Anna Baker is 16 years old and lives with her uncle in London, Anna's parents died in a car accident when she was 10. But she's abused by her uncle since she was 12 and one day something really bad happens. She run into a special person, after that her life change.



7. Ready to be known or not?

''HARRY!? WHERE ARE YOU?'' we hear some girls scream

Harry and I was hiding from them. Harry pulled me down in some bushes to get away. 

''Quiet'' he whispers to me. I sit close in to him, I can hear him taking a deep breathe. We can't hear the girls screaming or footsteps anymore. He decide to look up from the bush, he takes my hand and help me up. We run the other way and I can't stop laughing. We're running from a group of teenage girls. Every other boys dream. 

''Harry calm down'' I say. I feel my legs get week. 

''We have to get home'' he answer me. 

''Harry! CALM DOWN'' I let go of his hand and fast sit down. 

He stop running and turn around to look after me. ''Are you okay?'' he ask, worried. I nod. I guess I'm not strong enough yet. 

''I'm can't handle running, my legs hurt'' I say. 

He lift me up in his arms. ''I got you, I always will'' he smiles and begin walking. I lay my head into his chest, I can hear his heart beating, fast. I fall asleep while he's walking home with me in his arms. 


I wake up with a big headache, ouch. I feel some fingers through my hair and look up right into Liam's beautiful eyes. He smiles at me and I lay my head back at his lap and he continues to run his fingers through my hair. 

''Hey Anna, how are you?'' I open my eyes a little more and see Louis' smiling face.

''My head feel like someone shot me'' I say and smile. 

''Well, that don't sound so comfortable'' he say and wink at me. I laugh and turn my head so I look up at Liam. 

''Why are you looking at me like that?'' he ask me

''Like what?'' I ask him a little confused

Before he answer me I hear Harry's voice coming closer. I see him and he smiles. 

''Hey sunshine, you took a pretty good nap, huh?'' he laughs

''Funny funny, but yes'' I wink at him and laugh a little

''Anna, we have something to ask you'' I hear Louis say, I look at him and try to give him a look saying; keep-going-I'm-listening and I think he gets it.

''Since Harry posted that picture of you the papers and fans have gotten wild'' he continues, ''and we were thinking that this could be an option for you to begin your new life, with us'' he smiles. 

''Yeah, we were thinking you maybe want to tell your story about your uncle and so on'' Harry goes on, he looks a little insecure of my response. 

''Well, I have to think about it. It's only 2-3 month ago so I need a little time'' I smile and sit up. Liam's hand moves from my hair to my bag. He's cute. 

''I really appreciate everything you have done and still do for me, this is just a huge part of my life'' I say and I begin to feel really uncomfortable and I have this empty space inside my body suddenly. I feel like I'm losing my mind, every thought I have are gone. I start crying and I don't even know why. 

''Hey hey hey, it's okay. You don't have to do it'' Liam say and pulls me close into him. 

''It's not that, it's just.. I just haven't have everybody taking care of me since my parents died. I think for the first time I cry because I'm happy, you know?'' I look at all of them. 

''Anna, we will always be here'' Zayn say and dump down next to Louis. 

''Yeah, I haven't heard that before. I just have this big, empty place inside of my body. Like something is missing'' I say and look at Harry, he looks a little lost in what I just said, ''You know like a puzzle, a piece is missing'' 

''Oh.. Is that a good or bad thing?'' he ask and look right into my eyes. 

''I don't know'' I answer him. We all just sit in this silence, not awkward just silence and I fall back to sleep. 


I wake up next day in my bed and turn around, and see Harry sleeping next to me. I don't get it, why isn't he sleeping in his own room? I see him turn around and slowly open his eyes. 

''Good morning'' he say. His morning voice are pretty rusty, but really cute. I love it. 

''Well, good morning'' I say and look right into his eyes. 

''You are wondering why I slept in here, aren't you?'' he ask and smile

''Maybe a little'' I answer and smile. 

''Well, my room is messy and I would make sure you didn't have a nightmare or were sad about yesterday'' he say politely. 

''That's sweet of you, thank you. About last night, I have thought about it'' I say and he looks at me and sit up. I get out from bed and look at him, he's waiting for me to continue; ''I think I'm ready, but I have one condition'' I say to him. 

A big smile grows on his face. ''Tell me and I will make it happen''

''It has to be on television, I don't trust papers. Not after what I have read about you'' I say and waiting for an answer. 

''Deal'' he say. He get out of the bed really quick and hug me while lifting me up. 

''GUYS!!'' Harry yells as he open the door. The boys come running and look confused at him. ''She's on!'' he say, he sounds really happy. All their eyes look at me now and a smile grow on each of their lips. 


Liam, Niall and I had the apartment for our self while the other boys were out talking with some companies and so on. We we're just fooling around in every kind of way, they taught me to play Fifa, we had been out in the pool for a while and now we had a big pillow fight. I have never laughed so much, it was amazing. 

I begin to feel ta little thirsty and go out in the kitchen to have a glass of water, before I know it Liam and Niall are coming to. 

''Well, that was fun'' Niall say and take sip of his water. 

''Guys, I know the last thing we have to do'' Liam say and look at us like he just have gotten the best idea ever. 

''Oh god'' Niall and I say at same time. 

''WE HAVE TO TAKE SOME PICTURES'' Liam almost shout at us. 

Niall and I both laugh. ''Well, that is actually a good idea, I'm in'' I say and look at Niall. He nod and we all walking into the living room where they have a huge mirror. We start taking pictures of each other and together. Liam stops and look at me. 

''What?'' I say and smile. 

''Nothing'' he say and smile. 

My phone vibrates. I had a notification from Instagram; *Liam Payne tagged you on a photo* I look up and Niall and I get eye contact. We laugh and I tap to open Instagram. 

fakeliampayne: Funniest day in a long time.
@niallhoran & @annabaker both suck at Fifa. Losers :)

I smile and look at Liam. I jump on his bag and hug him, Niall join us and we all fall on the ground. 

I get a Twitter notification on my phone, ''Both Liam and Harry? Stay away slut'' I feel the tears pressing on, both Liam and Niall stop laughing. Liam read the tweet, both him and Niall go on their twitter and write a tweet. I read Niall's first

*Don't ever call @annabaker a slut. She's the most amazing and strong person I have ever met. You'll find out soon'' I smile at Niall and then read Liam's tweet. 

*If any of you ever write something like that about Anna again, you're not the fans we thought you were. I wish you knew her the way we did. She's a survivor. #StayStrongAnna*
4500 retweets already and '#StayStrongAnna' were already trending. Liam lay his arm around me, so does Niall. 

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