Anna Baker is 16 years old and lives with her uncle in London, Anna's parents died in a car accident when she was 10. But she's abused by her uncle since she was 12 and one day something really bad happens. She run into a special person, after that her life change.



8. Showtime

I wake up with a happy feeling inside. Today is the day. I get out of bed and go to the living room, all the boys are up. Harry and Niall play Fifa, Liam and Zayn is on their laptop and Louis is on his phone playing colorswitch (The one game you never should disturb him in) 

''Good morning anti-social people'' I say and laugh, I dump down next to Liam in the couch. 

''Good morning!'' they all say at same time but no one look at me. It's annoying. 

I stand up turn of the TV, I slap both of Zayn and Liam's laptop down and take Louis' phone out of his hand. 

''WHAT'S YOU'RE PROBLEM'' Louis yell at me. 

''You'' I say and wink at him. 

''Today is my big day guys and I'm really nervous'' I explain, ''I'm happy and that but I'm freaking out a little'' 

Zayn stand up and lay his arm over my shoulders. ''Don't be, it's going to be good'' he say and smile

''Yeah, you deserve this'' Niall say. 

''It's just weird, in a couple of hours everybody will know my story, nothing will be the same'' I say and look at each of them

''I know, that was the same feeling we all had when One Direction began'' Louis explains me. 

''Will you guys please help me?'' I ask and give all of them big, begging eyes. 

''How?'' Zayn asks.

''Well, first of all. Help me get dressed, I haven't done this before'' I say and laugh, ''And next, come with me to the show'' 

''Lets start with the clothes'' Liam say and laugh. All the boys stand up and follow me into my room. 


I have been practicing what to say, which is a little weird, it's my story, no one can tell me I'm wrong. 

''5 minutes to we start mrs. Baker'' a kind man say to while I stand with the stylists. 

I'm beginning to regret, what if I ain't ready yet. There's no way back now. All the boys are here to support me. I feel a hand on my shoulder, I turn around and see Liam standing in front of me with a smile on his lips. 

''You're going to do so good out there, I promise'' he say and take my hands. I think he sees that I'm nervous. 

''You can do it, you're the most beautiful, strong girl I have ever met. And I have met a lot'' he laughs. 

I hug him, ''thank you'' i say. 

''Ready mrs. Baker?'' the kind man come back and ask. 

''Yes'' I say and smile. Liam squeeze my hand and I follow the man. 

''3, 2, 1'' I hear a man count down and then I hear a loud clap. 

''So Anna, everyone knows why we're here. All around the world there are questions like ''Who is Anna?'' - ''What does One Direction members mean on Twitter and Instagram?'' and I took a little look at twitter, and after Liam's tweet a few days ago have make '#StayStrongAnna' trending, why do you have to stay strong?'' the interviewer, Mary, ask me. 

''Well, my parents died when I was 10 years old in a car accident and the only family I had left was my uncle so I lived with him. It was lovely living with him until I was 12and he began to abuse me'' 
I told her, and the world my story about how he had used me sexually, how he had hold me in the house and how everything got worse specially since my 16th birthday and now I was at the part where Harry and the other boys helped me at the hospital. 

''So now he's arrested, Liam told me he would be gone in a long time. After all of that I have lived with the boys and they have been so amazing and helpful'' I say and look at her, I see tears in her eyes. 

''Wow Anna, I'm speechless like everyone else in this room'' she say and point at the audience. I smile and she continues, ''How are you doing now?'' she asks. 

''Well, it's not just a thing that disappear like that. I have nightmares and breakdowns'' I say and feel the tears pressing me. ''Some nights one of the boys lay with me until I fall asleep if something happened over the day'' I look at her again and see her smiling. 

''I'm really happy to hear you're doing okay and just the fact that you sit here right now talking to me and opens up to the world about everything is a huge step'' she say and smile, ''which is why I have a little surprise here, take a look'' she say and I look at the TV-screen and a video of the boys pop up. 

Niall: The first time I saw Anna she was just skin and bones. She was so thin and had a lot of bruises all over her body. 
Zayn: The morning after Harry came home with her she was on her way back in such a rush because she was afraid. She said her uncle would kill her if she didn't come back, but after what I saw in the hospital I'm sure he would have done it anyway. 
Liam: It's crazy thinking about how some people are treated in this world and how sick people can be to each other. I mean, Anna were so weak and was surprised the day she got offered some food. She hadn't had anything to eat in 5 months. 
Louis: It makes me uncomfortable to think back at the day I saw Anna laying without a pulse on the couch. I mean, she's the most amazing-
Liam: beautiful-
Zayn: strong-
Niall: funny- 
Harry: and brave person I have ever met. The day at the hospital the nurse told me that she was lucky being alive and that when she ran into me I probably had saved her life. After that I promised something to myself, I will take care of her and make sure she's alright. I have never been more happy for meeting a person than the day I ran into Anna. 

The video ends and I feel the tears streaming down my face. The boys come in and I stand up to hug all of them. They sit down in the couch, both of Zayn and Harry hold my hands. The interview continue in 10 minutes or so. Mary stand up and give me a hug. 


We come home and I see a lot of flowers on the stairs and in front of the door. It's from some celebrities, I knew that because no fans had the address. 

*I send you all my love and support. #StayStrongAnna* was typed on a lot of them. And then there was one, bigger than the others; *Now I know I'm not the only one, sending all my love to you* and there was no name. Normally I felt so alone, like I'm the only one struggling with this. But know I now I'm not. 

I went on Twitter and Instagram. A million of people were following me now. I made my first tweet after redding some of the tweets I got:

*Thank you for listening to me and for all your kind messages. Remember, you're not alone, I'm here* 

I had some retweets and likes just a few seconds after I posted it. I went on Instagram and posted my first photo. I took one from the other night with Niall and Liam where I was smiling

annabaker: someday you will be smiling. I'm just lucky that I can smile with 5 amazing boys.
@harrystyles @fakeliampayne @zayn @niallhoran @louist91

Then I feel someone lift me up from behind and I start laughing. I could smell on the perfume that it was Harry. 

''I'm so proud of you!'' he say and dropped me in the couch. He fell down next to me and we just lay really close looking at each other. 

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