Emotional,physical, and mental

There are three things that can hurt some-one when pushing them to their limits or making them feel pain: emotional, physical, and mental. Sometimes the last part can hurt more than the physical, and sometimes, just sometimes, but perhaps rarely this ever happens, you get the wrong version of the mind inhabiting it.


13. Emotional

Star Date 2261.

Chief Medical Officer's Log:

McCoy paused, tapping his fingers on the counter replaying what he was going to talk about.

A mermaid alien woman was beamed into my med bay earlier this morning and has been placed into a tank.

McCoy looked over toward the resting mermaid who had her arm wrapped in a type of material that did not get wet by water.

She refuses to talk.

McCoy leaned back folding his arms.

Sometimes I wish the infant was still around because he would make any girl talk.

McCoy had a laugh.

That's the part I miss most about Jim.

McCoy could hear the sound of a familiar voice from the other room.


End Log.

McCoy stood up from the chair then he walked into the room expecting to see Kirk, alive and fine, his heart racing but instead he saw Chekov sitting on a chair babbling about how amazing Russia is. McCoy's heart slowed down to its regular beat. McCoy sighed, his excitement soured down. The doctor leaned his side against the doorway remembering what he had last heard of the kid. Last McCoy heard, the kid had received a new real arm that was replicated due to means that were not mentioned including a new eye. Ever since the trial and the demotion of Admiral Marcus, they still didn't hear from him.

What little McCoy could guess is that Kirk went under Star Fleets personal witness protection program.

"Hello Doctor!" Chekov said. "She is a beauty."

The mermaid was in the left hand corner of the tank.

"She is afraid of you." McCoy said.

"Mermaids come from Russia," Chekov said. "She has the Russian bold spirit in her. She should not be afraid be me."

McCoy came over to the water tank.

"You are twenty, right?" McCoy asked.

"Yes sir!" Chekov said, nodding rapidly. "I am planning a surprise party for Sulu." McCoy raised an eyebrow. "His birthday is in a week." Chekov rubbed his hands together deviously. McCoy lowered down his eyebrow. "I am planning to bring some of the plants from the botany lab as decorations for the birthday party. Mister Spock advises me that I treat them with respect like I do with a living being and to be discreet about it." He lowered his hands to his side. "Doctor, do you still have the Tennessian whisky?"

McCoy folded his arms.

"That I do." McCoy said.

"Yes!" Chekov said.

"How do you know I have Tennesee whisky?" McCoy asked.

"Well . . ." Chekov sheepishly said. "The kaptain and Mister Spock were kollecting whisky to get a entire groups of aliens drunk while you were down under." He pointed over his shoulder. "The kaptain bragged about how how many bottles he saw in your quarters-"

"Hold on," McCoy said. "That never happened."

"That it did," Chekov said. "Anyways, he explained that to save your life they had to konvince the aliens that they were powerful by getting all of them equally drunk. Mister Spock said, "Wulcans do not get drunk on whisky,kaptain." and the kaptain replied with, "Sure you do, Spock! Just with khocolate." Mister Spock raised an eyebrow at the captain, almost as though wondering who had told him. I gave him the highest grade bottles that I got from Teneslvi IV. The kaptain said that when they return that Mister Spock be in charge while the kaptain sobered up. Four hours later, the kaptain came back with Mister Spock, you, and there were no security members from the previous beaming koming back."

McCoy paused, then he had a sigh.

It sounded like a adventure Kirk and Spock would have gone on together, not Pike and Spock.

"Kirk is not the captain anymore." McCoy gently reminded Chekov, watching the man melt before his eyes to a sulking man.

"It feels odd Kirk is not around anymore," Chekov said. "Three years with Kaptain Pike? That feels short compared to the time I serwed with Kirk." Chekov looked over toward the mermaid who's eyes appeared to be afraid then his eyes darted toward McCoy. "Two years felt like fiwe years under Kaptain Kirk."

"How come you never went to a counselor?" McCoy asked.

"It never was a problem." Chekov said.

"I almost thought Jim was here talking to the mermaid," McCoy said. "It just turned out to be you."

"I miss him." Chekov said.

McCoy slowly nodded.

"I can bring the whisky before the party starts next week." McCoy said.

"Great!" Chekov said, a smile beaming on his face. "Eighteen hundred hours. I'll comn you the date!" He looked over toward the mermaid girl at the edge of the tank. "You look pretty."

Chekov walked right out of the med bay leaving McCoy with the mermaid.


"Doctor McCoy, it is unpleasing to see that you have fallen asleep on the desk rather than going to your quarters to get rest." The Vulcan easily pulled the man back, his back meeting the back rest, and his blood shot eyes staring at the blue wall across from him.

Right, they picked up some refugees and things just became stressing. That was only after returning the mermaid woman to her people who promptly left the Enterprise alone and said something along the lines of 'May the stars be ever in your favor' or 'May the tides be ever in your favor'. McCoy got them confused for one another. It reminded McCoy of the phrase "Let the game be ever in your favor" from a fictional series that depicted children killing children in holodeck like situations.

"I am fine, Spock." McCoy said, shaking his head.

The Vulcan took his hand off the doctor's shoulder.

"You have been crying." Spock noted the pool of small water that outlined McCoy's arms.

McCoy got up combing through his hair.

"I got something in my eye." McCoy said.

"Doctor McCoy, I know you are better than that," Spock said. "'And it is insulting you defer your emotional state to a piece of fine hair falling into your eyeball."

McCoy turned away from the door toward the Vulcan.

"Don't you miss him?" McCoy asked.

