Emotional,physical, and mental

There are three things that can hurt some-one when pushing them to their limits or making them feel pain: emotional, physical, and mental. Sometimes the last part can hurt more than the physical, and sometimes, just sometimes, but perhaps rarely this ever happens, you get the wrong version of the mind inhabiting it.


8. Request

Jim was sitting down reading a book when Kirk came in.

"I just saved Spock's ass from a vulcano!" Kirk said.

Jim looked up from the book with a bemused smiled.

"Congratulations." Jim said.

"I believe he is going to rat me out." Kirk said, pacing back and forth.

"That is of Spock's character," Jim said. "He is a stickler for following the rules."

"I want to believe he isn't going to rat me out!" Kirk said, hands behind his back.

Jim raised an eyebrow.

"You are believing your time on the  Enterprise will be limited?" Jim asked.

"Yes!"  Kirk said.

Jim lowered his eyebrow.

"Go through what happened." Jim said, placing the book on his lap.

"Nibiru, a Class M planet that has not reached warp drive, was about to be wiped out by a Volcano. We had to not allow this to happen! So Spock offered to be the guy who froze the Volcano because it was logical, so Sulu and Nyota went with him. And I went down to the planet surface with Bones to draw out the natives in case we failed and to not allow them to see what rescue operation we were doing for them." He took his hands from behind his back. "So we had to get  the Enterprise out of the water then go to the Volcano and beam him aboard."

Jim's face faltered.

"They saw you." Jim said.

"What good does it hurt that they saw us?" Kirk asked.

"Oh, I don't know, a ENTIRE SHIP being worshipped? I have done plenty of mistakes in my career in Star Fleet but no one worships  a starship stemming from a civilization like Scotty!"  Jim said. "God, he worshipped it more than he respected me." He had a light hearted chuckle. "One insult to the Enterprise and he was all over the person." Jim's mood darkened. "Look, kid, there is one pro and one con to this. Pro, this makes them dream of going to the stars and devoting all their energy and life to advancing their life style and equipment to building starships in the next several hundred years. The con side? They may never go to the stars because they worship a godly starship capable of jetting to and from. Also that they believe it will come back for them. Otherwise, they will die on the same planet and never go out to the far reaches of space. Exposing yourself to a culture like them is a dangerous thing when they don't even comprehend what a starship is at the moment."

"You sound like Spock." Kirk said.

"Your career is going to be over," Jim said. "And Spock is making the right choice. That I must agree with Spock on this one. You have to learn from it in order to become a captain of a starship." Jim stood up. "You can become a legend. Legends start out a bit shaky, like you are right now, but you'll find your feet again. Now, if you excuse me . . . I have some reading to complete."

Jim went over to the chair then picked up the book.

"I want you to take control of my body when they take the ship from me." Kirk said.

Jim  looked up from the book.

"Why?" Jim asked.

"Because I am afraid that I will have a random outburst and make it a worse situation than it was before." Kirk said.

Jim paused.

"I will think about it." Jim said.

Kirk smiled.

"Thank you." Kirk said, visibly relieved.

Kirk went out the door and Jim returned to reading this book that he hadn't read before.

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