite naked with the blanket hanging off the bed at the corner.

McCoy watched Kirk's ears twitch.

"We should be called the golden triumvirate," McCoy said. "Or . . . The McSpirk who taught the captain to do a threesome."

"Spones would be a logical name for two individuals," Spock said. "McSpirk would indicate there was a third Kirk aiding in our threesome." Spock's legs were entangled by Kirk's long athletic feet. "I was not aware you had been in a threesome before, Leonard."

"It is all about learning, Spock," McCoy said. "It is a social experience that is also sexual. Learning more about the person we know. For example, I learned you are a 'illogical' Vulcan in bed before Jim."

"Was Joanna's mother welcoming of the idea of a threesome?" Spock asked.

"It was her idea." McCoy said.

"Women or men?" Spock asked.

"Women," McCoy said. "And this? This was a memorable experience. More memorable then being fucked by two women."

"Two women with different sexual fantasies," Spock said. "That is logically sexually arousing."

McCoy grinned, looking over toward the Vulcan.

"Hearing you say the words 'sex' and 'logical' in the same sentence is breathtaking," McCoy said. "And people say sex is for pleasure!"

"Logically, sex produces pleasure." Spock said.

"It does," McCoy said. "And I look forward to the next time we have sex. You have yet to make up for not telling me your bickering with Star Fleet for two months!"

"Leonard, I believe I have already done so." Spock said.

"You haven't put yourself inside me, yet." McCoy said.

"As you are a doctor, putting my finger inside you would likely harm you and harming you is illogical." Spock said.

"We have a cleaning processor on this ship," McCoy said. "And besides, I have done it before, my first time, and you won't harm me. I didn't ask you to do it today because we have the infant."

"Are you suggesting he will attempt to do that to me if he learned?" Spock asked, raising an eyebrow.

Kirk stirred in his sleep edging himself toward McCoy moving Spock's arm out of the way.

"Yes, Spock," McCoy said. "That I am suggesting."

"That is logical," Spock deduced. "Though taking turns would be problematic."

"Do you get the term 'threesome'?" McCoy asked.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"One person is enjoying the pleasure, while the other two are the one doing it taking turns," McCoy said. "Only one does the blowjob, Spock!"

Spock raised an eyebrow.

McCoy could feel his head turn hot when he realized his mistake.

"Putting a finger in my butt is not a blowjob, Doctor McCoy," Spock said. "A blowjob is when a human of any gender sucks on the genitals until they reach orgasm. Would you want to suck my genitals the next time we have sex?" The Vulcan's eyebrow raised even further. "My pleasure making body parts will not be in the way."

Spock's short serpent like parts alongside the genitals were covered by a petal like shield.

"Spock, you get what I mean." McCoy said, holding out his two fingers.

Spock lowered his eyebrow.

"The offer is still on the table." Spock said, reciprocating as he could feel the hair on his arms raise up and a warm elevated feeling go up his head.

"Let me think about it. . . . " McCoy said. Kirk snuggled against McCoy's chest and his legs had unwrapped from Spock's.

"There is a human phrase that I have heard most often from Pike," Spock said. "First time is the charm."

"Spock . . ." McCoy said. "If something happens to one of us, do you think it will kill the kid?"

"He has consummated our marriage and cares deeply about the two of us," Spock said. "If at all, the grief cycle will be ninety-nine point nine percent likely to be two years followed by lack of sleep, drinking, and anger if the both of us are lost. It is highly unlikely it will kill him. If we lose you . . . I will do my best to take care of Jim."

McCoy narrowed his eyes in the direction of McCoy.

"You better." McCoy said.

"Leonard, if there is a chance we have a child . . ." Spock said.

"Which is highly possible regarding our 'insane' and 'odd' missions we have." McCoy noted.

"Do you believe three parents would be beneficiary to the development of the child?" Spock asked.

"One parent who is compassionate, another who is a listener, and another that acts on logic," McCoy said. "I think we would make one hell of a family."

It appeared as though Spock was fighting back a smile as the edges of his mouth started to go upwards and were struggling to remain in their normal shape.

It was adorable coming from Spock for McCoy.

"There is a good possibility that we would leave the child in your care," Spock said. "You have the parental touch."

"Ah, just because I already have a kid and all . . . Hey, you make me sound like a grandparent!" McCoy said.

Spock's smile had faded into a calm, stoic, yet puzzled expression with the raised eyebrow.

"That was not intended." Spock said, acting as though he had insulted the human.

"I am glad I met you, Spock." McCoy said.

Spock lowered his eyebrow.

"As do I . . ." Spock said, looking over to Kirk. A faint, but forgotten memory returned. "Our other selves were not T'hy'lara."

"Why?" McCoy asked.

"Because your counterpart was straight," Spock said. "I believe your counterpart viewed his feelings toward my counterpart as purely platonic."

McCoy smiled.

"You feel like it is wrong that he hadn't realized it." McCoy said.

"What is this 'it' you are referring to?" Spock asked.

"That they belong with one another." McCoy said.

"Perhaps in that universe they are not meant to be," Spock said. "But I believe the three of us are universal constants and so were the crew of the Enterprise. Common in any variation. Friends. Lovers. Enemies. Brothers. Crewmates. And any other word we may be to one another."

"So, the three of us are a chance of luck, huh?" McCoy asked.

"Affirmative." Spock said, with a nod.

Spock and McCoy's eyes landed on Kirk's resting figure.

"I like how it turned out for us." McCoy said.

The End.



Lieutenant Fandago is named after the website that shows theater time for movies. His name was originally Findagio.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I did. The beginning after Jim came into Kirk's body, I had no idea how to build up the adventures to this very story arch I had coming to. As you can see from the short Trelane chapter. Afterwards, I made a goal to make each chapter 1,000+ words long to make room for plot development and push the story onwards. Afterwards I had a period of doubt on completing this story while working on another, so, I decided to finish this sucker after I completed 'The Journey Continues' a Galaxy Quest story. So I resumed working on this stubborn pest to get her done.

Totally worth the doubt.

This is basically an AU of Into Darkness with a unique twist.

The McSpirk developed over time.

Originally it was going to be Spirk oriented.

Originally, the New Kelvin starship was supposed to appear right when the Enterprise was under fire by the Vengeance and then most of the Klingons die save for Kirk who was beamed off the ship by Marcus who wants Kirk to watch the Enterprise be vaporized by highly advanced weaponary on his bridge and then make him live for the rest of his life wondering what he could have done and being in bitter regret. Knowing me, I will likely write the AU ending sometime later.

Originally, the USS Nimoy was the USS Jefferson. The ship is named after Leonard Nimoy, the one who portrayed Spock Prime, who died last year. I could have named the ship 'USS Shatner' since it would be funny for Pine's Kirk to serve on the starship named after the original Kirk's actor. All funniness aside, I am satisfied how this turned out.

I also did research on how to write threesomes even though I was not going to write it but allude to it. All I can say is that I wish good luck to those who write McSpirk smut in the future to those who had no experience in sex.

Thank you for reading this story.

No, really, and I am sorry for catching you off guard for the ending if you did not expect it.

But also . . .
Live long and prosper.

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