Anna Baker is 16 years old and lives with her uncle in London, Anna's parents died in a car accident when she was 10. But she's abused by her uncle since she was 12 and one day something really bad happens. She run into a special person, after that her life change.



13. Scared



I'm really confused. Why am I in the hospital and why are all the boys crying? What did I miss?

''Hi Anna, I'm Jane, your nurse'' a kind woman tells me. Well I have seen her before, I think it must have been that time when my uncle came up here and ended up arrested. She's a nice person. 

''How are you Anna?'' I hear a familiar dark voice say. Harry. 

''Fine, I guess? Just a little headache and I'm really confused. What is going on?'' I answer him and look around. 

The kind nurse Jane lay her hand on my head. ''Anna, you have been in a coma for 4 months'' she says. 

Wow, coma. Never heard that before, just kidding. I just don't know what to do.

''Can someone tell me how I ended up here?'' I ask and they all look at Jane. 

''It's normal that she can't remember that much right now'' she tells the boys.

''Remember what?'' I ask, not that politely. 

''Anna, a group of boys raped you and attacked you four months ago. They kicked you, pushed you, hold you, hit you'' she tells me. I'm chocked. How can I not remember?

''Anna, do you remember we were at the mall and some fans saw us?'' Liam asks me. 

''No, when was that?'' I ask and look confused at him. Now he looks like he have said to much. 

''I explain later, when you feel a little better'' Louis says and lay his hand on mine. I smile at him and lay my head back on my pillow. 

''I'm tired, can I sleep?'' I ask Jane. 

''Of course'' she says and take the boys out of the room. I close my eyes and fall asleep. 


It's been a couple of weeks now and all the boys have been visiting me. Not always at the same time. Sometimes they were all here and sometimes it have been 3 of them or 2 of them. Harry have been here everyday since I woke up. It's just weird, I don't feel that I've been asleep. I mean, I feel that I've heard the boys sing to me a couple of times, especially the day I ''apparently'' woke up. 

''Good morning sunshine'' I hear Harry's voice. He already smirks at me again, way to go Harry.

''Good morning'' I say. 

''Today is the biggest day of them all'' he says and sit down on my bed. 

''Ehm, why?'' I ask. 

''You don't know?'' he asks me surprised. I shake my head. ''The first time you're going to get out of bed'' he continues with a happy voice. 

''Great'' I say and smile. But it's not great, I fear it. The last 2 weeks they have been testing my memory, language, eyes and hands. Now I have to get out of bed, I'm not ready for this. I've been peeing in bed, well not actually in bed but there has been a kind of pipe connected to my bladder, which has done that I just could to pee when I wanted to. 

''Don't be nervous, I will be here and support you all the time. I promise'' he says

''Like you promised you would take care of me?'' I say back. Ouch, a little hard maybe. But after Louis told me that the boys have left me all alone in the mall, even if I asked them to, they left me. I shouldn't blame them, but I do. They knew I couldn't take care of myself. Maybe I'm just irritated on me. Not them. 

''Sorry Anna, I feel so guilty'' Harry says and I see the tears in his eyes. 

''Don't, it wasn't your fault. Sorry, this is just really much to take in'' I say back and lay my hand in his. 

I hear a knock on the door and nurse Jane enter the room. ''Good morning Anna, did Harry tell you what you have to do today?'' she asks with a really happy face. 

Why is everybody so happy that I have to get out of bed?

''Yeah..'' I answer her. 

''Are you ready for it?'' she asks.

I look a little confused at her and answer her: ''I guess''

''We will be there to help you up and that, but you have to take a walk with us'' she says again. 

''I guess'' I answer her once again. She pulls my legs out on the bed, weirdly enough I can't feel her touching them. I have been laying in that bed in almost 5 months, I'm sure that's the reason. 

Harry is on my left and the nurse on my right, I lay my rm around each of their shoulders.

''Ready Anna?'' Harry asks me. I nod, 

​''1... 2... 3... lift!'' the nurse says and they lift me up on my feet. I can't stand. 

''Take a step Anna'' Jane says. 

''I can't'' I say

''Yes you can Anna, we're right here'' Harry says to me. I shake my head. 

''Come on Anna, just one step'' Jane says again. 

''NO I CAN'T!'' I shout and start crying. I fall down on my bed and hide my face in my pillow. 

I feel a hand on my stomach. 

