Emotional,physical, and mental

There are three things that can hurt some-one when pushing them to their limits or making them feel pain: emotional, physical, and mental. Sometimes the last part can hurt more than the physical, and sometimes, just sometimes, but perhaps rarely this ever happens, you get the wrong version of the mind inhabiting it.


10. Hurt

Dear Bones,

Being back at the academy brings back memories. It is almost deserted except for there being a new whole batch of students walking down the hallways. Most of them are sophomores. I am a junior compared to them.  Galia . . . I learned that she died aboard one of those ships that went to defend Vulcan. Oh god.

Sincerely, James T. Kirk.


Dear Jim:

We all lost friends that day.

From  Leonard McCoy.


Dear Bones,

I was just approached by a man in black uniform. He handed me a datacard saying there is something I can do for Star Fleet. Said it was a simple errand. I am mulling it over right now. The number is right there.  I am halfway to completing my senior year in here! I have a bad feeling about this guy and this. . simple errand. It doesn't sit right with me. He mentioned Admiral Marcus  picked me for this specific mission. Geeze, am I that well known? Supposedly I am. He also claimed it would do Star Fleet some good. I haven't talked with Ambassador Spock since this whole ordeal had begun for me. 

How is our Spock, anyway?

I haven't been sending message much as I should . . . I feel guilty.

Sincerely, James T. Kirk.


Dear Jim:

Doctor McCoy has recently fallen ill and cannot respond to his letters until M'Benga clears him.  Doctor McCoy has been infected with a unusual virus that M'Benga is working to cure. My current state is fine.  Captain Pike's captaincy has been eventful. I have seen more than one letter that he did not send to you and I am curious as to why humans do not chose with the original. Then again the first reply is better than the failed previous letters. I was requested by McCoy to respond for him. It is your choice regarding the shady figure.

Doctor  McCoy also told me to write: fuck off.

Which begs me to ask what you said in the last letter.

Live long and prosper.


Dear Bones,

I am going to accept the errand.

I haven't replied in weeks because I have been getting ready for this simple errand which isn't simple at all. But it is 'strictly classified'. Shame, I really like to talk about it with you. I have been keeping up with my classes. If you were thinking I have not been replying due to Spock's reply then that is incorrect. As you see in the above paragraph. Spock has only assured me that the ship is in fine hands.  I have not been sending letters to Spock. I have been busy with school work. Turns out there are some people who look at me with envy. Being the youngest cadet to get a ship and then it being taken away from me. I haven't been cheating with the tests but I had some help studying.

Guess you can call him my mentor.

I call him: Jim.

Wow, that sounds so weird.

Admiral Jim.

Maybe I am hallucinating him.

But he is so real.


He is a bookworm unlike me.

So different yet so alike.

Claims to be my 'counterpart'.

Though I am taking it with a grain of salt.

Don't send me a message.

I have a feeling I won't be coming back for awhile.

Perhaps two months.

Maybe forever.

Live long and prosper.


 "Doctor McCoy, I am confused as to why you have insisted I be here while you read a personal letter." Spock said.

"You have been sending him letters, have you?" Bones said.

"Negative." Spock said.

"God damn it, Spock," Bones said. "A human doesn't usually bid farewell with the Vulcan catchphrase. It is like he knows he won't be coming back."

"You are implying he is insane." Spock said, raising an eyebrow, hands locked behind his back.

"I can believe his conscience is finally coming into form and telling him to do good," Bones said. "But insane? No. That is not Jim."

Spock lowered his eyebrow.

"Jim has also claimed to not be sending any messages to me," Spock said. "And I do not intend to send him a message."

"And you are not even worried about him?" Bones asked, in horror.

"It is illogical to be worried." Spock said.

"He has been missing for two weeks,Spock," Bones said. "I checked. I don't want to be the only one on this ship that knows he is missing."

Spock reviewed the conversation as he was at his station. Suddenly a pain erupted in his ears. The Vulcan's eyes winced as he turned away from his station clenching at the side of his head. Something was wrong. He could hear a familiar scream that was not his. It was a loud pained, high pitch scream. The pain in his ears became what was like a hollow electrifying pitch.  He could hear the sound of voices at the bridge. Pike requested for Bones's assistance. Spock's eyes closed feeling burning pain in his shoulders. Where was this coming from? Who was doing this? He felt as though he was moved from his present position onto a biobed.

There was pain ringing in his ears as the scream had faded.

"What is it, McCoy?" Came Pike's voice.

"Something is in his ear," Came Bones voice. "Nurse!"

The scream returned.

It felt like torture.

"Oh my god--" Nurse Chapel gasped.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Came Bones response.

"That is a part of a electric rod," Pike noted. "How did that get in his ear?"

Spock's eyes opened and he could feel a light throbbing in the side of his head. He touched the part where his ear was but it was wrapped. The distinctive pointy ears was visible to his other uncovered ear. He  got upright only to feel someone place their hand on his shoulder. He looked over to see Bones with that concerned yet grumpy-as-hell facial expression. He was saying something to Spock so he focused on the lips.

Spock could only get make out the word "Rest."

"You want me to rest, Doctor McCoy?" Spock asked.

Bones eyes widened then pointed to his ears raising an eyebrow saying something, Spock could easy see the words Bones was trying to say were 'Something is wrong with your ears'.

"This must be a temporary deafness," Spock acknowledged. "Not permanent as the pain is no longer a threat. I can read lips, Doctor McCoy." Bones picked up a tray then showed it to Spock earning a slanted raised eyebrow. There were several pieces of the long metal rod with parts that suck from the side. It was coated in a liquid that was dark. It had a container that blocked the smell from coming out.  "A electric rod." 

Bones grimly nodded.

"Not your blood." Spock read Bones lips.

Spock noticed that the electric rod was covered in red blood. Spock lowered his slanted eyebrow.

"That is illogical." Spock said.

Bones shook his head then put the tray down on the table.

"It is Jim's blood." Spock read Bones lips.

"Illogical." Spock said.

"Thought you would say. . ." Bones turned away then picked up a padd and handed it to Spock.

On it read: 100% MATCH, CADET JAMES T. KIRK.


Spock looked up.

"How is this possible?" Spock asked.

"Beats me," Bones said, with a shrug.

". . . Doctor McCoy," Spock said. "When I was in pain, I heard a scream."

"Well, must have been mine," Bones said. "You scared the hell out of me."

"It wasn't your scream,in fact, it came before your assistance was required," Spock said. Bones raised an eyebrow. "It was Jim's."

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