"Miss who?" Spock asked.

"Jim." McCoy said.

Spock hesitated.

"For all I know, he is likely living life to the fullest," Spock said. "Or he is still afraid for his own well being."

McCoy turned his head away.

"I prefer to believe the first part." McCoy said, walking out the door.

He needed a good shower.

"The latter is logical." Spock said, bitterly to himself.

Nurse Chapel came into the room holding a padd. A small device dame out of the wall's circular hole and went through the everyday cleaning process. He had been sent here by the captain to ensure that McCoy had, in fact, gone to bed. Emotion was illogical. But then the memory of a dream, ever so faintly, returned.

"Too bad you won't remember." Spock could recall Kirk's voice.

Spock had a perfect track record with memories.

But dreams?

They were another story.

Spock, with his hands clasped behind his back, walked out of the room as Chapel greeted him with "Good morning, Mr Spock."


"Mr Spock, with me," Pike said.

Spock got up from his station then followed after the older man, hands behind his back, and then they went into the turbo lift.

"Deck five." Pike said.

"Captain, what is it that we are going to?" Spock asked.

"We are going to Earth," Pike said. "Urgent meeting at Star Fleet command." Spock raised an arched eyebrow. "Forty-two people died at the Kelvin Memorial Archive. A friend of mine was there when it happened. She didn't make it."

Spock lowered his eyebrow.

"Number One." Spock said.

"Yes," Pike said. "How do you know?"

"We have had correspondence but today she did not reply," Spock said. "I grieve with thee."

"Spock, I have one very urgent question." Pike said.

"Ask away." Spock said.

"I know it isn't my place to ask but why exactly did Amassador Selek also insist to me you would make a excellent first officer?" Pike asked. "Tell me, is he your grandfather?"

"Negative," Spock said. "He is me."

Pike turned in the direction of Spock.

"Who is he to you?" Pike asked.

"He is from a Alternate Universe where Cadet Kirk never befell the events that Admiral Marcus put into place and instead commanded the Enterprise from 2264 to 2269. Eventually becoming an admiral as you were. He stressed that the friendship between Jim and I would define us both as individuals," Spock explained. "We also saved the entire planet many, many times. Spock Prime is very fond of you. Nero referred to me as he knew my counterpart, as such, it would make sense now why he spoke to only me upon his second encounter."

"Admiral. . . Admiral James T. Kirk?" Pike asked.

"He is dead," Spock said. "Though my counterpart would like to believe the Nexus holds a copy of him. He has been dead for ninety-seven years for my counterpart. As you humans say: it was heartbreaking to see the cadet."

"This is just between you and me." Pike said, turning back forward.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"Spock." Pike said.

"Yes?" Spock asked, his head turned toward Pike.

"Tell me I am blind what the state of my current crew is." Pike said.

"Negative," Spock said. "They are only dealing with their emotions over the numerous missions that they have been put through. The bridge is always changing, but perhaps, there are some who are stuck in the past. Serving under someone for so little time and then another for so long, one does find themselves missing the one they knew the best."

"How well did they know him?" Pike said.

"Much as I do about you," Spock replied. "I assure you captain,their work has not suffered because of it."

The doors opened to deck five.


Admiral Chester was in the middle of the room sitting down, hands together eyebrows furrowed almost knitted together.

There were countless other captains and their first officers in the room. Spock felt like the black sheep without his captain, technically his second captain, in the hot seat beside him. He scrolled down looking at the images. Something that Kirk would do if he were there. Countless deaths and injuries resulted from the explosion in The Kelvin Memorial Archive. If Kirk were here, this would be a very personal matter. Spock heard former Admiral Marcus being mentioned. Pike looked over toward the Vulcan.

"Spock, what are you doing?" Pike asked.

"Something is not right about this." Spock said,

"Nothing is right with the loss of forty-two people." Pike said.

"Mr Spock, do you have anything else that you wish to add?" Admiral Chester asked.

"There is one significance that stands out," Spock said. "Mr Harrison is holding a bag in this aftermath image," He tapped on the screen. "If he would have wanted to inflict more causalities then he would have gone straight to the academy which would be more logical and reasonable for his death count." Spock's hands came together on the table. "But instead he decided to arrange this. A Terrorist attack would surely result in meeting to get all the key captains and first officers dead."

Captain Warheart started to get up seeing a flash of light.

"Everyone, duck-"

Warheart is the first to go down. Pike was the next target as bullets flew through the window shattering the glass into several pieces flying into the room. Admiral Chester went out of the firing reach. Spock turned his chair over ducking down out of the way then grabbed his captain by the collar and swiftly brought him out of the line of fire. Spock brought up against the wall. Pike was unable to speak. Blood tickling out from the corner of his mouth. Spock placed his hand on the side of Pike's head conducting a mind meld. Captain Abbot used his fist to smack open the glass door to the fire-hose then connected it around the phaser rifle.

Angerish, anger, loneliness, and fear.

And then the life went out of Pike's eyes.


Spock was in his apartment going over the death of Christopher Pike, sat on a meditating pad, struggling to clear his thoughts. This was more difficult than the death of his mother. He was consumed in emotions that were not were unlike Vulcan ones. He cleared his mind. He thought of life as a river and himself a leaf. The leaf was crashed upon by the waves. The very basic fact about this is that Spock was compromised.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Spock's eyes opened, then he took the communicator off the counter beside him then flipped it open.

"Spock here." Spock said.

"Mr Spock, I got where the terrorist went, and you are not goin' tae like it." Scotty said.

"Where?" Spock asked.

"Qo'nos." Scotty said.

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