''Anna, you can do this. It's just hard in the beginning'' I hear the nurse's voice. 

I remove the pillow. They irritate me really much now. 

''Don't you get it?! I can't feel my legs!'' I shout at her. They both gets really quiet, and I keep on crying. 

''Did you just say you can't feel you legs?'' the nurse asks. 

''YES!'' I say a little to loud. 

''Anna, close your eyes. I have to test you.'' I do as she says and feel a hand in mine, Harry's hand. It's big and soft. 

''Anna, tell me when you feel me touching you, ok?'' she says and I nod. 

I keep on laying with my eyes closed and wondering when she starts. It take a long time, maybe she has to find something. 

''When do you start?'' I ask her. 

''I already did..'' she says a little quiet. I feel a panic inside my body. I can't feel my legs, what happened to me?

I open my eyes and see Harry's eyes filled with water. He slips my hand and walk with the nurse out of the room.


Since the day I found out that I couldn't feel my legs I have been alone mostly, of course not when there was some stupid nurses and doctors who had to check on me and that sort of thing. The boys have been there trying to make me look at them but I wouldn't. They don't get it. I feel like I made a fool out of myself the day I tried to walk. 

''Anna?'' I hear Niall's voice in the door but I don't look at him. I haven't spoke to anyone since. I have nodded a couple of times and maybe I've been shaking my head at some questions.

''You try'' I hear Niall say outside of the room and expect to hear another one saying my name. 

''Anna, do you won't something?'' I hear Zayn asks me. I don't look at him I just point at the door as a sign for him to get out. So he does, I hear the door close. I lay there in a couple of minutes by myself, finally. 

Suddenly the door opens and then close again. I hear some footsteps get closer to me but I actually don't care who it is. 

''Anna, talk to me'' I hear Liam's voice. I ignore him. 

''Anna come on'' he says and I feel him sit down in my bed. 

Go away Liam. You did this. 

''Anna! You can't keep ignoring us! Maybe the other boys will let you but I won't. I feel guilty enough for what happened 5 months ago. TALK TO ME ANNA! I'm dying inside'' he says. 

''Are you dying inside Liam? Are you the one who can't feel your legs, the one who's afraid that she will never walk again? Are you the one who got raped by a group of boys? Did they hold you down with a hand over your mouth and they just raped you one by one?'' I say rough back at him and look at him angrily.

He just look at me with big, water filled eyes. 

''Anna, did you have your memory back?'' he asks surprised. 

''Is that all you heard in all I just said?'' I say and look away once again. 

''No, sorry. But did you tell anyone that you remember this?'' he asks.

''Of course not! Then I would make a lot more fool out of myself than I already did'' I answer him

''Wait, Anna, are you embarrassed of what happened with Harry that day you know, the legs-'' he says

''Yes'' interrupt him. I don't feel like him saying it, course that will make it a lot more true. 

''Anna, talk to me'' he says again

''I just did'' I say and feel the tears pressing me. ''Go''

''Okay, if you want me to. But just so you know, this is not the Anna I told the hole world was the strongest person I have ever known. I know you're in so much pain right now but I also now that the girl I knew is still in there some were. And do you know how I know?'' he asks. I ignorer him. 

''Because I sat in this room almost everyday singing to you and I know you must have heard it somehow, course overtime I did there was positive results. I know you're in there, just let her out and then talk to me again.'' he finish and turn around to walk out. 

I grab his hand and he looks at me. ''I did hear you sing. I don't feel like I've been gone course you and the other boys sang to me'' I say and let the tears out. 

''Stay Liam, lay with me. Please'' I asks him hopefully. 

He smiles and lay down next to me. 

''Liam?'' I say

''Yeah?'' he says and look at me with his beautiful brown eyes. 

''They offered me rehabilitation for my legs, but I have to do it soon or it won't work'' I explain him. 

''Then why haven't you started it?'' he asks and lay his hand on my stomach. 

''I'm scared Liam'' I say and feel the tears on my face. ''I'm scared it won't work''

''It will, that's why they offered it'' he says and wrap my tears aways. 

''I need somebody to be there with me, someone I can trust, someone who will push me more than I won't but still help me'' I say and look right into his eyes. ''Will you be that someone for me?'' I ask

''There's nothing else I rather do'' he say and smiles. He pulls me close into him and I fall asleep in his arms

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